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Tuesday Update On Hello Pratibha Episode 118 – 120

Read the interesting update on Hello Pratibha, episode 118-120 for Tuesday, November 28, showing on  Zee World. 

comes asking which arrangement is
he talking about and where is he leaving. Sushman qualifies that they were
thinking about arranging for her father’s morning walk. 

Pratibha asks if they
are hiding something. He further says nothing and she believe in what he is
saying. Sushma asks Pratibha not to worry at all. Pratibha goes to 
bid good bye to Mahen and the
kids. Sunidhi asks Sanjeev on phone if he have lunch as she is worried because
Pratibha’s parents are there at home and that she is thinking of sending his
lunch home. Her mother comes there, Sunidhi is frustrated that she is doing
what she had never done before to win her husband heart and 
attention. Sunidhi’s mother asks
her to keep calm for a few days, after that she will win her husband’s heart
and get back into the house. On the other hand, Sushma is going into the room
when Kaashi asks her to sit with her. Sushma explains she has to stay with
Pratibha’s father as he is not well. Kaashi says that her parents never came to
her home and even if they came, they never eat anything and they have high

Sushma feels really bad hearing this from her daughter mother’s
in-law. Kaashi says she is happy times are changing and they have none other
than Pratibha. She is sure that they will return to their home very soon.
Sushma says they are thankful to her. Kaashi says they should thank Anmol who
has left his bed for their comfort. Pratibha comes there and tells her mother
in-law to leave for temple and that the auto is outside. When Kaashi leaves she
asks her mother Sushma not to take seriously what her mother in-law has said.
Later at night, Pratibha walks up to the calendar on which Kaashi had crossed
out the
 while Kaashi stand behind her. Pratibha watched the
cross on the calendar and wipes the marker’s mark. She turns to Kaashi who says
it was the first day when Pratibha could manage it. Pratibha calmly says that
she wanted her to be defeated today, but she won; she tells Kaashi that she has
finally succeeded to be a daughter and a daughter-in-law at the same time today
as she fulfilled both the duties of both a daughter and daughter-in-law. She
says she has complete trust on herself and her parent’s brought up. She will
never back up showing her responsibilities towards them. 

Kaashi asks her not to
fly so high that she will not be able to manage if there was a bigger problem.
Pratibha says today she wants her mother in-law to be wrong, she never see the
love of a daughter but only considers it a responsibility of herself. She says
they are the parents who brought her up and asks if she shouldn’t take care of
them when they needs her. She says she can’t leave her parents as well and asks
her mother in-law Kaashi if she can’t stand with her daughter in-law in all
that, she can at least bless her
to be successful in all her attempts. Kaashi comes to Pratibha, smiles and says
very well. She keeps a hand on Pratibha’s head and says she blesses her to be
unsuccessful in her practices. She says it has been a century old tradition
that when a daughter is married, she loses all her relations towards her
parents and she will understand this the day she will become a mother-in-law. 

Pratibha cries in front of the mirror thinking all about what mother-in-law had
said, Mahen notices this and comes to her. He asks what is it about, she says
nothing. He asks her to come and sit with him then asks what happened, and asks
if his mother say something. Pratibha denies as she don’t want any
misunderstanding between her husband and his mother. Mahen says she doesn’t
know how to lie and promise to take care of everything. Pratibha hugs Mahen and
cries. Mahen asks what such thing his mother said. Pratibha takes his promise
not to talk to his mother about it. Mahen says she knows him well that he won’t
do anything. Pratibha says she asked his mother for her blessings. Mahen asks
if she bless her. Pratibha nods and says she blessed her never to be

Pratibha cries before Mahen and tells him that
his mother Kaashi is not behaving well with her. Pratibha exclaims that when
she asked his mother to bless her, she cursed her
and bless her never to be successful. Mahen stands in shock listening
to Pratibha’s reply that Kaashi blessed her not to be successful
ever. He gets angry learning about his mother’s acts. He sets out to meet his
mother and questions her about it what her problem is, and asks if it’s wrong
to take care of one’s parents. Pratibha stops him and tells him that doing so
would spoil the
little relationship that is being maintained between her and his mother and
that his mother thinks according to her generation. She tells Mahen there is a
generation gap between them and her, they can’t change her thought and believes
today and forcing her in any
 would neither be good for her non for the
family. Mahen holds Pratibha’s hands and says when he questions himself what he
achieved in life, the reply comes from Pratibha! He says they react before
thinking about the consequences nowadays. 

