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Monday Update On Modern Homemaker Episode 121 -123

Sunaina says she had made that phone call. Kanhaiya asks his mummy what is she saying? He very well know she love him so much that she can’t do such a thing and that it’s impossible.

He then go to his mother and urge her to tell him the truth and why is she hiding it from him. He asks her to swear on God and swear on her Kanhiaya and tell him what the truth is and to honesty tell him that she is lying. He asks Sona why his mummy dearest not saying anything? He further asks Sona to tell him if his mummy hiding something from him and why is she lying to him? Seeing them keeping quiet, he gets more furious that they both are lying to him. He begs them to tell him what the matter is and asks why are they both quiet? He calm himself down and again asks them to tell him what the truth is. Seeing her son worried state, Sunaina finally tell Kanhiaya that what he heard is true and that she had made that call.

 Kanhaiya is more shocked and asks why she do this? Sunaina Devi admit that it was a foolish act as she felt that Sona is separating her and him and then she keep trying to separate them both. She wanted him to start hating Sona and when everything she tried failed, then she tried this last game, thinking that he would leave Sona forever. Kanhiaya is completely heartbroken hearing the bitter truth from his mother dearest whom he believe that she is always right in whatever she say or do. He asks his mummy how could she even think that Sona would want to separate him from her? And that she should have trusted her son. Sunaina asks him to forgive her, she know he is very hurt and asks him to look from a mother’s perspective, maybe then he will understand why she did this. She adds that once a mother starts fearing that someone is trying to snatch her son away from her, then how can a mother live? She know she deserve to be punished, she have made a mistake and she should be punished. But she did all of this because of the love she have for him and request him to think with a cool mind.

A heartbroken Kanhiaya takes his hand out of his mother’s hand. Sunaina Devi plead with him to forgive her. Kanhiaya asks why would he forgive her? He tells his mother that she don’t even realize what he is going through right now as she doubted someone like Sona and she have tried so much to separate them, but Sona is the same one who continued trying to get her and him closer and she doubted her like this. He reminds his mother not to forget when everyone else was against her ( Sunaina ), even then Sona supported her and was by her side. And as much as he love and respect her, the loves and respects she have is so much more. But he wish she could understand all of this. Sunaina is ashamed of herself and  tells her son that she have realized her mistake and asks if he won’t forgive his mom once?. An upset Kanhaiya asks how can he forget who he loved the most in this world? The person he respected a lot has betrayed him to such an extent. He asks her how can he forget that he have betrayed her Kanhiaya. How can he forgot that?

Sunaina Devi admit to her daughter-in-law Sona that she is wrong and Kanhiaya’s anger is justified. She then asks Sona how can she change what has already been done? She can only ask for forgiveness and begs Sona to forgive her that she have made a grave mistake. She wasn’t able to understand her love and that the little love and respect that she still have for her, for that sake to please forget everything and forgive her. She plead with her explain to her husband Kanhiaya. Sona turn to her husband to please listen and forget it. She reminds him that she is his mom and request him to forgive her. Sunaina wipes Kanhiya tears and asks him to give him one last chance. She promise him that she won’t ever do such a thing again. Kanhaiya hugs his mom and says everything is over even if he want to he can’t forget this and by staying in this house he will keep remembering this. He will keep being reminded that the person he loved the most is not his anymore and that she have ruined everything. He adds that no one has ever given him this much pain before and after all this, they can’t stay in this house in peace and it will be best for this house and this family that he and Sona leave the Chaturvedi house. He assured his mummy dearest that they won’t stay here anymore. Bindiya overhears this. Sunaina is shocked and asks what is he saying? She again asks how can he even think like that? Sona tried to say some but he cuts her off and tells his wife that he have made his decision. A guilty Sunaina says she won’t let him do this, she can bear his anger, but not his distance as she can’t live without him. Hearing this, Kanhaiya says he will change his decision only on one condition and that only if she answer all his questions truthfully. He then says even if he forgive her, will this relationship come back? Will this trust that he had return? Will her love and respect come back? He then answer the questions himself and tells his mummy that there is no point in the love when while even staying together he is not with her. Sona try to convince him not to take a decision in haste and at least to think over it once. A determined Kanhaiya tells Sona that he’ve already thought and made his final decision, he will stick with his decision and he will not stay in this house. He walks away. Sona assured her mother-in-law Sunaina Devi that she will try to make him understand. Sona walks away.

