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Monday Update On Fire And Ice

Twinkle made an announcement in the party, telling the guests she has something to say, she says there is someone in this party whose real identity is not known, its Rocky, his real name is not Rocky Singh but he is Kunj Sarna, everyone are shocked, Manohar says what?
Twinke looks at rocky and says if you dont accept that you are Kunj Sarna then i will drink poison and will die here, she shows him the bottle, Yuvi thinks thank God i exchanged the posion with water, Pallavi thinks that i was right, she was about to drink poison, its good that i replaced it back to the real  poison, Kunj smirks and laughs thinking that she is lying, Twinkle says you are still silent? i am giving my life infront of you and you are still silent? please tell me that you are my Kunj Sarna and stop me from killing myself, Babee says what are you saying? Twinkle says he is Kunj, he tried to hide it but i recognized him, tell him to say he is Kunj, Usha says what has happened to you? Twinkle says tell him to say he is Kunj else i will drink this poison and will kill myself, Kunj says i am Rocky Singh the boxer and not Kunj, your kunj is dead.

Twinkle says you wont say the truth even now? Kunj says i am saying the truth, i think you need psychiatrist, Twinkle says if you have even a slight love for me in your eyes then you wont let me drink this poison, everyone ask Twinkle to stop, Twinkle says this fight is between me and Kunj nobody should come inbetween, she opens the bottle and drinks the poison, Yuvi is disappointed, everyone is shocked while some of them thinks that she has drank water, Pallavi smirks, Leela is thanking God thinking its water , Kunj has sly smirk on his face, Twinkle looks at him totally shocked that he is not slightly fazed, she comes to him and says you dont care Kunj? your Twinkle is dying and you wont do anything? Twinkle says i am dying infront of you and you still wont say anything? she holds his collar, he looks away and totally unfazed, he says please stop this drama, i know nothing is going to happen to you, Twinkle coughs and froth/lather comes out of her mouth, Twinkle stumbles and falls on floor, everyone is shocked knowing she has drank poison for real, Yuvi is stunned, everyone rushes to Twinkle while Kunj just stands there shocked, A guest calls the doctor, Yuvi tries to wake up Twinkle.

Twinkle is brought to the hospital, Yuvi tells the doctor about her condition, Twinkle is taken to the operation theater. Yuvi says to Leela that how can this happened? we exchanged the poison bottle, Usha says to Leela that Yuvi must have done this, Leela i am telling you but you are blindly trusting him, why dont he just leave our lives? Leela says enough, Yuvi is my son in law and i want him here with my daughter, Babee asks Usha to calm down, this is the hospital, Usha stops. Everyone is praying for Twinkle. Doctor comes out and says Twinkle is out of danger, we have shifted her from ICU, you people can meet her, Her family goes to her.

Babee and the family comes to Twinkles ward and ask Twinkle why did she drink the poison? Twinkle is conscious, Babee says how can Rocky be Kunj? Nurse asks them not to disturb the patient, she asks Yuvi if he is her husband? he nods, she asks everyone to leave except Yuvi, Manohar takes Usha and Babee out, Leela says to Twinkle that you did wrong today, i know you want to know if Rocky is Kunj but this doesnt mean you forget about other people, just see around how much people love you, some people easily express their love and some are who keep their feelings inside their hearts, she looks at Yuvi saying this and says to Twinkle that if they dont show feelings then that doesnt mean they dont love you, you didnt think about us before taking this step? if you do this again then i will stop talking to you, Twinkle says sorry, Leela says if Rocky was Kunj then he wouldnt have allowed you to take the poison, you were dying there and he left you alone, he didnt even look at you before leaving, would Kunj do something like this? you are intelligent to know everything, take some rest, she looks at Yuvi and leaves. Twinkle says to Yuvi that I.. he says i will talk to the doctor, take some rest, he leaves.

Its dark in hospital at night, Kunj comes to Twinkle’s ward room, she sees him and says you? i knew you would come here, you wouldnt be able to stop yourself from seeing me, Kunj says even after all this, you are saying this? how else should i make you believe that i am not Kunj, you are my wedding planner so i came here to see you for humanity sake, Twinkle says even now you wont accept? just see what i do now, Kunj says do anything you want, i will see how you prove anything, he goes out. He sees Yuvi outside the room and says its good that you brought medicines, you should be feeling bad that your wife is finding her deceased husband in other people when you are her husband, Yuvi says i dont feel bad about anything that Twinkle says, thats my relationship with her, i am always standing by her side, i feel bad for her, you stood there silent when she was drinking poison for you, you didnt do anything, Kunj says she is crazy, she actually drank it, Yuvi says she is little crazy when it comes to her Kunj, when there is love there is no sanity, she has loved Kunj truly and her true love is pure, Kunj says its funny to see you talking about real love when your wife is looking at other men to find her ex husband, make your wife understand because i am not Kunj, i am Rocky Singh, he leaves, Yuvi thinks.

