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Sunday Update On Fire & Ice Episode 95 – 96

Leela has an altercation with Anita right outside the house when
Anita is going outside the Sarna’s gate, Leela slaps her for what she
did in Mumbai, trying to kill Twinkle and Kunj. Anita warns Leela not to
dare raise her hand on her again.
Leela tells Anita that she understand
her pain as mother, and she should think that their kids are getting
destroyed in all this, and this revenge thing was between them but what
is happening that their kids have to bear the burnt of all this, and
requests her to keep the war between the two of them and to not drag the
kids in their matter. Anita replies that whatever she did was for
revenge for what Twinkle and Kunj done to his son. She further retorts
back saying that it’s too late that the kids are already involved in all
this, and asks if she didn’t see what her daughter and son-in-law did
with her son? She reminds her that they have destroyed her son’s life
and now she will take revenge from them. And also adds that she being a
mother should understand her feelings. She advices Leela to pray for her
daughter and son-in-law’s safety from mother’s hatred as her hatred has
reach the level from where it can’t return and that now she will kill
her daughter and son-in-law after giving them pain. Leela cries and says
nothing should happen to her kids.

Twinkle brings gifts for
Pinni and Babli, Raman says his wife Pinni never leave chance to get
gifts, he tells his niece that he have an idea, that if she want to
bring Yuvi’s truth out then tomorrow is best day, and suggest to Twinkle
to expose Yuvi during his and Pinni wedding anniversary. They will
organise the party, they will invite her family, Yuvi will come there
too and she should do something. Twinkle agrees with her uncle that this
is good idea that she will organise a party and does a plan to expose
Yuvi. She promise herself to throw Anita and Yuvi out of my house to
make her married life good, and furthEric tells her uncle to see what
she do in the party.

In the night, Kunj comes to the room and
start saying how his interview went, and that her uncle Raman told him
that she is arranging the anniversary party and that it’s good but not
to create any scene, hurt on seeing that Twinkle was more interested in
looking at the mirrow with a dress before her, he asks her what she is
doing, she replies that she is trying the dress that she wants to wear
during tomorrow’s party. And she asks to Kunj if he likes the dress. He
looks at the dress and says that it’s short. She replies that she knows
that it’s a hot short dress. When Kunj tries to say something she says
she can not wear it because she is a girl. He stops the argument and
allow her to wear, in any case people are going to look at him and not
at her. Kunj then says there will be family in the party, he haven’t
seen her in such short dresses before and he don’t have problem with it
and asks if she will be fine? Twinkle says we should keep changing
style, she ask Kunj why he is tensed? Kunj says her face is enough to
make him tense and he don’t have to try as it’s useless to talk to her,
he leaves the room. When Kunj leaves she says that she too does not like
wearing short dresses and that she wish she can tell him why she is
wearing this dress in tomorrow’s party but she has to do it to make Yuvi
drop the mask. That Yuvi does not like seeing her in a short dress. He
goes insane and he will get angry tomorrow, she apologises to her
mother, Kunj and Bebe but she have to do this to save her marriage.

The next day, Leela wishes Pinni and Raman happy marriage anniversary,
tells Pinni that she still remember when she brought her in this house.
Raman says how can they forget destructive day. Leela ask him not joke
over it. Pinni asks where Twinkle is? Raman says Twinkle have arranged
everything for the party, she did arrangements but didn’t come here as
she ( Leela) would not talk to her. Pinni says she just wanted to tell
Twinkle to not create any problem in her party as her friends are coming
for her anniversary. Raman reminds her that it’s Twinkle who have
arranged the party for them. Leela asks Pinni why she think Twinkle will
create problem at the party? Pinni says from the time she has got
married, she creates problem in every function and she want her ( Leela)
to handle her. Leela says okay.