Kanhaiya is packing the bags when Sona comes in and asks him not to take such a decision. Kanhaiya angrily tells her not to stop him otherwise he will have to think of asking her if she also wants to come with him or not. Sona has tears in her eyes and seeing this, Kanhaiya realizes that he was harsh and lowers his voice and asks why the kids grows to turn big. During Childhood one does not have a fear before doing anything because that time they have their mothers to look after them. Kanhaiya says that he is hurt and has decided that they both will live in police headquarters. He further says that he is not angry with anyone and even not with his mummy but it is only that he is now all broken from inside and couldn’t stay here. Meanwhile, Bindiya tells Renu that Sona and Kanhaiya are leaving and Renu is extremely happy saying that it’s time to celebrate. Bindiya says that the time is not to celebrate but to play another game. On the other hand, Kanhaiya is taking out his clothes from the wardrobe when an album falls along with the picture of little Kanhaiya with his mother dearest Sunaina Devi. He picks up the photo and remembers his childhood day when the photographer came to take his photo with his mummy and he was running over the bed. His mummy asks him to come near him and give a pose and warn not run otherwise he will fall. Little Kanhaiya says that if they will fall then his mummy will not let him fall. Recalling it, Kanhaiya has teary eyes and Sona too had a pale face. He remembers his mother saying that she won’t let Kanhaiya fall ever. Kanhaiya remembers that his mummy loved him a lot in his childhood days. He comes to Sona and tells her that they are his happy memories but now everything is not the same. He has decided to leave the house. He has tears in his eyes and he wipes them out

Bindiya and everyone in her room discusses about Sona and Kanhaiya leaving the house. Bindiya point out that since mummy is at fault so she has no right to speak in between and she will support Sona and Kanhaiya in their decision. Uddham says that they have to stop Kanhaiya from leaving the house and both Manohar and Govardhan Agrees. Govardhan says that Kanhaiya is their younger brother and they should stop him from taking a wrong decision. Bindiya disagrees with her husband’s Govardhan and insists that mummy falled to such a low extent then how can they all trust her. Bindiya adds that even she will leave the house otherwise her kids will be affected with the environment. Neelam tries to explain but Renu stops Neelam and support her sister-in-law Bindiya that she is right. Govardhan too agrees with his wife Bindiya for the sake of their kids and when Uddham questions him, then Renu asks him what he would have done if he would have been in the place of Kanhaiya. Chiku listens to everything from outside the door and is shocked to see the bad side of his darling grandma. Sunaina Devi urges infront of god and prays that anyhow Kanhaiya should stop leaving the house. She cries and says that she realized her mistake and syona always behaved like a daughter to her from beginning and she always did bad to her and falled to such low extents and now she has understand that Sona has a equal place like her in Kanhaiya’s heart which she can’t take away. Chiku comes to Sunaina and asks her if it’s true that his uncle Kanhaiya is leaving because of her. Sunaina is shocked and asks who told him this. Chiku says he listened to his Bindiya aunt’s discussion. Sunaina wipes her tears and says that it’s true that his Kanhaiya uncle is leaving home because of her.

Kanhaiya finally packs up the bag and tells Sona that packing is all done and if anything is left out, they will take them away after. Sona takes the album and asks Kanhaiya that he forget to pack it. Kanhaiya looks at the album and smiles slightly and sadly says that how he was about to miss the album since all his childhood memories are in the album. Kanhiya sees all his childhood pictures and tells Sona that when he was 5 years old, an album by mistake falled in water and the memories were lost. That time, his mummy made a new album with all the pictures to preserve all his childhood memories. He sees the pictures and smiles. At the same time, Chiku comes there and asks Kanhaiya not to leave. Kanhaiya asks Chiku if he wants to see his uncle happy or sad. Chiku says happy and Kanhaiya says that he will be happy only when he leaves the house. Chiku says that he will allow them to leave only when they will promise to come back everytime and meet him and that his uncle will take him for the bike ride. Hearing this,  Sona and Kanhaiya becomes sad and then Kanhaiya hugs his nephew Chiku. Sona has tears in her eyes. Uddham and Neelam also comes to the room and asks Kanhaiya to change his decision. Kanhaiya says that he won’t as now he can’t live in this house. He says that he is not angry with anyone and not even his mummy but it is that he is heartbroken completely from inside. Neelam tells Sona that Kanhaiya is angry at the moment and asks what happened to her. Kanhiya says that Sona is not at fault as it’s only his decision to leave the house. Uddham reminds Kanhaiya that he is a very loving brother of him and if he will leave then his brother will be hurt. Kanhaiya says that things are not the same now and he has to leave. Everyone has a pale face and Kanhaiya cries and hugs Uddham.

Kanhaiya and Sona are walking down the stairs with their luggage. Chiku, Neelam, and Uddham are also with them while Sunaina is standing there with what seems like gasoline in her hands. Kanhaiya asks his mummy what she is doing? Sunaina tells him not to dare her and if he take one step forward then she’ll spill this oil on herself and burn herself. Everyone is shocked. The entire family arrives. Uddham asks his mummy what she is doing? Sona too asks Sunaina what this is? She tries to take it from her asking her to leave it but Sunaina insists that if they both step out of this house then she swear that she will set herself on fire. Kanhiaya tells his mummy dearest to listen to him and that she can’t do this. He asks her to first put the bucket down as he is ready to listen to her. Suniana tells Kanhaiya not to fool her as he is just trapping her and then he will go away. She adds that she won’t let him go anywhere and that she will give him 5 minutes. If he don’t give her an answer that he will stay here, then she’ll set herself on fire. She again asks him if he want to leave this house? Seeing that he is silent, Sunaina Devi gets angry asking him to away and adds that before he leave this place, he’ll have to see his mummy burn to death. She again asks if he is ready and demand what is he thinking? She again asks if he want to see her alive or burning?