Its morning, Babee asks the doctor about Twinkle, doctor says she is fine, he leaves. Babee says i dont know what happened to Twinkle last night, what was she saying?, Rocky says i think Twinkle should see a psychiatrist, she is talking weird, she calls me Kunj everytime, last night she crossed all her limits by drinking poison, i think she is not able to accept that Kunj has died, Usha says you are right, Yuvi has destroyed her life, its better to get her treated, Pallavi says i know one psychiatrist, i will make an appointment, Babee says okay, Leela comes there and says no way, my daughter is completely fine, no need for any doctor, she leaves and think to tell Yuvi.

Twinkle meets her family, family suggests about Twinkle seeing a psychiatrist, Twinkle says i am fine, this Rocky is doing this deliberately, she holds his collar and says why you are doing this?
Leela comes to Yuvi and says come to Twinkle’s room, Rocky is provoking everyone that Twinkle is not mentally stable.

Twinkle tell the family that he is Kunj, she asks Kunj why you are doing this? she says to Usha do you remember Kunj had allergy from nuts? he is lying, Manohar says lets call doctor, Yuvi is coming there. Twinkle says Yuvi knows truth, where is Yuvi? she calls out to him, Kunj smirks at her, Twinkle says see he is smirking, Kunj changes his smirk when family looks at him, everyone thinks that Twinkle is going crazy, Twinkls shouts that this is all drama, why you are doing this Kunj? she goes hysteric, doctor comes and gives Twinkle injection to make her sleep, everyone is tensed for Twinkle.

Leela and Yuvi comes to Twinkle’s room and sees her gone, Leela says did they take her from here? Twinkle is brought to a different room, Psychiatrist asks Babee if anything happened to Twinkle? Babee says her husband kidnapped her somedays ago, doctor says she is not mentally stable, we will treat her, family leaves from there. Kunj gives money to the doctor to bribe him, Pallavi says to the doctor that do anything but keep Twinkle here, give her shocks, injections, anything but keep her here, Kunj smirks listening to this.
Yuvi and Leela are finding Twinkle in the hospital, Yuvi says Rocky might have taken her to the psychiatric ward. They come to that ward and hear a  doctor saying to nurse that dont let anyone go in Twinkle’s room. Leela says we have to save Twinkle, what should we do? Yuvi says dont worry, you go out and wait for me, i will not let anything happen to my Twinkle.

Yuvi comes outside Twinkle’s room dressed as a nurse, other nurse asks where is he going? Yuvi says taking medicine for the patient, the nurse allows him to go inside Twinkle’s room. Yuvi comes to Twinkle’s room dressed as a male nurse, he asks Twinkle to wake up, he tries to take her from there by freeing her hands, Twinkle is unconscious so Yuvi lifts her in his arms and leaves with her.

In the hospital, the psychiatrist sees the nurse that’s suppose to be guarding twinkles room roaming about, the doctor asked what he is doing there and not guarding Twinkle’s room? nurse says i came to eat something, doctor gets tensed thinking Twinkle can run. Yuvi puts Twinkle on wheel chair and starts leaving. Doctor comes to Twinkle’s room and sees somebody lying on the bed covered with sheet from head to toe, he thinks its Twinkle and says thank God she is here, he asks nurse to keep guarding her room, he leaves.

Twinkle has her head lied on Yuvi’s shoulder in the backseat of the car while Leela is driving. Twinkle wakes up and says i knew you would come and wont let anything happen to me, you know what that Rocky.. Kunj was saying? that i have gone mad, Yuvi says its okay, till i am with you, i wont let anything happen to you, he covers her with his coat, Leela smiles at him, Leela asks Twinkle if she is fine? she nods, Yuvi says you have to promise not to do this poison stunt again, your fight is bigger so you have to be strong and dont drown in emotions again, promise me you wont do it again, Twinkle holds his hand and promise.

Twinkle, Yuvi and Leela are in the car, Twinkle says to Yuvi that i have an idea, everyone at home thinks i am in the hospital, they dont know that i am not there, this is good chance to go to the house and find some proof against Rocky, Leela says no need, you need to rest, Twinkle says please let me go, this time i will make sure to get something that will prove that Rocky is Kunj, Leela and Yuvi looks on tensed.

