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Tuesday Update On Love Oh Love:Bhavna Gets Jealous As Soon As Mansi Arrives

Read the interesting update on Love Oh Love, episode 93-95 for Tuesday, September 26.

Raj celebrates mothers day with his elder sister and gives her gift
as a token of his love. She appreciates it and gets sentimental that her
brother has get so big. Sheru says he will give them treat today. Raj
tell him that he needs their blessings to get Avni back. Madhuri tells
him not to hurt Avni and family’s sentiments anyway.

 In the party Suket sees Bhavna coming, Avni touches him to get her
attention. Bhavna seems to have got trapped in Avni’s plan and comes to
the party. She asks her husband how she is looking. He says it’s alright
and asks Avni if his speech is ready and goes forward. Bhavna thinks
what is so special in that Mansi. Savri announces that Mansi is here.
She greets her. Bhavna gets jealous as soon as Mansi arrives. Suket hugs
her and introduces her to Bhavna as his wife. She says Hi to Bhavna and
tells Suket how handsome he still look. Suket remarks she still seem to
be 25. Mansi says it’s a big party and asks if there is any special
occasion? Bhavna says that her husband and kids have thrown party for
her for mother’s day. Suket introduces his family and takes Mansi.
Samarth comes to Avni and appreciates that Avni get Bhavna trapped. Avni
thinks Raj did a great job, Bhavna will need her help to tackle Mansi,
and she will start talking to her.

Meanwhile there is someone outside the Khandelwal house waiting to
meet Bhavna and thinks she should meet Bhavna. The guard stops her and
tells her Bhavna doesn’t meet people like her. She thinks should she
tell him who she is to Bhawna.

Savri and Suket gives all the priveledge to Mansi. Suket tells Mansi
that this party is more for her than Bhavna, he has invited all her
candidates here and Bhavna already know that their kids love them.
Bhavna hears this and goes upstairs. Avni calls Raj who tells her to
bring her down. Raj tells her to do what he says, and gives idea of
bluetooth. Avni comes to Bhavna and asks why she left party. Bhavna is
annoyed with Mansi. Raj tells her to insist. Avni asks if she leave the
party for Mansi. She tells her that Bhavna is better than Mansi. Bhavna
says she is successful and beautiful. Raj says No maa, she is the best.
Avni reminds her that she look after all of them, she is the best and
she takes her downstairs.

The unknown woman who comes looking for Bhavna stands outside and
sees the cars going inside. She hides besides them and gets inside. She
thinks no one from her family should see her.

Savri makes lines of candidates for the interviews. But, Bhavna is
upset seeing everybody giving all the importance to Mansi. Mansi tells
the workers they will have to work 365 days a year, and will have to
work without any pay. The candidates asks who will do it. Mansi says
there is a lady who does this job. Avni says this is she, A mother, who
works day and night without any salary. It’s the toughest job in the
world that their mother does. Mansi comes to Bhavna and says no one can
compensate what they mothers do. Suket asks a permission to take two
lines and says his children are all because of him today. She is the
best mother in the world. Mansi tells ther that her children did this
drama and she have no crush on her Suket. Suket gives her the gift.
Bhavna gets emotional when she learns that the party was planned only
for her and that Avni had planned this to make her come to the party.

Avni apologize to her mother and they all hug Bhavna and shouts Happy
Mother’s Day. Avni thinks she should call Raj and thanks him. The guards
catch the lady but she tells him that she has to talk to Bhavna. Avni
sees the lady who came to meet her mother. She comes there and scolds
the guards for misbehaving with the lady. The lady gets emotional on
seeing Avni and even recognizes Avni but still asks if she is Avni.
Bhavna comes outside and she too is shocked at seeing the lady and even
talking to each other. She calls Avni’s name, Bhavna tells Avni her dad
is calling her. She brings the lady in the garden and asks why she come
here. She asks if she tell Avni who she is in which the lady replied
that she didn’t tell anyone. Bhavna goes inside and brings some money
and gift. She says she want to give her mother a gift, and not to tell
her that she sent it else she won’t take it. The lady assures her that
she will handle it. Bhavna says no one should know about her being here.
She leaves while Bhavna is crying as she thinks about her past. She was
cast out of home and she held the file along with her.

Bhavna wipes her tears as everyone comes there. Avni asks who that
lady was. Bhavna says she was from an NGO. Avni says she brought her a
gift, Bhavna says she threw a big party for her and gave her a surprise.
Avni gives her two vouchers of five-star hotel for them, and her
children insist her to take it. Arpita asks Avni can she have a leave to
go to her mother and give her a gift. Avni says she should go. Suket
talks to Mr. Chohan that they should ask their Shastri ji for Kundli of
Samarth and Avni. A lady meets Abhay in the market and he takes her
along in his car. She tells him she came to meet someone and is worried
because he isn’t picking up the call. She tries, Samarth picks up the
call and tells her he was busy in a party and couldn’t hear the ring.
Avni comes from behind and asks him if everything is alright. He says
yes, everything is fine and asks her to have dinner with him.

