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Monday Update On Begusarai Sept 17, 2018

Lakhan recalls Poonam dressing his wound. Rekha comes in and says she have made him sweet. She also tells him that she is so happy today he made them fight because of what she said and he should eat sweet.
Lakhan meanwhile agree that he is happy as well and asks his mother if she know why?. He shocks his mother. when he reveals that he had actually conducted a background check on Khera and he is infact pleased with himself for doing something good for the family and that Khera is a player. Rekha is confused and tells her son that she is not getting anything and asks if she heard didn’t do it because of what she said. She reminds him that she asked him to provoke Priyom. Lakhan says he will not do such things and will be on her side if she do good things. He then tells his mother that the sweet is nice and he leaves. Poonam is listening to their conversation inside and as Lakhan opens the door, he sees her. Poonam make up a story that she was looking for mother ( Rekha) and wanted to asked her what to make. Lakhan says he didn’t even ask her and tells her to go and ask her. He further alert her that his mother is mad.

Priyom sits in his jeep and goes to look for Bindya. He finds Bindiya in the forest and instantly questions her about her sudden disappearance. He further asks if she is okay?. Bindiya, on the other hand seems to be in a hurry to reach home and suggests they go from there that she will tell him everything. Priyom asks if someone is following her and asks the driver to reach home.

Meanwhile, Mithilesh is furious as his family has refused to lend him the required amount. He says he would have killed him if he wasn’t his brother and for him ( Priyom) everyone is his family but him, he can’t say no to him. He finds a file and says because of Priyom, he is broke. He calls up Manohar taunji.

It appears that Bhanu and Banraj are working together to destroy the Thakurs as Banraj Khera angrily tells him that Lakhan ruined his plan. Bhanu asks him if he have ever played chess?. Then he never know who become pawn. He tells him that Manohar considers him a pawn but they dont know that they are part of a small game, and Banraj is an elephant. Banraj remind Bhanu that Lakhan knows everything. Bhanu tells him not to worry and tell him if Mithilesh is against him( Banraj). Banraj says no he isn’t.

Mithilesh calls Banraj up. Banraj asks what is left?. Mithilesh apologize to him that Priyom shouldn’t have done this and he wanted to work with him because of his grandfather Manohar said. He adds on that he have so many partners and promise to give h 1 crore. He assures him not to worry. Banraj says okay that he trust him but he have time till today evening.

After reaching the house, Priyom tells Bindiya that she went to the temple then what was she doing in the jungle?. She manages to make an excuse about her disappearance that she was so scared so she went to the temple and took the stairs from back side. He is not convince enough and asks her if she is concealing something?. She declined it. He tells her that he trust her but he get worried when he see her tensed. He then tells her to go and eat something. He then inform her that he have to go as there is some work. He tells her to take care and further says he will come late.

Mithilesh makes up his mind to steal gold from the house in order to pay Khera so he takes out all the jewelry. Maya asks where is he taking all this?. He says he have to give money to Banraj Khera. Maya remind him that Priyom has told him what kind of man he is and still but Mithilesh interrupt her and asks if she trust Priyom more than him. He confidently promise to return her all the gold in doubled. But Mithilesh’s wife, Maya says she don’t care about the gold but she won’t let him leave the house. He gets furious and asks why is she doing this and then warn her that she can’t stop him. She try to calls out to Badi Amma but Mitjilesh holds her mouth and points a pistol at her. She frankly tells him that she don’t fear death. Mithilesh then points the gun at himself and threatened to kill himself. He ties her on the chair and takes her earrings as well. He also takes her wedding locket. Maya begs him not to take it but an adamant Mithilesh says if she keep following Priyom then she will only be left with this locket and not him ( Mithilesh). He takes that from her as well. Maya plead with him not to go but he bolts the door and leaves. Bindiya sees him going and wonders where is he going with a bag.

Bindiya hears Maya crying in the room. She sees her tie to a chair and asks her who did all this?. Maya says Mithiesh and start crying. While Maya is crying in the hall, she  tells Bindiya that she thought he has changed, but he hasn’t. Bindiya hugs her. Bhushan says who will control Mithilesh. Badi Amma who is upset that Mithilesh steals Maya’s jewellery just to pay off Banraj remind her son Bhushan that she is still alive and he ( Mithilesh) has taken her daughter-in-law’s jewelry. He has shook hands with Khera and this is not pardonable. Mithilesh has to pay for this.