The next day, Pratibha wakes the kids
up who were asleep in the lounge. She prepares for their breakfast, then wakes
the kids up again. Anmol says he won’t sleep here from tomorrow, Pratibha says
he will sleep at their room. The kids wait for their grandpa outside the
washroom, Pratibha sends the children to use hers and Sanjeev’s washroom. Anmol
says their brushes are
in the washroom, Pratibha sends them to get the new brushes from the
drawer with Mahen. Pratibha’s father comes out, Pratibha asks him to be fast
forward from now on. Mahen finds Pratibha to be having a lot of work load. So,
he decides to help her out. Anmol calls for his towel from the washroom,
Pratibha goes to get the towel while Mahen ironed the clothes. Kaashi comes
there and is shocked seeing this as her son his ironing the clothes. She asks
what is he doing. He replied to his mother that the kids were getting late for
school and he is helping Pratibha. Kaashi is irked and raises her voice against
Pratibha and claims that it is all because of her that Mahen has started doing
the house chores and made him servant at home. Mahen remind his mother that
Peehu and Anmol are his kids too, and this doesn’t mean Pratibha is not
fulfilling his duty. It was his mistake he never shared the responsibilities of
his children. Kaashi says Pratibha’s parents came home and he has realized all
his mistakes uptil now. She asks Pratibha not to keep doing this all in her
home, else she will have to suffer a lot. Sushma hears this and comes to ask
Kaashi why is she angry. Kaashi says Mahen only listens to Pratibha as Pratibha
has trained him well. Mahen asks his to stay peaceful, but Kaashi says she
won’t speak now and only his wife will. She leaves the hall.

Sanjeev is getting ready when
there is a knock at the door. Sunidhi stand all wet outside and tells Sanjeev
she got wet in rain. Sanjeev looks at her, then tells her to change at once
else she will fell ill. Sushma meets Sunidhi and asks when she returned.
Sunidhi thinks Pratibha must have told them everything. She tells Sushma she
came to meet Bubu and she asks Sushma till when are they staying here. Pratibha
sent her out and kept them at home. Sushma replied her that they are here for a
few days and leave. Sunidhi asks Bubu about Sanjeev, he tells her his father
has left for office. Sunidhi says till when will he avoid his wife. Pratibha
sets the table and asks Peehu to call her grandparents as well. Pratibha
doesn’t speak a word but notices what chair her father take. Kaashi comes from
behind, Pratibha is about to say it but Kaashi stops her. Pratibha’s father
asks Kaashi to take a seat, Kaashi says since the house was made she sits on
this very chair Pratibha’s father sit on and that it seems there are going to
be a lot of changes now. Pratibha’s father leaves the seat for Kaashi and says
it was by mistake from him but his daughter is not new at home and then asks
why she gave her place to him. Pratibha asks what is she saying, she apologize
that it was her mistake but her father didn’t know about it. 

Kaashi says she
has to take care of small things. Kaashi aaks Sushma if she is wrong, when the
trends of home changes it brings bitterness to relations. Peehu diverts the
talk asking her Daadi Kaashi to taste the vegetable. Kaashi tastes it and says
it is just the way she has taught Pratibha and complains that Pratibha didn’t
know about cooking when she came after marriage. She says it would have been
better had she learned it before marriage. Pratibha’s father replied her back
that before marriage, Pratibha managed all their household even before marriage
and that she is a talented girl. Kaashi says she had not needed to teach her
anything then. Pratibha’s father says it is good, Pratibha will now cook for
them. Sushma who understand that her husband is upset asks Patibha’s father to
stop it now, but he replied his wife that Kaashi is cursing their daughter in
front of them. Kaashi too claims that Pratibha is her daughter in-law.
Pratibha’s parents leave the table. Pratibha tells her mother-in-law Kaashi
that her father didn’t know it is her chair, and question why she gave such
stress to her father as it is not good for him. Kaashi asks if she will now
fight with her for her parents. She tells the kids to finish their food.
Pratibha heads to leave but Kaashi stops her and says she had warned her she is
going to suffer a lot.

