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Wednesday Update On My Lost Home Episode 27 – 29

Read the interesting update on My Lost Home, episode 27-29 for Wednesday, December 20, showing on Zee World.

is upset due to Mangat’s threats. Later, the family wishes Mahi on her birthday
with a pleasant surprise, while Raji recalls the time spent with Veer.

it is Mahi’s birthday and her family plans to host a party to celebrate. Raji
and Veer talk to each other over the phone and decide to give Mahi a present on
her birthday. Mohini is annoyed at Brij and tells him not to organise a party
for Mahi’s birthday. Thus, he tries to convince
talks to her father-in-law about her relationship with Veer, while Durga
refuses to attend Mahi’s birthday party since she is organising a kitty party
at her house. Later, Mahi invites Jeet to her birthday party. Raji helps Veena
in the kitchen and asks her to take some rest. Later, Raji falls in Durga’s
trap and commits a mistake for which she is scolded badly. Durga tries all
means to stir problems between Raji and her family. Durga informs Jyoti about
her conspiracy to insult Raji, but she gets stunned when she realises that Raji
might have heard their conversation.

apologizes to Durga for her mistake. Meanwhile, the family keeps waiting for
their daughter, Raji for Mahi’s birthday celebrations. Later, Durga gets
annoyed when Raji’s younger brother arrives to take her along for Mahi’s
birthday. Mahi and her family are delighted by Raji’s arrival. Thus, they
happily celebrate Mahi’s birthday together. The family and their guests enjoy
themselves at the celebration. Everyone is delighted due to a singing
performance by Jeet.

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