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Summary Of This Week On Love Oh Love

Below is a brief summary of this weeks drama series Love Oh Love showing Monday to Friday, November 27- December 1 on Zee World

Monday 27
November 2017
Episode 76

Thanks to Virat, Abhay gets arrested and
Jashan’s catering license is on the line. Abhay starts to get suspicious of Raj
and Avni. Virat goes a step further, when he reveals Bhavna’s past to Suket.
How will Suket react to this?

Tuesday 28 November 2017
Episode 77

Virat finds Avni and Raj’s marriage
certificate and he decides to give Abhay a call. Abhay meets up with Raj and
they sort out their differences, not knowing someone else is also present. Who
could the unknown person be?

Wednesday 29 November 2017
Episode 78

Avni and her whole family begin to believe
that Raj murdered Abhay. Raj hires a private detective to find the real
murderer. Things go from bad to worse for Avni as she gets disowned by her
entire family, except for Bhavna.

Thursday 30 November 2017
Episode 79

Avni uses her marriage to Raj to seek
revenge on him and his entire family. Bhavna makes it clear to Suket that if
something happens to Avni, she will never forgive him. Avni continues to ruin
Raj and his family’s reputation.

Friday 1 December 2017
Episode 80

Arpita’s jewellery making license gets
reinstated thanks to “Smile buddy”. Avni and Raj get into an argument
and as a result Raj falls down the stairs. Raj and Avni finally figure out that
Virat is responsible for everything that’s happened.


Premiere episodes of Love Oh Love air on Zee World
Mondays to Fridays at 18h00.

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