Savri tells Akshat to taste Avni’s dahi-baray. Askhat says these are
same as his mum’s taste. Savri asks where Arpita is and that Avni is
only busy alone with all the work. Akshat says she must be here or in
the room. He comes in the room and calls her. She comes from behind and
asks if he is missing her. He asks where she was. She tells him she went
to give her mother the gift she brought for her. Akshat scolds her that
how irresponsible that is and that she left in between the party.
Arpita asks why is he making a big issue of a small thing. She asks
while buying a gift for his mother and she thought they should also give
a gift to Savri Bua. She adds that she must be angry with him and not
her as she also worked for his mother’s party, but he didn’t bother
calling her mother once. She asks if it’s only her responsibility to get
involved with his family and shouldn’t she be upset. She tells him to
give the gift to Savri Bua and leaves.

Avni tells Raj that the surprise was awesome and everyone was so
happy. She tells Raj that he is great. Raj says he is happy because she
is. She says had he been there, then this celebration would have been
better. He says it will happen one day. She adds that she wants that
everyone gets rid of the confusion about him so they can be together
again. He says he is not going to lose and thinks he is coming to do the
blast. Meanwhile, Samarth asks some girl on phone that if she wants to
come here and create a scene, she can do it and it will be of no use.
Avni hears the conversation. Abhay asks where she want to go. She tells
him she wants to go to Khandelwal Nawaz. He asks who she want to meet,
as it is his home. She says there is a party going on there and she want
to meet someone in it. Abhay thinks he will get to know in party who
she wants to meet. Abhay comes inside with a girl named Payal to the
party looking for her boyfriend. Abhay tells Avni that Payal wants to
meet someone in the party. Avni asks who? She replied that her
boyfriend. Avni thinks about Samarth’s conversation on phone and feels
that she is referring to Samarth and also thinks if this girl come to
meet Samarth. Savri sees Avni lost and asks why is she holding ice cream
in her hand and that it will get melt? Savri sees Raj coming and goes
to ask why he came here. He says he just came to give Mansi these files.
Savri says Mansi is gone and she knows what he wants to do. He says he
is not fond of any disgrace. She gets angry and tells him to go.

Avni comes to Payal and asks if she have found who she is looking
for. She says no but she knows he is in this party and points at a guy
saying there he is. She points at Samarth and goes to him. Avni sees her
in shock. Payal passes Samarth and goes straight to Raj and hugs him
but Avni gets more shocked when Payal rushes towards Raj and hugs him
instead of Samarth. Raj tells Payal that he missed her too and says what
a surprise. Raj introduces her as his girlfriend to Savri.
Samarth comes to Avni and says Payal is saying hi to her. He asks if she
is okay? Avni says she thought it was Payal he was talking to on phone.
He laughs saying those were the lines of a scene. Bhavna comes there
too, Raj introduces her, she touches her feet and says she should not
have come here like this but she knew Raj is here so she couldn’t resist
and that she hope they didn’t dislike her coming here. Bhavna says they
like to meet her and take her along. Raj calls Avni and says Payal is
cute? She goes saying she will serve her snacks. Arpita asks where this
Payal come from and that he forgot Avni so soon to love Payal. He asks
if she think he can forget Avni. He says Suket, Bhavna and Savri will
forget about him as a threat to Avni and Suket and Avni will also get
insecure from her and she will realize his love then. It turns out that
Payal is not actually Raj’s girlfriend and this is actually his plan to
make Avni feel insecure and to also get the permission to enter Avni’s

Samarth asks Avni she didn’t tell him Raj has a girlfriend. Avni says
she also didn’t know. Raj says he doesn’t share his love life with
people. Avni says he didn’t even tell her, he says he did and asks if
she don’t remember? She recalls a talk. She complains he didn’t tell her
the details about them. Avni mood immediately drop after meeting Raj’s
so called girlfriend, Payal. Little does Avni know that Raj is using
Payal to get closer to her. Samarth suggests they should sit in Avni’s
room and listen to their love-story. They all go there. Raj says that
they were meant to meet each other. Payal begins to narrate her love
story to Samarth and Avni that she was going home and it started to
rain. A guy came from front and kept umbrella on her and it was Raj. She
asks does he remember he was walking outside the umbrella himself.
Samarth remarks so this was their love at first sight. Raj looks at Avni
and says he loved her in first sight. He liked the voice of her anklet.
He hugs her while Avni dislikes it and this actually upsets Avni. Payal
asks if their story is also like theirs. Raj says they have no story,
because they are getting married in arranged way. Samarth says they have
a whole life to write their magical story.

