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Wednesday Update On My Lost Home

Shabd’s friends reveal their true vindictive true colours to him.  Shabd is astonished upon hearing the tragedy caused from his friends.  He shouts at his friend’s and asks them to call the police. Shabd keeps telling them to go to the police.
Sandy (one of them) tells him that he was with them during that night and he was more drunk than any of them. He smirked and tells Shabd that who will believe that he was innocent. Shabd tells him that they should let the police decide. Sandy blackmails him and says that it was his car that hit the girl and also it was his scarf with which they tied her up with.  Shabd is left very angry and frustrated. The other friends tries to make Shabd understand that although what he was saying was right but the circumstances were not right or the same.  They tried to persuade Shabd by telling him to forget else four more families will be destroyed.

Durga gets Soni down to meet Mohini and Mahi. But before they could meet her.  Buaji comes down and approached them. She taunts them that they know Soni is living a widowed life and they were behaving as if they don’t know anything. She taunts Mohini about her upbringing. Mahi is all surprised. Buaji shouts at the Khurana’s. Mohini tells her that they were just visiting to see how Soni was faring so there isn’t any reason for which Buaji should be yelling. She asks if they were going to poison her here. Mahi gets more and more annoyed.  Buaji taunts them more. She tells Soni to go back to her room. She taunts Mahi and tells her to go back to her home as well.  Soni quietly signals Mahi and assures her that everything was alright.

Shabd is left in deep thought and also thinking about what to do. As to whether to let four lives get tangled or to let the poor girl have the justice she deserves. He thinks maybe his friends are innocent and this might have happened by a mere accident. He thought he should go to the police and tell them everything, but at that time Mahi enters the room and she is visibly tensed. Shabd notices this and asks her what happened. She says that she is worried about Soni. Mahi tells him that Buaji is currently staying at the Khurana mansion and that she is very orthodox, that is belonging to some different era altogether and as such she is troubling Soni a lot. Shabd advises her that then they should bring Soni to their house. She says its not possible since she misbehaved with them as well. Shabd asks how and then she explains everything to him. Shabd is shocked to hear it. Mahi tells him that Mr Khurana(Veer’s father) has told her that Buaji is there only for some few days. Shabd tells her not to worry since this is only for  some few days.  He tries to leave the room but Mahi holds him. She tells Shabd that some weird things are happening around them. Shabd started feeling tensed, Mahi said since that girl is lost somewhere, and also he was in the same club as she was, there was a dent on his car as well. She tells him she hopes that all these things are not related. Shabd tells her its nothing like that and that she should trust him as her Shabd will never do anything wrong.

At the kitchen, the servant is preparing some food for Soni but Buaji stops him. She tells him she wants to inspect the food he is taking to Soni. She counts the chapatis and asks him that why is he taking 3 chapatis when 2 are enough. She removes one chapati and along with some bhaji. She tells him not to do anything like this again and also keeps the thali on the floor. She orders him to bring her some lassi in her room and goes from there. Soni opens the door and sits down to lift the thali but Chachaji comes there. Realizing his lecherous looks she takes the pallu. She takes the thali but Devarji touches her hands and she drops the thali out of shock. Buaji comes there to see what was happening. She sees the dropped thali and Devarji says it was dropped by mistake and that he will bring another one. Bua says his heart is very soft but its not necessary since Soni will do a fast. Soni looks at her disheartened and Bua ji says if she will fast more of her sins will get washed. She tells Devarji to come with her. Soni picks up the food and her chunni drops a little. Devarji turns back and looks at her. Soni sees this and again takes her dupatta on her head and closes the door. She sits and cries. Clutching her stomach in tears she says to her unborn child that she knows he is very hungry and she is too but she just cant help him.

Shabd is still left in deep thought as he is thinking that if he goes to police even he might get trapped in the crucial situation as well.  He says he doesn’t know how much he is involved in this and whether anyone will believe his innocence. Suddenly he hears a knock and the police comes to his house. They told him they want to ask him some questions about the accident. The policeman shows the dead girl’s picture and asks Shabd if he has seen her before. Shabd remembers their meeting in the club but totally denies it in front of police. The inspector asks him to think again. He says he is very sure he doesn’t know her. Then the inspector says that he is very surprised since he has a picture of the girl and Shabd. And as to how that was possible. Shabd thinks that he will have to say everything carefully. He tells the inspector that if he takes a second closer look at the picture carefully. He could see that the girl and him just bumped into each other so she just said sorry after that. The Inspector says he will believe him for the time being but if he wants to change his statement he can call him. Mahi asks if anything is wrong and Shabd tells her just to trust him.

Durga is packing Jeet’s bag since he is going for a business tour. Jeet says he will come back early since he doesn’t trust Buaji. Buaji comes and says that Durga and Mr  Khurana are lucky to have him as a son and that they should think about getting him married as well. All three of them feel awkward because of the statement Buaji made. She asks about the evil daughter in-law (Cherry). Mr Khurana says  that the court has agreed to get them divorced. Buaji says they should find a nice girl for him or else she will do it for them. Jeet leaves in huff. Buaji says they don’t want to see their son married. Jeet sees that Soni is seeping on the floor and also see’s that she was feeling very week. Jeet feels sorry for her. Buaji comes and sees the window open and curses Soni for keeping her hair open and advises her to close the window. Since Soni was not feeling well,  she decided to close it herself. Buaji tells Jeet that he is a very fine boy but Jeet goes from there.  Buaji  smirks and makes an evil glance. Soni suddenly faints and falls down.

Shabd and Mahi are both headed for the mandir.  Mahi starts to talk but notices that Shabd seems to be lost in his thoughts. Shabd tells her that it’s some tension at work but tenses up as they pass the spot where the accident took place and wonders why the police were there. Mahi asks him what’s wrong but Shabd tells her it’s nothing.

Buaji is having a conversation with Durga about old customs and says that Soni’s family was cursed and that they bring nothing but bad luck. Durga tells her that Soni is a good girl but Buaji doesn’t agree and says she knows Soni’s real self. She tells Durga to keep Soni away from everyone so that they will all remain safe. Durga sees Soni’s food and wonders why she hasn’t eaten but Buaji stops her and says Soni will eat when she’s hungry. Durga tells her that something must be wrong and says she will check on Soni. She opens Soni’s door and is shocked to see Soni lying on the ground, unconscious.

A doctor checks Soni up and tells everyone that she is very weak and it seems as if she hasn’t been eating properly. She suggests admitting Soni but Buaji interrupts and says that the doctor was just trying to make money off them and asks her to leave. Durga and Mr Khurana says that they agree with what the doctor said but Buaji says that she doesn’t agree at all and furthermore says her treatment will help Soni more than the doctor’s will.

Shabd is sleeping and has a nightmare about what happened and what his friends told him. Mahi hears him talking in his sleep and wakes him up. Mahi gets worried and gives him some water but he reassures her that he was alright.

A puja is being held in Khurana’s house by Buaji, she says it’s to give Veer’s aatma shaanti (soul a peaceful rest)  Soni is sitting in her room remembering Veer when she hears the pandit’s voice. Buaji comes in and orders Soni to come with her.  Buaji brings Soni downstairs and pushes her to sit down. Buaji urges the panditji to continue with the puja. Soni sees the knife being sharpened and asks what is happening. Durga walks away but Buaji stops her and tells her it’s bad luck. Buaji tells Soni the knife will be used to cut her hair, after which she will take Soni to live with the other widows.

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