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Friday Update On Love Happens Episode 118 – 120

Read the interesting update on Love Happens, episode 118-120 for Friday, December 22, showing on Zee World.

smells a rat when he comes to know about the competition between Aanya and
Kangana. He tells Bhola that they should probe into this matter.

Bhola is concerned about finding a way to help Aanya win the competition. Raghu
once again tries to convince Aanya to change her mind, but his efforts go in
vain. The next day, Aanya arrives at Raghu’s place with a bag full of her
dresses and accessories. However, Daadi prohibits
her from wearing western outfits and using make-up. Daadi gives Aanya a saree
and asks her to wear it. Aanya finds it hard to wear the saree, but Janki helps
her on the sly. Later, Daadi calls Kangana and Aanya and explains the basic rules
and regulations of the competition. She then asks Kangana to clean the entire
house, while Aanya is assigned to clean the cowshed.
is shocked to hear her task, but does not say a word. She immediately goes to
the cowshed and gets started. However, she finds it hard to clean as the
buffalo keeps hindering her way. Raghu gets irked and tells his Daadi that she
is being harsh on Aanya by asking her to clean the cowshed. Raghu then tells
Kangana that he is least bothered about the result of the competition as he
will marry only Aanya. He then tries to convince her to end the competition.
Kangana starts crying and walks away.
Isha meets Rahul and urges him to pretend that they are seeing each other. She
tells him that she is in love with Bhola and wants to make him feel jealous.
Rahul reluctantly agrees. GD and Kishan decide to test Raghu and make sure that
he fails because it will then be easier for them to break his alliance with
Aanya. On the other hand, Daadi decides to give same work to both and ask them
to prepare lunch together after bringing three pots of water from the well.
gets frustrated when she cannot draw water from the well. However, she does not
give up, and closely watches the way Kangana draws the water. Kangana quickly
fills her pots and walks away. Aanya follows suit. Kishan meets Raghu and
instigates him that he will find it hard to keep Aanya happy as she is very
demanding. Later, Raghu gets shocked when Kangana tells him that she will win
the competition as well as his heart. Kangana also expresses her intentions of
marrying him and tries to make him realise that Aanya is not suitable for him.
Raghu loses his cool and tells Aanya that they should marry immediately.
However, Aanya tells him that first she will defeat Kangana.

Daadi chides Bhima when he tries to meet Kangana on the sly. Daadi orders him
to return to his village as everyone considers Kangana to be a poor orphan and
his presence could ruin her plan. However, Bhima decides to stay there.

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