All guests arrive and the party
starts, Raman meets the guests. Pinni says she didn’t do any make up as
she is naturally beautiful. Raman says she lies so much. Kunj and family
comes to the party, they wish Raman and Pinni happy anniversary. Yuvi
tells Pinni that she look like a bad aunty’s sister, and points out that
she have so much powder on her face. Pinni is stunned and says he has
become naughty and they all go in. Leela is looking for Twinkle and when
Leela does not see Twinkle, Kunj ask if she waiting for Twinkle? She
says no, Kunj tells her not to lie, and tells his mother-in-law that she
know Twinkle takes time in getting ready, she breaks her record
everytime, and assures her that she is on the way and just then Twinkle
enters the house in mini skirt and top, but on seeing her in a short
dress all are shocked to see her like that.

Babli compliment
Twinkle that she is looking gorgeous. Pinni tell Leela that she told her
Twinkle should not create any problem, and asks what is she wearing?
Usha point out to Bebe to see her nice daughter-in-law? And that Bebe
wanted her to create place in her heart for Twinkle? She adds that
Twinkle doesn’t deserve it. Cherry watch Twinkle from her legs and like
what he is seeing and that Kunj did not value what he has. Bebe comes to
Twinkle and ask what is she wearing and asks why she wore something
like that? Twinkle is tensed, Kunj comes forward and comes to her rescue
saying that he gifted it to her and had insisted that she wore it
tonight for the party, he puts his hand around her shoulder while
Twinkle is surprised with this gesture and looks at him, Sajna Ve plays
song plays in the background. Bebe says if Kunj has no problem then who
are they to say anything, and asks Usha if she is right? She says yes.
On hearing that all shut up their mouths and went back to celebrate in
order to cut the cake. Raman and Pinni cuts their anniversary cake.
After the cake was cut by Panni and her uncle, Twinkle comes forward,
took a piece to feed them and when she turned toward her mother she
stopped in the middle and instead of eating the cake from Twinkle’s hand
Leela asked Babli to feed her. Twinkle feels bad and is going to cry,
but Kunj looks at this and says that he too wants a piece of cake, her
face lights and she smiles to him while bringing the piece of cake near
him, but as she is going to feed him Yuvi comes running and eats the
cake and also licks her fingers. He looks at Twinkle’s short dress and
says kids wear so much short dresses and she should not wear it and that
is bad to wear short dress. She feels disgusted and goes to wash her

Twinkle drinks juice and says Yuvi is crossing all
lines. Kunj goes behind her and when Twinkle says she does want any
excuse for what Yuvi has done, she adds that she is fed up with Yuvi’s
antics and that she does not want to listen to any explanation from him
and that he should not try to defend Yuvi now, she reminds her that he
is her husband less but Yuvi’s manage more. Kunj replies that he come to
say that she looks nice in the dress. Twinkle gets excited and asks if
he thinks that she looks nice in the dress at that moment. Kunj changes
his statement saying that all are saying that she is looking good in
this dress and he as to agree with them that she is looking fine in it
and with that he leaves from there with the excuse that someone is
calling him. Twinkle talks to herself that what would she get less if he
had complimented her nicely? And would his height become less? She
answer for him as no but still he won’t compliment her nicely.

Twinkle calls someone and asks the person to come to the party soon and
fast so she can put her plan in to action. She leaves. As she is talking
on the phone, Anita comes there and puts something in her apple juice.
Something to make her drunk and says Twinkle likes to wear short dresses
and nobody is saying anything to her, and now she will drink this
spiked juice and will create scene in the party, she swear to insult
both her family and in-laws and it will be so much fun to see Twinkle
drunk and creating scene. In fact as predicted after few minutes,
Twinkle who devises a plan to expose Yuvraj once and for all comes
there, and Anita immediately hides. Twinkle drinks the spiked juice, she
says once that man comes here then she will execute her plan little did
she know that Anita already has a plan of her own to humiliate her.
Anita smirks evilly seeing her drink the juice.

