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Friday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 105 – 106

Surjeet’s family is in hospital, Anita says she is worried if anything happens to Bebe then Kunj will have to live in jail. Anand says Kunj is innocent and maybe Anita is behind all this. Surjeet gets furious and tells him to stop it, he says they all know about his family, he reminds him that his father is a cheater, he is a kidnapper and now his brother is a killer.
Anand says no need to fight, and they need to think about Bebe. Surjeet says he know what to do and what not, Anita thinks to complete her work. Anita calls the killer and inform him that his work is still remaining, and order him to Kill Bebe and frame Kunj in all this. She warns him to make her death look like accident and then Kunj will be jailed forever. The killer says her work will be done.

Twinkle is in her room worried how to save Kunj, she says what is happening, that she is here and Kunj is in jail and that she is feeling helpless, as she don’t understand if Yuvi have done this or Anita, she gets call from Yuvi. Twinkle asks him not to irritate her and ssks what he want? He says he want her, he ask if she has white saree as her Kunj is in world only for somedays and that Kunj will leave the world and she will come to him, and that she don’t have to wait much as when Kunj will die, she will become his. Twinkle warns him not to blabber anything. Yuvi tells her not to miff him else he will give more pain to Kunj, he advice her to listen to him, that this night will be last night of Kunj who is in jail and tells her to get ready to become his, he sing Tujhe Apna Banane Ki Kasam Kahyi Hai song, and then says he love her and ends the call. Twinkle gets worried for Kunj and says his life is in danger. At the same time, she gets another call from someone. On the other hand, Anita tells Surjeet that they should go back home as it’s not allowed to stay in hospital, she tells him not to worry about Bebe. Just then, two ladies come in the hospital in veil, they go towards Bebe’s room, Anita sees them going and asks who they are and sees that they are going towards Babee’s room? A nurse comes there and says they have come to message Bebe as part of treatment, and she to leave as visiting hours are finished. Anita immediately calls the killer but he doesn’t pick up. The veiled women turns out to be Twinkle and Chinki, the nurse comes there and Twinkle thanks her and says Bebe’s life is in danger. She thanks her for taking their side. Two goons were arrested and comes in the lock-up where Kunj is, they bring out a knife and comes towards Kunj.

Twinkle thanks Chinki for calling her on time to save Bebe. Chinki says she is happy to help her, her relative is admitted in this hospital and she was going back when she listened to Anita talking on phone to finish Bebe and that’s why she called her. Twinkle says she was sure that Yuvi or Anita was behind this accident, she have to save Kunj and bring him back home. On the other hand,the two goons ask Kunj who is he and why he is in jail? Kunj doesn’t answer them but he is upset with the way they are troubling him. The goons says he must have come from some hotel, they laugh on Kunj while he gets more angry. Meanwhile, the killer hired by Anita comes in Bebe’s room through the window and both Twinkle and her bestie saw this where they are hiding and wait to sees what he is going to do. Just when the man is about to kill Bebe putting pillow on her mouth, Twinkle and Chinki comes in, screaming and starts beating him with sticks, they call out for help too. Twinkle asks how dare him touch her aunt. The Sarna’s family who are still waiting outside the hospital lobby listen to the voice coming from the ward room and Anard point out that the noise is coming from Babe’s room.  On hearing this, both Anand, Surjeet, Yuvi and Anita immediately rush to the room. Anita is shocked to see Twinkle and asks why is she in Bebe’s room? Before she could answer Anita, the policeman comes there and ask what is happening here? Twinkle inform the inspector that he is the same killer who tried to kill Bebe doing the party and they knew he will come again to finish his work so they waited for him while he came through the window and they caught him, she then ask him who gave him money. Anita begin to panic. The killer says he got call from unknown person and the person sent some money to him and also asked him to put the blame on Kunj. Twinkle blunt out that Anita has given him money to kill Bebe and thank God that Chinki hear her and she call and inform her about this. She asks Chinki to tells them what she hear. Anita is more tense. Chinki also says she listened to Anita talking to someone about Bebe so she called Twinkle here. Anita admit that she was talking on call as she was worried for Bebe, and that if Bebe doesn’t get conscious then it will be dangerous for her, she ask Chinki if she listened to her talking to some killer or someone to kill Babee? Chinki says no she didn’t listen to anything like that. Anita then asks why is she blaming her? She scold Chinki that she should be ashamed to follow her friend blindly. She tells Twinkle that they are thankful to her for saving Bebe but should not put blame on her. Despite the fact that Twinkle and her friend saves Babe from been assassinate, Surjeet choose to scold her and says Twinkle and her mother have the habit of putting blame on Anita and asks his wife not to worry. The policeman ask them to not create issue as this is hospital, and assures them that he will find the truth about it. Just then, Babe becomes conscious and looks at the killer, she point to him that he is the same man who pushed her from stairs. Twinkle tells Bebe that they have caught him but he has put all the blame on Kunj and that Kunj is in Jail. Bebe is shocked to hear this. Twinkle tells the inspector that the killer have accepted that the crime is committed by him and that Kunj is not involved in all this so he should go and free Kunj, as his life is in danger. She looks at Yuvi who points to her that the time is less for her to become a widow. Twinkle immediately leaves from there.

