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Tuesday Update On My Lost Home

Mahi who was sleeping dreamt about the day of Mohini’s birthday and other peoples .Mahi wakes in fright. Shabd ask what happend. Mahi mentions her mother’s name. In the morning, Durga, Jyoti and Jeet are eating on the dinning table, Soni comes and Durga says that whatever that happend to her was very bad and ask if she slept nicely in night. Soni say yes.

Jyoti replies of course she sleep nicely because its me who have to work. Jyoti ask Soni to sit beside her and eat the breakfast. Veer comes from his room wearing his police uniform .Durga asked if he was on duty from today .Veer say yes..Some officers enters their home. Veer saw them and invited them inside. The police officer tells him that we had just learnt that your father-in-law Brij Malhotra had some bharot and some weapons with him and that was why this happend. They also informed him that because of what Brij did. His name has been associated with the terrorists, They informed him that he had been suspend, everyone gets shocked.

As Veer gets ready to take his police cap off. Durga orders him to stop. Durga informs the officers that they can’t do this to her son, he has been on the police force since a long time. Durga says you know in your department everyone is proud of Veer, shame on you and on your department,She said. The officers informed her they have the orders and the formalities to do this. Durga asked if they have any proof that the blast which happened to the Malhotra’s had anything to do with Veer. Durga tells them they have nothing to do with Malhotra’s. Soni comes out and tells everyone that her family were not associated with terrorists, They had never given any support to some terrorist. Soni says her father has always given love to everyone. The officer tells her they understand her feelings. But the fact Veer has hidden the incidence that happen to the Maholtra was a crime and as such have to surrender everything of the police force. Durga was going to say something but Veer says Mum let them do their job. The officers take the cap of Veer and goes. Durga says everythinghappend because of  Soni, and as such she will take revenge on her.

Mahi is crying whiles Kamya approach her. Kamya asked her to tell her what happened with her family. Mahi tells her she went outside to talk with Shabd, but suddenly she heard something that sounded like a blast and when she turn around her house was filled with fire, no one was saved. Kamya also remembers when there was fire in their house. She started screaming. Mahi turn around and saw that Kamya was scared, Kamya wanted to say something but she was scared a lot and goes in running.  Veer asked Jeet not to worry about him, I am fine. Jeet replies that am not worried about you but I am sure that your department has been mistaken.

 Durga barges inside their conversation and says its not them who has been mistaken,we had made a mistake. Durga says they made a grieve mistake by making their daughter-in-law from such a family. Veer get up and goes .Jeet tells Durga it wasn’t the right time to talk of these things. Jeet says we can’t say anything till they have been proved. Soni replies that she was sure it will be proved soon that Veer and her dad has nothing to do with the blast and with the terrorists. Durga replies that I am sure that Veer can never do this, he is just traped because of ur dad. Durga furthermore says that when they were alive they didn’t let my son live peacefully and still after their death. Durga in a feast of anger says if something happens to her son she will never forgive the dead souls of the Maholtra’s Mahi enters the Khurana household to visit Soni. She greets Durga but Durga said nothing and goes,Jyoti also leaves. Jeet come and say Mahi u here, at this time. Jeet invited her to come and sit. Mahi says no thank you. Mahi asked about Soni. Is everything fine? Soni says that she was fine and also fells happy in the Khurana household. Mahi asked as to why Durga goes away in anger?Soni replies that she was angry because Veer has been suspend. Mahi is shocked.

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