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‘A fling with my secretary is making my life miserable’

 One morning, when I got to my office,
Pamela my secretary was not looking her cheerful self so I asked her to come
into my office. “Pamela what is the matter?” I asked. “There is nothing wrong
sir,” she replied. “There is nothing wrong and you are almost in tears?” I
stated. Immediately she burst into tears and since I cannot withstand the tears
of women, I went close to console her and she rested her head on my chest while
I stroke her hair and cleaned her tears with my hands. 

When I realized what was
happening, I pulled back and went back to my seat while I asked her to sit down
and calm down. “Pamela if you have any problem at home, you can take the day
off,” I suggested. But she shook her head and said it was not necessary.
Minutes later, when she had calmed down,
she told me her boyfriend of three years just broke up with her on the grounds
that another woman was pregnant for him. A man everyone in her family had
concluded was her husband. At that moment, I felt pity for her because she
confided in me months back that she would be getting married soon and as her
boss, she would like me to be the chairman of the occasion. I just smiled and
asked her to remind me when the time draws near.
Anyway, I assured her that the right man
who truly loves and deserves her will soon come for her. Later, I noticed that
she was back to her normal self and that made me really happy. About two weeks
later, she walked into my office to thank me for my understanding and advice.
She assured me that although it has not been easy but she is gradually
forgetting about him and moving on.
I was in my office one afternoon when
Pamela walked in and said she had something important to discuss with me and of
course, I asked her to sit down. She stretched her hands forward from her side
of the table and emphasized, “Vincent, there is no need for us to pretend
anymore. I know we love each other so why don’t we start something.” I was
shocked to my bone marrow; I looked at her straight in the eyes and said, “Wow!
Pamela, you called me by my first name? When did this start? Fine, now I want
you to be more specific about what you just said. What gave you the idea that I
love you and I am pretending about it?”
She smiled sheepishly and said, “Vincent,
I know you are my boss and you are married but I cannot hide it any longer so I
am here to tell you that I love you. Is that a crime? After all I noticed the
way you were stroking my hair and consoling me that day I was crying here. There
was so much closeness between us.” Then, confidently she stood up, walked up to
me and stressed, “Tell me you don’t feel anything for me?” I was speechless for
a while because I was trying to comprehend what gave her such confidence to
talk to me the way she was doing. Then I emphasized, “Pamela, I like you as a
person and nothing more. Don’t forget you are my secretary so please leave my
office before I do something drastic to you.” She looked at me from head-totoe
and stressed that she would leave but she would not rest until she gets what
she wants. Although I didn’t understand what she meant but I was glad she left
my office.
Things started getting worse gradually
because anytime Pamela bring files or documents to my office, she would grab my
shirt and ask me to kiss her. Most times, to avoid my shirt from being ruffled,
I grant her wish so that she would leave me alone. Sometimes, she would
intentionally unbutton her shirt to reveal her cleavage and this make me lose
concentration when I am discussing official matters with her. I have pleaded
with her a thousand times to stop this new attitude but she refused.
Some weeks later, she met me in my office
once again and as usual wanted me to kiss her but I refused. Straight away she
started unbuttoning her shirt and promised to scream rape if I don’t do what
she wants. I pleaded with her to button up first and the kiss will follow and
she agreed. Well, I thought this was the height of her madness until Pamela
revealed that she would stop harassing me if I slept with her just once.
“Pamela please I cannot do what you are asking me. I have never been unfaithful
to my wife. Why not stop this madness,” I pleaded. She told me everything lies
in my hands and she is giving me just two days to think about.
Well, I gave her condition a serious
thought and decided that if sleeping with her will be the only solution to her
leaving me alone, then I will do it. When I told her I was willing to do as she
wants, she was so elated. She promised to make all the arrangements and get
back to me as soon as possible. On the set day, we went to a hotel and she got
what she wanted. I thought Pamela will live up to her word but I guess I was
mistaken. She still kept harassing me but I had made up my mind that I will
never sleep with her again.
These days, any woman that comes to look
for me in the office is her rival including my wife. I am so tired of Pamela.
At a point I wrote to the Human Resource department that I needed a new
secretary but they turned down my request saying that Pamela is one of the best
secretaries in the company. To crown it all, she is the CEO’s cousin.
Should I resign from a well paying job
because of a woman who is sexually harassing my life? What excuse will I give
to my wife? Pamela is making my life a living hell or am I under a spell? I
think my mistake was giving into her antics. How am I sure it was not even a
plan? What do I do because I leave my house everyday not sure of what she would
do next? I need my once peaceful life.

One thought on “‘A fling with my secretary is making my life miserable’

  1. The first question in my mind is why on earth did you believe she would leave you alone if you slept with her when she wouldn't stop doing everything imaginable to coerce you to kiss her when you had let her know that you weren't interested in her. Or, were you as clear in telling her that you weren't interested as you make it sound in this post?

    First of all, you have to accept responsibility for your role in this fiasco. You could file a sexual harassment suit against her… then it would be your word against hers. That probably wouldn't go over very well since you voluntarily slept with her.

    What type of relationship do you have with your wife? Can you be honest with her?

    Perhaps your only recourse is to leave your job in order to be free of Pamela. However, she sounds like such a nut case that she may stalk you if you do leave.

    You should have thought about the peaceful life you were enjoying before succumbing to her advances.

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