The goons ask Kunj to speak up, and what crime he has done? Seeing that they are constantly troubling him, Kunj tells the constable to ask the goons to stay away from him but the constable ignores him. The goons gets furious and says he is complaining about them? Kunj pushes them away, they bring out a knife to stab him and just when they are about to attack him, Kunj holds their knife and beats them up, both the goons try to attack him again, they bring a knife near him but Kunj manages to holds their hands. While the struggle are going on inside the cell,  Twinkle comes there and sees this, she shouts out Kunj’s namw. Kunj pushes the goons away and the inspector comes there and brings Kunj out of jail. Twinkle ask Kunj if he is fine? Kunj asks Twinkle why she come and how is Bebe doing? she nods, she furiously ask the inspector what was happening here? The inspector scolds the constable for not stopping the goons from attacking Kunj. The constable lie that he try to stop them they are not listening to him. The inspector slap one of the goons and ask who have sent them? But the goons refuses to speak up. The inspeactor threatened to bring the truth out of them. Twinkle says they were sent by the man. The inspector ask if she has doubt on someone? Twinkle thinks that he don’t have proof against Yuvi so she should not take his name before gathering proof, she then tells the inspector that if Bebe can be attacked then why not Kunj? The inspector says they will find out the culprit soon, he tells Kunj that his wife helped them alot in catching the culprit. On hearing that Twinkle saves both him and his aunt from getting assassinated, Kunj looks at her and recalls slapping her infront of everyone, Sajna Ve song plays in the background. Kunj sees killer there and is about to beat him but Twinkle stops him, he stops and looks at her, she nods in no and ask the inspector if they can go home? He says yes, Twinkle puts her hand around Kunj’s arm and leaves.

Babee scold Surjeet that he should be ashamed for sending Kunj to jail and how can they think that Kunj can harm her. Anita says they were worried for her and also they thought that Kunj must have thought about the property, as in she mean if Bebe are dead then Kunj and Twinkle will get the property. Bebe gets more furious hearing a disgusting words from Anita and asks in which world did she live in? That she have so much hatred for them, knowing Kunj never backs off from helping even strangers even, she tells them gets lost and leave her room. Kunj comes there and meets Bebe. Yuvi once again act like a kid and tells Kunj that he missed him. Kunj says he too. Bebe calls Twinkle and says she is alive because of her and her Kunj ( nephew ) is fine too and that she ( Twinkle)  proved again that she is a blessing to them from God and pray she live long. She hugs Twinkle and Kunj looks at her.

While Twinkle is alone in her room, Kunj lock the door and move closer to Twinkle. She gets tensed and asks why he lock the door. He move more closer to her tells Twinkle that he don’t have words to explain it but he was totally wrong, and he shouldn’t have raised his hand on her, he apologises to her, he puts his hand on her cheeks and again apologize to her. Twinkle lovingly looks at him, Sajna Ve song plays in the background and tells him to forget about it as it just a misunderstanding and they both care for aunt a lot. He then tells that he lock the door because she doesn’t want Yuvi to come inside and tells her to sleep on the bed and he will sleep on the sofa and Yuvi won’t be able to bang in. They both wish each other goodbye night. The next morning, while Leela is driving towards the Sarna’s house, some men signal themselves and one of them purposely runs towards Leela but she manages to break on time and did not hit the man. The man falls down and immediately comes down to see if the man is okay. The man who prenteds to be hurt with Leela’s car claims that she have cause the accident and that she can’t go anywhere. When the man is threatening to call the police, Kunj, Twinkle, Bebe and others come there and they try to calm the man down but Yuvi goes to the man and start saying wrong things to Leela that she is bad aunt. Yuvi asks his mother-in-law how it happened. Leela tells him she didnt do anything, and that the man came infront of her car. Twinkle too ask what happened? Leela says he is saying that she cause the accident but her car didn’t even touch him. Yuvi smirks at Twinkle and says she is bad a aunty, he throws stones at Leela which hit her in the head. Twinkle lost her cool on him and slaps Yuvi and says he have crossed all limits, and threatened not to spear him today. Bebe ask Twinkle to leave from there, she drags her from there, Yuvi cries and tells Kunj that Twinkle hit him. Kunj tells him that he didn’t do right as he hit her mother. Yuvi apologize to Kunj.