Pratibha’s father is angry witnessing Kaashi’s
hatred towards Pratibha and her family. He begins packing up his bags and
decides to the leave the home. He says he will stay on the road but won’t put
his daughter in trouble. At the same time, Pratibha shows up and asks her
mother Sushma to stop her father but Sushma says he is right, they should not
have come here to increase her troubles. Kaashi overhears this. Pratibha remind
her father that he is not well yet and she knows whatever happened on the table
wasn’t appropriate. Pratibha’s father tells his daughter that if they stay
here, Kaashi will make her relation to them break. Pratibha says if he doesn’t
stay today her relation to them will break. They are shocked. Pratibha says
that her mother-in-law doesn’t want them to stay here and tells her parents
about her mother in-law’s terms and conditions that she ( Pratibha ) will have
to break her relation with her parents, and if they leave the home the blame
will even come to their daughter Pratibha. 

Pratibha’s father is angry about the
challenge that has been held between his daughter and her mother in-law Kaashi
and heads to talk to Kaashi but his wife Sushma stops him and says she is with
her daughter and will help Pratibha prove that a woman, along with daughter can
fulfil all the rights of daughter in-law as well. Pratibha hugs her mother Sushma
and asks her father to let her win this time as well. After learning about
Pratibha’s challenge, her parents decide to support her in winning the
challenge and prove herself before Kaashi. Pratibha’s father says he always
wants her to win, he will be here so that she can defeat that dyan (witch).
Pratibha gets offended not to call her dyan (witch). But her father says for
him she will remain a dyan (witch). Kaashi marks the calendar again and says
she already told Pratibha she will soon be defeated. But her generation is so
stubborn, and they never accept their defeat until they play till the last card.

The next morning, Pratibha is in the kitchen.
Kaashi comes to her and says today she smells victory so she muy cook something
tasty today. Pratibha says alright. Kaashi says she has been victorious but her
parents are going to eat something cooked by their daughter for the last time.
Pratibha asks why would they eat the breakfast for the last time. Kaashi says
whatever happened last night, they won’t stay at home any longer. She says she
has failed badly because her parents are leaving the house with their own will.
Pratibha goes and removes the mark on the calendar, she tells her mother in-law
Kaashi she has a misunderstanding, and that her parents are not going anywhere
until her father doesn’t go from here. They want to stay by themselves, and
asks how is she or they defeated. She hands her mother in-law her cup of tea.
Kaashi leaves curtly.

Sanjeev announces that he is leaving for office.
Anmol asks if he has not even have breakfast. Sanjeev leaves urgently as he has
something important to do. Sunidhi enters as soon as Sanjeev leaves. Sunidhi
says Namaste to Pratibha and Mahen, Mahen asks what she is doing here. In front
of the lawyer, the verdict is to come here for a day or two in a week. Sunidhi
says she only came to meet her son. Pratibha says it is okay, she can stay here
for an hour or so and must leave then as Sanjeev is also not here. Mahen leave
for shop while Sunidhi says she will just ask Sanjeev to take him to play.

Kaashi comes to Pratibha in the kitchen and
gives her a long list of food to cook, she says today she has called five
Brahmans (priests) home and only thing is, the food needs to be cooked by
Pratibha only and within a time limit till 10 o clock. But unknown to Kaashi
that Pratibha has compromised her parents. Pratibha says there is less time to
10 o clock. Kaashi says if Pratibha doesn’t take round of her parent’s home
again and again she might be able to make it all. Pratibha is worried. She
hurries towards all the cooking. In the meanwhile she thinks about serving her
parents as they are hungry. Sunidhi watches Pratibha leaving the kitchen, she
immediately comes inside and opens the flame to full.

In the room, Pratibha’s father tells Pratibha
she has again brought the food of patients. She puts a bite into her father’s
mouth and says if he doesn’t like it she might cook something else. Her father
agrees to eat it. Kaashi calls Pratibha from outside where the food had been ruined
and burnt. Pratibha says she will manage something and cook all this food
again. Sushma asks to help, but Kaashi shouts that no as she is a guest and
they don’t take help for households from guests. Kaashi then tell Pratihba if
the food is not prepared till 10 o clock, she will be responsible for all the
consequences. Pratibha says she will do everything. 

Sunidhi stand with Bubu,
Bubu asks Pratibha to take him out. Sunidhi says Sanjeev says Bubu can go out
only with Pratibha. Pratibha’s mother Sushma tells Pratibha that she will cook
with her and help her in cooking as she was also a daughter in-law at some
time. Pratibha’s mother helps her daughter in the kitchen to ease Pratibha’s
work load. Pratibha’s father warns them during the work that Kaashi is coming,
when Sushma clears everything from the table he says she is not coming. Sunidhi
hears all this and warns Kaashi of her defeat, she tells Kaashi to look under
the newspaper.

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