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Wednesday Update On Lies of The Heart Episode 132-133: Gaurav Finds Out His New wife Asha Is An Illiterate

Here is what
is expected on Lies of the Heart, on Wednesday, October 11, on Episode 132– 133 showing on Zee World.
Samrat screams at his parents to get
lost and leave the house and leaves for his room. All are distraught. Urmi and
rest of the family try to stop Samrat’s father Rudra from leaving the house,
also asserting that Shashi was indeed wrong, and that Samrat and Urmi were
right in reprimanding her.

Rudra is super annoyed and asks them all
to shut up. He is adamant and wants to leave the house with his wife saying
that they can’t bear it anymore and shall leave the house immediately. Shashi
boggles what’s wrong with Rudra and how her own trap fell on her. Kanchan
wonders how her father in-law is standing by her mother-in-law today. Amrit
thinks that it’s good as it’s one less person who stands in his way to get the
haveli. Aditi asks Amrit to say something and stop him from going. Amrit says
that he is right in doing what he does, as they shouldn’t live in the house
where they aren’t respected.

All are tensed while Shashi is flustered. Outside, Urmi gets worried and wants
‘Tauji’ to stop Samrat’s parents from leaving saying that she would have to go
to talk to her father in-law. Tauji stops her. Tauji says that she has fallen
in her own trap. Urmi tries to say that her father in-law is misunderstanding
her and tells Tauji that she can’t see her father in-law in so much pain and
that she can’t see them going out like that. She adds that her father in-law
has never reacted like this and that he is taking such a huge step. Tauji asks
her to think that if he has never reacted like this and if he is doing so now,
then why. Urmi is tensed. Tauji says that he too is silent due to some reason
and asks her to be a silent spectator to this whole drama without doing
anything. Urmi agrees as Tauji’ asks her to sit and watch the drama but is
still tensed.

Tauji comes in Rudra’s room and asks if
their decision is final. Shashi asks Tauji’s help to make Rudra understand. But
Tauji says that if Rudra has taken this decision, then it must be right and
that she should be happy, that due to her insult, he has taken such a big step
and stood by her. Shashi is tensed and helpless. Tauji praises Rudra for this,
and tells him that it’s the right step. Aditi comes to her father and asks him
to calm down as it’s getting late and they should think over it and then take a
decision in the morning. Rudra asks them all to leave so that they can pack and
spend the night at a bus stop. Shashi is appalled to even imagine that, as to
how her own trick came to bite her back, and totally boomeranged. They all
leave nevertheless.

Late in the night, while Urmi is tensed, Tauji comes and finds her still awake.
He comes to her and asks why she is not asleep yet. Urmi says that she can’t
sleep in this situation, as such a small thing led to breaking family. Tauji
asks her not to be tensed as Shashi is paying for what she did. Urmi says that
she feels for her father in-law, as she is pained to see him in pain. She says
that he is mistaking her; as she knows him very well, and has always stand by
her, then what got him to react like this. Tauji hollers at Rudra to tell Urmi
why he is doing this. Urmi is shocked as her father in-law comes in with a
smile. She is boggled as they both smile. Rudra reveals to Urmi why he reacted
the way he did that he is just dramatizing to teach Shashi a lesson, and that
he has never mistaken her or ever will. Urmi feels relieved and is very happy
when she learns that even Samrat’s father Rudra is on her side and is
supporting her against the tortures that Samrat and his mother are making her
go through and had joined efforts to get her condition better in the family.
Rudra says that he knows that Shashi is always after her and hence thought of
getting her in trap this time and that Tauji is behind all this. Urmi smiles
and says that she would definitely succeed if they both are together. Tauji
says that in chess, to reach to the king, the pawns have to be killed, and asks
if she knows how she has to behave with Shashi. Urmi complies. They both bid
her goodnight and leave.

At Gaurav’s residence, while Asha is all dressed up on the bed, to await her
wedding night, Gaurav comes in while she shyly smiles. She gets down and gives
him the glass of milk kept on the table. Gaurav is tensed, and comes to her. He
takes it and places it back on the stand, and comes to her again, after having
taken off his watch. He says that he wanted to talk to her before marriage, but
didn’t get the chance. He asks her if she’s happy and she nods as yes! He asks
if she agreed under pressure or helplessness. She nods in disagreement. He asks
her to sit down. They both sit down on bed. He asks her to start talking, and
she hesitatingly says that she has been instructed by her mother that she
shouldn’t open her mouth, if not for eating. Gaurav smiles and asks if she
agrees to her mother, and asks what else has she taught her.

Asha tells him about them, and he asks
if her mother didn’t tell her that she should expect a gift from him. She
denies saying that she has been taught to accept a gift. Gaurav is amused and
goes to get his gift. They open it together. Gaurav gifts her photo frame with
a beautiful romantic message in English, and she doesn’t realise it, getting
disappointed seeing the gift. Gaurav says that he wants her to read this and
Asha asks him to read it out to her. Gaurav asks her to do so herself. Asha
tells him that she can’t do so, as she doesn’t know how to read and write.
Gaurav is shocked to hear this as he finds out that Asha was never educated and
that she can’t read or write. He asks her not to joke. She says that she is not
joking and that she is illiterate. Gaurav is appalled as he finds out that his
new wife Asha is illiterate.

The next morning, seeing Asha working along with Saroj, Granny Gayatri and Devi
are very happy. Saroj asks Asha to get Gaurav down for breakfast. Asha tells
them that Gaurav is not here, as when she woke up he wasn’t there, and tells
them that he never told her where he was going. They are all tensed. Devi asks
them not to bother. Granny reminds them about the pagphera, and tells Devi to
leave Asha to her home, and then inform Gaurav to pick her up in the evening.
Saroj agrees to this.
The next morning at Samrat’s residence, Shashi approaches Samrat first, to get
Rudra to listen, but he tells her that they would adapt to whatever way they
would live now, and that when they leave, they would realise the lavish
lifestyle here, and that his father has taken a very good decision and that he
respects it.

Shashi says that due to Rudra, she too
would have to go, and Samrat taunts her at talking like that, after the way he
stand by her, and the way she is his sita, and that she should be happy with
him wherever he goes, as sons desert mothers, but a husband and wife spend the
lifetime together. Shashi thinks that nothing is going to happen, as her own
son is at fault here. While Urmi is working in the kitchen, Shashi comes to
Urmi saying that Rudra is fixated on leaving, and that he only listens to Urmi,
and hence requests her to go and get him to stay back in the house. Urmi
refuses saying that instead of having fights every day in the family, it’s good
that they leave only. Shashi is astounded to hear this from her daughter

Samrat’s parents get ready to leave the house. While the whole family tries to
stop them, Urmi and Tauji only watch the show. Suddenly, Samrat’s mother
pretends to faint and falls down just so that she doesn’t have to leave the
house. Samrat’s mother agrees to follow Urmi’s orders and stay in the house.
Divakar realizes that a four star hotel room is being booked for certain guests
and does not understand why the rooms are being booked. Samrat tries to divert
Divakar’s attention from this case and asks him to concentrate on other things.
Meanwhile, Gaurav is angry and does not go to Asha’s house to receive her.

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