Twinkle says to Yuvi that if we go in from the main door then everyone will doubt, we should enter from the window, Yuvi says you cant go, i will do it, Twinkle says i know where that file is, i have to go in, Yuvi puts his finger on her lips and says you wont agree my storm, fine i will go through the window and will open the door for you. Yuvi jumps from the window into Sarna house and opens door for Twinkle, she comes in.

Twinkle and Yuvi comes in their room, Twinkle searches for a file in the cupboard, she finds it and says this has me and Kunj’s marriage certificate, it has Kunj’s thumb print, once we find Rocky’s finger print then he will have to agree that he is Kunj, Yuvi says good idea. They starts leaving but hears someone coming towards the room. Usha opens the room’s door but doesnt find anyone there. Yuvi and Twinkle are hiding in the cupboard, Usha starts cleaning the room, Yuvi sees Twinkle close to him in the cupboard, he stares at her, Banjara song place, he keep looks at her continuously, she looks at him so he looks away, Twinkle hints him to not make any noise, she sees Usha coming towards the cupboard, Twinkle and Yuvi get tensed, Usha is about to open it when she sees window open so goes to close it, Twinkle and Yuvi comes out of the cupboards and hides behind the couch before she turns around, Usha turns and puts clothes in the cupboard, she switches off the light and leaves the room, Twinkle and Yuvi take a sigh of relief, Yuvi says we got saved in nick of time, Twinkle says babaji is with us, i will see till when Kunj hides his identity, they leave from there.

Its morning, Twinkle and Yuvi comes to the sarna house with th file. Yuvi says to Rocky that you tried to prove that Twinkle is mad but hard luck, Twinkle says i will prove that Rocky is Kunj, Babee says but your health.. Twinkle says i am fine, she shows them a man and says he is Khruanna, finger print expert, i have Kunj and my marriage certificate which has Kunj’s finger prints, she asks Rocky to come forward and give his finger prints, Rocky says what is this drama? why should i bother myself to clear your doubts, Yuvi says you are Rocky the boxer, why you are afraid? just finger prints and end this matter, Manohar says Rocky give your finger prints so that Twinkle’s doubt will be cleared, Yuvi asks him to come forward, Rocky gets tensed and comes forward, he takes the file from Twinkle and says fine. Khuranna sits down to take his finger prints, Rocky is worried, he gives his finger prints on paper, Khuranna starts matching finger prints, everyone wait for the results, Khuranna says finger prints are different, they are not matching, Yuvi and Twinkle are shocked, Rocky and Pallavi smirks, Khuranna says Rocky and Kunj are not one guy, Twinkle asks if he is sure? he says yes fully sure, Twinkle says how did you change your finger prints? Rocky smirks at Pallavi. Flashback is shows Pallavi seeing a paper outside Twinkle’s room, she says why is there a paper here? she gets a call from the hospital, doctor tells her that Twinkle has runaway from there. Pallavi comes to Kunj and says i feel Twinkle is going to get your finger prints, she puts some fake skin on his thumb and says even if she gets your finger prints, this fake skin is going to save you, flashback ends, they smirk at each other, Twinkle holds Rocky’s collar and asks how did you it?.

how did you change it? Usha shouts Twinkle.. she slaps Twinkle, everyone are shocked, Kunj smirks, Usha says enough Twinkle, you have made joke of my son’s death, you dont understand anything, we are so hurt because of your talks, if you are going to act like this then its better that you leave this house, Twinkle is hurt listening to this, Manohar says what are you saying? Babee says Twinkle is innocent, this is all done by Yuvi, he wants to mislead Twinkle, he wants to break this house, Manohar says if you want Twinkle’s well being then why did you make her run away from the hospital?, you trap her everytime, Babee asks Twinkle to go to her room, Babee says to Yuvi that i fold my hands infront of you, let us live in peace, get lost from here. Leela comes there and says enough, you people are saying anything you like to my daughter and my son in law, sometimes you call Twinkle mad and othertime ask Yuvi to leave, you can trust anyone but i trust Yuvi, Yuvi and Twinkle are husband and wife and they wont live separately, i am Twinkle’s mother and this is my decision, she stares at Rocky and says i dont know if you are Rocky or Kunj but i know one thing that Twinkle is not mad, she doesnt need any treatment, i trust her, she cant be wrong everytime, i just pray that the truth will comes out soon, she asks Twinkle that lets leave, Babee tries to stop but Leela takes Twinkle and Yuvi leave from there, all are tensed, Kunj looks at Pallavi, they smirk.

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