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Monday Update On My Lost Home

Mahi is in tears as she tells the police that Durga and Buaji were definately the masterminds behind this. She blames herself for thinking Soni was safe at her house and asks the police to take them away.
Buaji accuses Mahi of lying and suggests that Soni probably went to meet her lover. Mahi threatens Buaji, telling her not to say anything bad about Soni. Jyoti plead with Mahi not to do this that they are innocent but she refuses to listen to her. Mr Khurana tries to make Mahi understand that Durga could never do this but Mahi turns it around on him and asks whether he would act like this had it been his daughter in Soni’s place. Durga tells Shabd that they are innocent and asks him to convince Mahi to reconsider them but he is also helpless. The police take Durga and Buaji away while Mr Khurana, Shabd and Jyoti helplessly watch them and Mahi turns to Jeet, accusing him of being the biggest criminal in this. She says a lot of unwanted things to him but Jeet remains motionless as Mahi declares that from today, they have no relationship with this family. Shabd comes to her side and tell her to come. Mahi cried to Shabd that they killed her sister and she will never forgive them for this. She and Shabd leave from there.

Jeet remembers Soni uttering Cherry’s name and storms out of the house. He rides aimlessly throughout the day till the next day remembering all is moments with Soni till the time she left with Mahi and how she was shot and fall off the cliff. Just then, he spots Cherry on the road in her car when she is adjusting her car side mirror and follow her in her white car. Mr Khurana sits worriedly and Jyoti says that they’ll have to wait till monday before there are any chances of getting Buaji and her mother out of jail. Mr Khurana expresses his worries on Jeet’s whereabouts. Cherry congratulates the hitmen for their job being done well. Jeet confronts her and she tries to cover up by expressing her sorrow about Soni’s demise. Jeet chokes her and pins her to a tree, threatening to kill her when her hitmen come out and attack him. He manages to throw them off and chokes Cherry again but suddenly one of the men hit his head with an iron rod and Jeet collapses. The men continue to hit him as he loses consciousness. Cherry runs to him and tries to wake him up. She slaps the men for hitting Jeet. They explain to her that Jeet had known about her ( Cherry ) being behind Soni’s death and that he had come to try and kill her. They drag her away from there leaving Jeet unconscious and bleeding heavily.

The atmosphere is sombre as Mahi and her mother mourn over Soni’s death. Shabd comforts Mahi to calm down for her mother sake as she breaks down, telling him that Soni will never come back. Mahi accuses Jeet of everything. Shabd tries to make her understand that Jeet loved Soni but Mahi refuses to listen to him, claiming that from that day on, they would have no relation with that family. Jeet is found lying on the road covered in blood and is quickly rushed to the hospital. The doctor informs Mr Khurana that Jeet has suffered a heavy blow to his head and that his brain has been affected but that nothing can be said right now about his condition.

Buaji meanwhile scolds Durga, telling her that even after Soni’s death, she hasn’t left them and has landed them in jail. Durga listens wordlessly as Buaji rambles on. Buaji complains about the food in jail and one of the female officers tells her off. Buaji wonders why none of their family members have come to see them or help them yet. She tries to get Durga to speak but to no avail. Shabd’s uncle, Aunt Billo and Shabd go to meet Mr Khurana at the hospital. He hugs a crying Jyoti and assured her that everything will be fine. Shabd asks about Jeet’s condition but Mr Khurana says that there is no clear status about it yet and asks about Mahi but stops Shabd when he tries to explain why Mahi didn’t come, and tells him that he understands what she is going through. The hitmen up Cherry up and tell her that she should live the city right away but she refuses to listen to them and tells them that she can take care of herself. Cherry vows to leave the city after seeing Jeet at least once. Cherry manages to sneak into Jeet’s room and approaches him. Suddenly, much to Cherry’s shock, he opens his eyes and stares at her. Jeet grabs Cherry’s hand and she worriedly tries to let herself loose. Jeet sits up, removes the oxygen mask and points at a horrified Cherry.

Jeet is in the hopsital and Cherry is there. Jeet is struggling with her. Jeet starts yelling and Mr. Khurana and Shabd come in. He starts throwing things and disorganize his ward room. The doctors try to stop him, but Jeet throws them off. Cherry manages to runs off. Jeet doesn’t let anyone near him and screams that he can’t remember anything. He take a knife and threatened to harm anyone that comes near him. Mr Khurana tells him that he is not a violent person and that he is his father and asks him to calm down but Jeet didn’t remember anything and holding his head in pain. He cried and collapsed beside his bed and the doctors use this opportunity to grab him, they place him back to his bed and check on him. Cherry is pleased with the development of course. Shabd consoles Mr. Khurana that everything will be fine. The doctor comes out and tell Mr. Khurana that Jeet has amnesia. Everyone is shocked as Jeet loses his memory after a traumatic experience and Cherry is pleased. Jyoti asks if her brother will be fine but the doctor says they can’t say anything for now. Aunt Billo hugs a crying Jyoti while Shabd and his uncle goes to Mr Khurana and assured him that Jeet will be fine.

Cherry relief and thinks to herself that things are going in her favor and she will take this opportunity for her advantage. Kamya pace front and back as Aunt Billo narrates Jeet situation to Mohini and the rest of the family. Everyone at Shabd’s house are feeling sorry for Jeet, but Mahi is not feeling sorry for him. She is still angry about her sister. Mahi says that Soni has lost her life because of Jeet. Mahi says that Jeet has forgotten Soni, but what will happen to them? Shabd’s uncle tried to convince Mahi that Mr Khurana is going through a rough time and plead with her to forgive them but Mahi says that Mr. Khurana is getting the punishment of seeing injustice that happened to Soni. Shabd tells Mahi to calm down that it wasn’t their fault. Mahi doesn’t calm down and says they are paying for their sins and further says worst things about the Khurana’s then she angrily leave the sitting while they all watch her as she goes. Mr. Khurana prays to God for Jeet’s well-being and says that his daughter-in-law is died, his wife and sister are in jail, and Jeet has amnesia. He cried as a helpless man. Jyoti tells her father to calm down that they have to be strong for each other. She tells him that she is also not happy as everything is going wrong for them and assured him that Jeet will be fine. She breaks down and hugs her father. Mr Khurana also console her to calm down and they both cried.

Durga and Bua is being asked by the police officer about Soni. The police officer are being asked about the outhouse incident. There answers don’t match and the police officer figures out that they are lying. Durga and Bua still don’t relent. The police officer decides to be more strict to them. They are walking to their cell and a bunch of women make fun of them that are already locked up and throw a plate at them. They both see mouses and run out frightened. The police officer tells them to be quiet and informs them that they are staying here for the next couple of days. Someone calls the inspector suddenly and after the call tells the standing by officer to bring them upstairs.

The doctor tells Mr. Khurana that he has to remind Jeet all of his past memories. The doctor also says to not remind him of any bad memories and also tells them to not tell Jeet that Soni passed away. Cherry who is standing from distance is listening to all this. Shabd is also there. Cherry walks towards them, but Mr. Khurana tells her to go away. Jyoti is also angry seeing here there. Cherry tries her best to get in Khurana family’s good books and tries to gain their forgiveness. She tells Mr. Khurana that she is sorry for everything that she has done. She fold her hands to him and Jyoti to please forgive her. Cherry presents Durga and Bua to them. On seeing them,  Jyoti runs to her mother and hugs her. Cherry tells Mr. Khurana that Durga and Bua have gotten bail and says that Soni should not have gone through what she did. Cherry speaks in her mind that her game has just started and tells them to wait and watch. She then smirk.

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