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Friday Update On Love Happens Episode 250-252

Dabral is taken aback by Isha the “princess” but Isha gets alarmed, but
she quickly manages to make a story. She chides Dabral for coming to
meet her unannounced. Isha blames Dabral for creating a chaos at the
guesthouse, due to which her gown got entangled in the door.

 She also
tells Dabral that the gown was presented to her by Queen of London. She
starts pretending to be furious. However Dabral manages to calm her down
by apologising. Later, Dabral tells her
that he will bring all the documents of the plot the next morning, but
insists that she should use her Royal Seal to sign the documents. Though
Isha assures him that she will use the Royal Seal, she gets worried as
she does not have one. However, Gopi assures that he will arrange the
Royal Seal. 

Meanwhile, Somnath doubts Isha identity and tells Dabral
that he suspects the Princess is playing a foul game with them. Though
Dabral does not approve his theory, Somnath decides to probe into this
matter himself. The next day, Dabral arrives to meet Isha and insists on
seeing the Royal Seal. Isha shows him the seal, but Somnath, who smells
a rat, deliberately slips the seal from his hands. Isha is shocked to
see the seal is broken into pieces. Somnath doubts her up until an
unexpected member of Raghu’s family joins the con and ends up saving the

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