Inside Bebe asks Twinkle what had happened to her as she has never seen her like that before and it seems like she have so much anger
against him like she want to blame him for everything, Babe says that she know he did wrong by hitting her mother but he is a kid but she couldn’t believe she is the same Twinkle and asks how can she be so angry on a kid and what’s really the matter? At this point, Twinkle breaks down and tells everything about her and Yuvi. She says the matter is that she have lost again to that man, today he hit her mother on road and she was helpless, she can’t believe it and she is ashamed that she loved him so much, she did everything for him, she loved him like mad, she lied to her mother, cheated her mother, she made plans to runaway with him but he never loved her, he wanted to use her to take revenge of his mother, they wanted to hurt her mother and she kept taking their side against her mother, but she thank God that she listened to her mother and got married to Kunj, she promised her mother that she won’t allow her past to come in her present. She further tells Bebe to see her fate as her past is mixed in her present, she know Yuvi is faking his illness, she got proofs against him but he destroyed it as he is bent on ruining her life, he came to Goa to kill kunj, he attacked Kunj in their marriage, she is like trophy which he wants to win. Twinkle adds that he tried to hurt her mother today, she have lost everything and she couldn’t do anything, she. have lost, she breakdowns in tears and sit on Bebe’s bed. Bebe is shocked and hurt as Twinkle tells her all about her past with Yuvraj but she control herself and thinks of something. Twinkle realize that she say too out of anger and apologize to Bebe, she ask Bebe to talk to her that she didn’t know what happened to her. Just then, Yuvi comes there and apologize to Twinkle, he hugs Twinkle from back while she keep telling him to leave her. On seeing this, Bebe gets angry as she screwed her hand and angrily holds Yuvi’s ears tightly, she raised her voice to leave her and further warns him that Twinkle is his sister-in-law and this doesn’t happen here, she throws Yuvi out of the room, telling him to get lost and locks the door. Twinkle is shocked to see her reaction towards Yuvi. Bebe comes to Twinkle and says she don’t need to say anything, she understand her pain, as her past is hovering over her present, it is not able to forget cheating happened to her and her husband doesn’t listen to a word against Yuvi but she trust her completely, and she is with her in this fight, she asks her not to worry that everything will be fine. Twinkle is extremely happy as she manages to get Bebe on her side, she hugs her and says she used to feel about the absence of her mother figure in this house but she completed that space today, she thought she would get angry and that’s why she hides this truth from her and that she love her alot that’s why she didn’t tell her. Bebe says she is not old fashioned mother-in-law and she is her daughter and not daughter-in-law, and that now it’s time to bring Yuvi’s truth out. Twinkle says when she told Yuvi that she is his sister-in-law, she got some idea but she need her help and she have to arrange pooja ( prayer) in the house.

Yuvi comes to Kunj and tells him that Bebe pulled his ears and also scolded him for Twinkle. Anita says Bebe is now on Twinkle’s side too? Bebe hear this and asks what gang is she saying? Bebe then says elders scold the younger ones when they do mistake. Anita agrees that she is right, that Bebe is the elder and can scold anyone, she is sure if she have scolded him then he must have been wrong. Yuvi try to say something but Anita asks him to shut up. Anita then inform Bebe that she is going to arrange the party for new years if she permit her. Bebee agrees with Anita with why not, and that infact she have arranged pooja today so that their new year is good as so much have happened in the house. Anita also agrees with Bebe. Anita ask Yuvi to come with her, he refuses to go and says he will stay with Kunj. Bebe tells him to listen to his mother else she will pull his ears again. Yuvi immediately leaves with Anita. As Twinkle goes to prepare for pooja, Bebe tells Kunj that after so much happened in the house, she have realized that Twinkle is blessing in disguise for their house. Kunj agrees. Bebe says Twinkle have done so much for this house so why can’t they listen to her? And if she is saying one thing again and again then they should give her chance to prove herself. On hearing this, Kunj asks his aunt if she is talking about Yuvi then he don’t believe this. Bebe try to convince him that Twinkle have left her house for him and when she talks about Yuvi, he don’t listen to her, and it’s not good. She further tells him that she is a women and can sense things, she also feel Twinkle is right and that atleast to listen what she is saying. Kunj says even the doctors say that Yuvi is ill. Bebe says they don’t have any test reports of Yuvi and there are no proofs that he is really ill and that is why she is asking him to find out the truth, and truth always need proofs so he should try to look for the proofs to find the truth, Kunj thinks deep about this.

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