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Telemundo: This Week On Woman Of Steel 3

Read what will be showing on Woman Of Steel 3 this week, Monday to
Friday, April 30 – May 4
on  on Telemundo Africa.
Monday 30 April 2018
Josefina sees Lorena kissing Pepito. Doriga meets with a journalist and hands
him a USB drive containing information about Mario Casas’s company.

Tuesday 1 May 2018 
Consuelo meets with Tuti at a shopping centre. Meanwhile, Vicenta and Rosario
escape from Larry, with the help of Pedro.

Wednesday 2 May 2018 
Salvador manages to contact Vicenta, and she gives him her location. Rosario is
upset about her brother’s death.

Thursday 3 May 2018 
Larry arrives at Indio’s ranch, where Roscas and the thugs scold him for
getting lost in the desert. Daniel continues to look for Vicenta.

Friday 4 May 2018 
Chucho asks Lorena to search through Vicenta’s belongings for any evidence she
might have against him. Gallo tells Felipito he doesn’t love Josefina.

Woman of Steel 3 airs
on Telemundo from Monday to Friday at 22h00. The omnibus airs on Saturdays at

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