Twinkle says she
have to handle herself to expose Yuvi. She says music and Twinkle start
dancing in front of everyone and there is also a man with her. Kunj
wonder what Twinkle is doing. Everyone else is embarrassed. Twinkle
dances on baby doll. Anita says Twinkle is dancing and she had to do
this to her in her own house. When the man goes close to her, Yuvraj
shouts stop all this. Twinkle says to herself that Yuvi will be expose.
Yuvi tells the guy who is dancing with Twinkle to get lost. He says she
is hot and asks what problem he have? He further asks if Twinkle is his
wife? Yuvi starts acting like a child. Kunj starts hitting the guy and
says Twinkle is his wife. Twinkle who want to expose Yuvraj’s sinister
plan sees that Kunj is ruining her plan and begs him to stop but Kunj is
not in the mood to listen to her and asks the guy how dare he touch his
wife and threatened to kill him. Anita taunt Kunj why is he getting
mad? She points out that It’s Twinkle’s mistake and turns to Leela if
she is seeing her daughter? She tells her to see what her daughter is
doing and points out that she didn’t do anything to her daughter but
Twinkle did it herself. She further tells Bebe this is what happens when
she give them leniency and that Twinkle has no shame and has defamed
her family.
Kunj once again stand for his wife and reminds Anita
that Twinkle is his wife and he have no problem with her dress and no
one better make issue of this.

Anita tells Kunj not to favor her as he
don’t know about their rituals. Kunj says if it was a guy no one would
have any issue and asks if she will decide his wife limits? He made it
clear to Anita and everyone present there that Twinkle is a girl of
today’s world and if she is married, she doesn’t have to live in a jail.
She has a life and he won’t interfere in that and that he know she
won’t cross any limits. He adds that Twinkle knows how to keep him happy
and all of them happy. Anita again points out that she drank like this
in Chinky’s engagement too and asks Usha if she remember. Kunj says they
all know she never drinks by her will. Anita says she should be
punished and tells Bebe that Twinkle should live in her mother’s house
from now. Bebe says Twinkle will get punished but she won’t live in her
mother’s house. She will live in her in-laws house and she know how to
punish her. She takes Twinkle home. Leela wipes her tears. Twinkle talk
to herself that what is happening. She didn’t drink and wonder why she
behave like that but she is determined to expose Yuvi. She goes to
Yuvi’s room and says hi to him. On seeing her on same dress, Yuvi spark
at her that he asked her to change it with the excuse that his friend
Kunj would be mad at her. She says he won’t be mad after today and asks
Yuvi if he have chocolates? He asks what she need it for? She make him
believe that she will be intimate with Kunj tonight and says it’s for
Kunj and it’s between husband and wife. He will be so happy with her
tonight and teasing him to stay in his room and watch cartoons.

Twinkle lights all the candles in her room while Yuvi is peeking in.
Twinkle also notice this and is pleased that her plan is working. Just
then, Kunj comes in and asks what is all this? Twinkle says shh to
silent him. She comes closer to him and pretends like she has fallen.
Twinkle says she knew he wont let her fall and purposely seduce him that
he is looking too hot today. He tells her to be in her senses and asks
her to sleep. She shoves him on the bed and lies on him. She says this
night is not for sleep but a confused Kunj who think she is drunk asks
what she is doing? She hugs him from back and says today is her night
and begs him not to talk as today is for love. Twinkle sees Yuvi at the
door and asks Kunj what he see in her eyes. But he stop her further,
leave the bed and go to his balcony. Twinkle follow him and move more
closer to him. Just then, Kunj smell that something is burning and push
Twinkle aside, he rush to his room and see that Yuvraj have set their
bed on fire. He rush out of his to get something but Twinkle is pleased
to see his anger and wish he show more of it so that everyone will know
that he is taking to lost his memory.

Twinkle asks Yuvi what he did and
screams out to Bebe, and everyone that Yuvi has burnt their bed. They
all rush there and Cherry asks how it happen. Kunj brings fire
extinguisher and off the fire on their bed. Twinkle tells Cherry that
Yuvi did this. Bebe slaps Yuvi and asks why he do that but he keep
acting like a baby and apologize for his mistake. Twinkle then suggests
to Bebe that Yuvi should go to mental asylum. Anita’s husband Surjeet
says if Yuvi’s goes somewhere Twinkle will be out of this house as well.

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