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WCW: Ximena Duque

Beautiful Colombian actress, Ximena
Duque- Adkins
is a delight to watch whether she’s acting the role of a spoilt brat,
wife, mother, investigator just name. She’s one actress who plays her roles
with so much ease.

got her start on the reality show 
Protagonistas de Novela, dedicated to seeking acting
talents. In 2005, she began her
acting career in the telenovela 
Soñar no cuesta nada, where she played
. Throughout the years, Ximena Duque has starred on several
telenovelas with Telemundo.

The pregnant actress although has
featured in many soap operas, however, she won the hearts of fans in the novela
 Corazón Valiente
 (Fearless Heart) with Fabian Rios and Adriana
Fonseca as Angela Valdez.

She married the love of
her life, author and Florida businessman, Jay Adkins this year and they are
both expecting their first child together. However, she already has a son in
her previous relationship.

She has starred in
telenovelas like Fearless Heart,
La casa de al lado (Behind closed doors), Santa
(Broken Angel), and currently airing The Fan amongst others.
participated in 9 episodes of the popular soap opera Days of Our Lives as Blanca
. This year, Ximena
had her seventh lead role in on-going series, La Fan (The Fan) as Adriana

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