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Thursday Update On Love Happens Episode 25 – 27: Raghu Helps Aanya Calm Down

Read the interesting update on Love Happens episode 25-27 for Thursday, November 9, showing on Zee World.
Janki gets worried as Raghu has not yet returned
prays to God for his safety. Though Raghu is keen that
Aanya should leave his village, he feels bad realising that he will part ways
with her soon. 

Finally, Aanya and Raghu reach the petrol pump. Aanya is
overwhelmed with joy when she finds Arjun and his gang there. However, Arjun
and his friends are taken aback to see Aanya and curse themselves for wasting
their time. Meanwhile, GD calls Percy and informs him about Aanya’s
escape. She orders him to bring Aanya back to the village. On the
other hand, Arjun manages to trick Aanya and leaves without taking
her. Shattered with this treachery, Aanya cries her heart out, while Raghu
feels helpless as there is nothing that he can do for her.

Aanya is
shocked with grief and finds it really hard that Arjun, the guy she loved, had
ditched her. Raghu helps
 Aanya calm down and manages to convince her to return to the village. But before
they can leave, Bali arrives there and is surprised to see Raghu. Seeing Bali,
Aanya quickly hides
 in the storeroom of a nearby eatery and thanks God when
she finds a spare sari inside. Without wasting a moment, she wears the sari and
comes out. She then feigns to be ill and tells Bali that they had come to see
the doctor. Bali’s mother feels that Aanya is pregnant and offers a lift to the
village. Though Aanya tells her that they’ll manage to go walking, Bali’s
mother forces her to sit inside their 
jeep. Later, Raghu is shocked when Bali tells him that he has
decided to marry Gehna. In order to get rid of Bali, Aanya pretends to faint.
This makes it clear to Bali’s mother that Aanya is pregnant and she
congratulates Raghu for the same, leaving Raghu and Aanya totally bemused.

Aanya gets tensed when Bali tells Raghu that he is looking for woman who have been absconding from Mumbai. This makes Raghu
feel suspicious about GD and her family. Before Bali can reveal anything in
detail about them, Aanya cooks up some story and gets down from the 
jeepMeanwhile, Gehna is under
the impression that she her marriage is going to be fixed with Raghu. However,
she is shocked when she comes to know the truth. On the other hand, Raghu gets
so irked with Aanya’s nagging that he decides to leave her alone in the jungle.
This makes Aanya cry and without realising that Raghu was still there, she
speaks her heart out and reveals the problem due to which they were forced to
take refuge in the village. Raghu sympathises with her and comes back to her.
Seeing Raghu back, Aanya hugs him, leaving him astounded.

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