Bhavna says that Payal is a good girl. He cheers up saying he needs
the approval of his elders as well as Avni as she is his best friend.
Bhavna asks him if he dislike whatever Savri said to him at his home.
She asks him not to misunderstand her, she explains that they felt Avni
gets distracted by his presence. He says he understands this so he left
coming here. Arpita is also standing there, she says that now he can
come here and no one will have problem with him. Now, Avni’s mother too
gives Raj the permission to enter their home as and when he likes and
that there is no problem now. Arpita says infact he can come here any
time. Raj asks Bhavna if it okay that Payal can come here too, she is
here for a study project on the heritage and culture of Jaipur, so she
needs her help. Bhavna looks at her talking to Suket and Savri. Bhavna
says of course and that he can also come along with her. Raj thinks his
problems will get solved through Payal. Payal asked Avni can she come
here regularly. Raj says he has already talked to aunty about it as he
sits close to Payal but Avni dislikes their intimacy.

Avni thinks about Raj and Payal together. Raj comes there, she drops
the vegetable basket. Raj asks if she like Payal. She is annoyed and
says she doesn’t know. Raj tells Avni that her mother, Bhavna allowed
him to come here anytime. Payal comes there and says they are going to
search a hostel for her. Both continue to make Avni feel jealous. Raj
insists she would live with her. He begins to leave but Avni asks if he
is leaving without saying bye. Raj celebrates with Payal, Madhuri and
Sheru about the success of their plan and Avni’s jealousy. Avni calls
him but Madhuri doesn’t let him attend to it and Raj even ignore her
calls. She is annoyed and calls his land line. Madhuri picks up the call
and tells her Raj is busy setting his room for Payal as she is going to
stay with him in his room. Avni is worried hearing this all and gets
upset when she learns that Payal will be staying with Raj. Raj takes the
phone. Avni asks where Payal is going to stay. Raj tells her that he
will sleep in the hall downstairs. Payal’s voice come from the back.
Avni forgets what she is saying and tells Raj to speak. He says he has
no time for it and hangs on.

Next day, Samarth is talking to his father about the dates from
Shastri ji. Avni comes there. Samarth asks that she looked drained. She
tells him that she couldn’t sleep at night. Samarth says that he was
thinking he, Avni, and Raj and Payal should go for an outing together.
Avni says good bye to her father. Raj comes there and says hi to her. He
comes towards her but crosses her and goes to greet Payal as Payal
visits to their home. Payal says she brought gifts for everyone. Bhavna
and Savri were sitting inside. Raj and Payal comes inside and Payal
gives them their gifts. Arpita comes there and says she never knew Raj
is so romantic. Payal tells Savri they had taken Salsa classes together.
Avni’s entire family seems to like Payal. Savri asks them to perform
some good salsa step together. Avni resists but Raj asks her to play the
music as they do the dancing together. Avni stops the music and goes by
handing the cell phone to Arpita. Raj points to Arpita to go after her.
She asks her if she didn’t like the dance. Avni says she never sees
anyone with Raj but she liked Payal’s dance. Raj comes there and begins
appreciating Payal to Arpita. Arpita joined him while Avni stand her
face towards the wall. Raj asks Avni if he should ask Payal to marry
him. Arpita says Avni said yes to Samarth so easily and she should also
ask him. Avni leaves saying she has some important work to do.

Savri shows Avni the dupatta Samarth won her. Raj comes and tells
Payal they are going to dine out. Payal asks if they should take Samarth
and Avni along. Since they both decide to go to a restaurant and invite
Samarth and Avni as well. Avni refuses but Savri says she should go
there. Samarth comes there and says he was also thinking the same. Raj
tells Payal that there is a beautiful restaurant nearby. Samarth tells
him to message him the address; he will be there after some important
work. Avni also leaves listening to Raj’s talk with Payal. Meanwhile,
Shastri ji and Samarth were talking about the dates. He sees Raj and
Arpita and asks if he is still here. He thought he would have left
coming here following what happened last month. Samarth asks what
happened last month? He informs Samarth that Raj’s brother in-law had
wanted Raj to marry Avni and that he brought the proposal of Raj for
Avni but Suket fixed the proposal somewhere else. Samarth is surprised
and asks if he is sure this is that Raj. Shastri ji says he is sure but
this talk is of no use now. He leaves while Samarth is thoughtful.

Avni is worried and tells Devika she doesn’t understand what has
happened to Raj. She is about to fall down when Raj holds her. She says
how it will affect him if something happens to her. Samarth comes and
asks if she is busy. Avni goes inside but Raj tells him to come. They
sit. Samarth discusses it with Raj what Shastri ji told him. Raj stands
in shock and denies it. Samarth says this is what he is thinking how
this is possible. But Raj makes an excuse and shuts the matter that his
sister and brother in-law are after him to get married because they
didn’t know about Payal then. He leaves saying he is going to meet
Payal. Payal and Arpita are in the kitchen. Bhawna comes there and tells
Arpita to pack some muttery for her. Payal says she cooks it just like
her mother; she is also from Umad Village. Payal seems to recognize
Bhavna and realizes that she had seen Bhavna in her family album. She
then tells Bhavna that she has seen Bhavna in an album of Shusma Masi’s
wedding. Bhawna is worried and gets nervous listening to Payal.

But who is this lady who seems to recognize Bhavna and Avni very
well? What is the mystery about Bhavna? To know more, keep watching the
serial and get to know what happens next.

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