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I personally warned Dana crew before the crash –Ben Nnaji

A Nigerian who’s a trained Aerospace Systems Engineer, Mr. Ben Nnaji has disclosed that all indeed was not well with the ill-fated Dana Airliner that killed over 160 people in Lagos, Nigeria, on Sunday.

Below is how Mr. Nnaji’s terrific experience was captured with the plane’s crew 10days before the tragic incident:

“I was on this same Dana plane on the 23rd of May 2012. It was delayed from take off from MMA2, I saw the Philippine mechanics with buckets draining out hydraulic fluid under the left side under carriage tyre mechanism, a part was taken out but not replaced, yet we were told to board.

“I told the flight supervisor my name that am an aerospace systems engineer and am concerned at the operational state of the plane, the guy told me to see the pilot, I did, he was a Caribbean decent capt & new zealand asian looking co-pilot, he confirmed work was done and asked how I knew, I said I saw it from the windows of the airport and the part was not replaced that I also saw the mechanics Philippine & indian guys under the plane, he told me don’t worry if its not ok we won’t fly.

“I pinged my family and friends of what I saw and the names of the people I spoke to. Should anything happen as well as asking that the plane is taken off but am just a simple powerless passenger. We landed and the pilot waited at d door to shake me as to say I told u.

“Sadly this plane wasn’t taken off service to sort out the hydraulic leak or landing gear problem because it was still making money for indians in Dana, now this Dana plane has killed my friend Ehime, levy & ijeamaka & 150 others. All because they refused a simple precaution advice over their financial wants. My story can be checked from dana Airline/MMA2 logs. May God burn you all in Dana.”

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