Sona asks Kanhaiya, to say something and do something. Uddham too ask Kanhaiya to say something and why isn’t he saying anything? Govardan and Manhoar say the same thing to Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya realize that his mother is blackmailing him, he tells his mummy that she can’t do this and adds that he is ready to listen to her. Sunaina tells him that she don’t want to argue with him and to just tell her this much whether he want to see her alive or burning? Kanhiaya starts moving forward towards her but she tells him not to try to play smart with her or else. She opens the lid of the container and again asks him to tell her that he won’t leave her and go anywhere. Kanhiaya says okay mummy and asks her to forgive him. But before he could complete his sentence, Sunaina starts moving backwards and tells Kanhaiya not to move forward. She is about to trip and some of the gasoline spills outside. She picks it up and starts pouring it on herself and starts moving towards the mandhir in the house. The brothers all try to stop her. Seeing this, Kanhiaya says he is ready to do what she say and plead with her to listen to him. But Sunaina refuses to believe him and says she don’t trust her words. She know that he is lying. Sona says to him to tell her that he isn’t going anywhere. Kanhaiya begs his mother dearest and asking for her forgiveness not to go backwards as there’s many diyas ( fire ) there. Kanhaiya tells her not to go near the fire. Sunaina continues to move towards the diyas. Sona yells mummy out and runs up to her. Sona does manage to pull her away, but a part of Sona’s saree is caught on fire. Bindiya notices it first and alarm them about the fire. Uddham call out to Sona. Kanhaiya runs to her. He touche the fire to get rid of it. Seeing his burnt hand, Sona tells him to come with her quickly.

Sona is applying some ointment on Kanhaiya’s hand as it is burned. Kanhaiya asks his mummy to go and change as they won’t go anywhere. He assured her that they’ll stay in this house with her. They’ll try and forget everything that happened and live like they used to live like and adds that they won’t stop talking to her. But she must promise that she won’t do such a thing again. Sunaina Devi tells Sona to apply it properly as tomorrow they both won’t stay with her. Tomorrow they have to manage all the responsibilities and have to do everything alone. She asks why are they looking like that? She says that they have taken the right decision for the mistakes she have done, she should be punished like this and Kanhiaya had said the right thing. Even if they do stay then they won’t be able to live together like they used to. Because the mistake that she have done, it’ll keep taunting her. She know that he’ll never talk about her mistakes, but if she don’t see the love and respect in his eyes then she’ll die while living. So his decision is perfectly right. She tells Kanhiaya and Sona that both should go away from this house and now she won’t stop him. Renu and Bindiya seem happy about this. Kanhaiya hugs his mom.

The next morning. Sunaina is praying at the temple in the house. Sona and Kanhaiya come up behind her with their luggage. The rest of the family come too. Sona and Kanhaiya walk up to mumy. They seek her blessings. Sunahia tells Sona, that she is not even worthy of giving her any blessings because she’ve always hurt her and brought her down. But she shall say one thing that every mother-in-law wants their daughter-in-law to be like them. But she don’t ever become like her. Sona tells her not to say that and they both hug. Kanhaiya hugs his mom too. Sunaina bless them to always stay happy. Sona hugs Renu and Bindiya. Sona hugs Neelam. Kanhaiya hugs Uddham. Sona tells Neelam to take care of herself. Neelam says the same thing back to Sona. Sona kisses Chiku. Kanhaiya hugs Manohar and Govardan. They carry their luggage towards the door. Flashbacks are shown when Sona got married and came to the house for the first time. Sona and Kanhaiya look back at everyone for one last time. Sona opens the door and both of them walk out. Kanhaina closes the door behind him. It stays slightly open though. Bindiya goes to her husband and asks what is he looking at? She tells him to talk about his share. Govardan says how can she talk about such things during the times like this? Bindiya says whatever and tells him not to lecture her. She adds that she will do it herself. She takes some paper out of his pocket and walks up to Sunaina Devi. Bindiya tells her that she know it’s not right to talk about these things during a time like this. Sunhaina continues starring at the door. Bindiya continues that she don’t have a choice and this is about their future. The thing is ever since she ( reffering to Sunaina) did this with Sona, she is scared that if she ever get angry with her, she’ll do what she did to Sona. After seeing this, she think that they all need to split up and divide the property and not to say anything this time. She know last time it was their fault and they admit it, but this time it is not their fault. She gives the papers to Sunaina and plead with her to sign them and it contains that she have no problem in selling this house. Renu says she know mummy that she is probably very angry with them and also begs her to sign these papers. Sunaina however with no choice asks where to sign? Bindiya asks Sunaina if she will really sign? Sunaina tells them to do whatever they want to do. She won’t say anything and she don’t have any right in interfering in their stuff. She again asks where do she have to sign? Bindiya says here. Sunaina Devi signs the papers. She hands the papers back to Bindiya after signing them.

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