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Did you miss your blackberry?

On October 11 at about 10:40 PM, I was chatting with a friend, then, she told me, “I will be cut off any minute from now”. A few minutes later, I noticed that my messages were just hanging. “Na wa ooo, so they cannot give her an extra minute,” I told myself.

And at exactly 10:46 PM, this text message came in. “Some blackberry services might be temporarily unavailable due to technical challenges being experienced by our partners RIM. Please bear with us.”

Then I knew that many blackberry users especially BIS users worldwide  like me who are used to pings and access to the internet would surely miss our blackberry even if we deny it.

In Nigeria, there were close to 500, 000 Blackberry users across networks and a large chunk of this figure on BIS were affected by the outage leaving them unable to browse the web or instant messages, or access other online services such as e-mail.

Last night, I was in deep thought as to when the problem would be resolved, as I missed chatting and browsing. And all of a sudden as if in a traunce, I heard a ping. “Was that actually a ping I heard?”

I rushed to where my blackberry was and it was a twitter message, and then the messenger messages followed.

Waoh, blackberry service is restored and the excitement showed all over. Did I actually miss my blackberry?

Sure, I did. What about you?

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