Khera is watching pictures of some girls and is busy discussing his illegal business with one of his men that Dubai party would be so happy. His man says all papers are ready as well. But just then Mithilesh arrives there with money and Khera pretends to be innocently talking to his man. He later tells Mithilesh that he have been waiting. Mithilesh hands over the money of 1 crore and tells him to count it. Khera is excited about their partnership and says he trust him and that his success time has started. Shriwastav says on this they should celebrate. Since Mithilest is their partner,  Khera says Mitlesh is our partner. He says lets go to my farm house.

Meanwhile, Priyom is worried about Mithilesh and the step that he has taken but Bindiya tries her best to calm him down and massages his head. He says everything is ruined since his father is jailed and he is so ashamed of what Mithilesh has done. He feel like something bad is going to happen. Mitlesh drinks with them and some women are there as well. Bindya says she get worried as well, they ask her not to worry to run away because her husband will kill it. He asks what if he can’t come someday? She tells him not to say that.

Khera makes Mitlesh drink. Later, Mithilesh drinks and says when alchohol goes in, the truth comes out. He blurts out his hatred he has for his family in front of Khera and his men That they made his brother the ruler instead of him. Bindya on the other hand tells Priyom that she will pray that she become his wife in all his lives. He jokingly tells her that he have to tolerate her for lives now. He laughs.

Mitlesh faints and Khera throws him on the sofa. Bindiya is lying with Priyom and he says he want to lay like this with her forever and request her not to change. She promise him that she wont and she will always be his. She holds his hands and asks if she can ask something?.

The next day, Priyom and Bindiya are asleep while the song Hamnava’ plays in the background. Bindya goes out and Priyom wakes up calling out to Bindiya. He comes to the hall and looks for Bindiya around. He calls out to his grandmother, Choti Amma but their was no response and he wonders where everyone are?. He asks her where everyone are. Just then, the kids comes to him and wish him happy birthday. They all come and wish him on his birthday. He tells them that they all scared him. Badi Amma hugs him. Priyom asks whose idea was it?. Badi Amma blunt out that it was Bindiya’s idea. He looks at her and smiles. He hugs Bindiya. Lakhan shakes hand with him and wish him happy birthday addressing him as his friend. Priyom is happy and request him to call him brother. Lakhan is touch and hugs him. Poonam shakes hand with him as well. Guddi gives him flowers. Badi Amma says it’s his first birthday as Bahubali and they will invite the whole Begusarai. Badi Amma instruct that Poonam, Bindiya and Maya will look after the food and Lakhan and the kids will decorate. Priyom is extremely happy to a pleasant surprise when he reaizes that the entire family will be celebrating the birthday of the Bahubali of Begusarai.

While Poonam is busy in decorating with flowers, Lakahn comes there and hits the flower basket a little. The needle nibs in Poonam’s hand. Lakhan takes it from her and starts doing it himself. Poonam asks him to give her that she will do it. Guddi touch her tummy and tells her child, that today is Priyom’s birthday and she is gifting him this handkerchief. As Guddi is doing embroidery, the needle nibs in her finger and it bleeds a little on the name of Priyom. The kids say they want to learn to dance. Maya tells them to come and do their home work. Poonam tells Maya to let them enjoy. Bindiya says she will teach them dance. Poonam asks Guddi why is she upset?. She says their is blood on Priyom’s name and it’s not a good sign. Poonam tells her not to think rubbish.

The kids dance with Bindiya. Priyom comes there as well. Rekha dances as well. The kids then say it’s Bindiya’s turn. Bindya politely tells them not now but later. Maya asks why later and remind her that she promised the kids. Bindiya says not in front of him and Maya understand that she is referring to Priyom. Priyom starts dancing too and they all join him. Just then, Mitlesh comes in and claps.

 The family celebrate Priyom’s birthday and Priyom joins in. At the same time, Mithilesh shows up crashes the party and insults his family that all the money is available for birthday party. He says that he had to sell his wife’s jewellery because he was in need of money. Badi Amma ask him to forget as she doesn’t want to see him at that instance and he trashed her anyways and leave. After Mithilesh leaves and the family stand still and forget that they were celebrating Priyom’s birthday.

Maya comes in her bedroom and sees Mithilesh polishing a gun and having drinks. He tries to talk to her but she ignored him and come out of the room. Later, Poonam meets Maya and gives her some jewellery and tells that the gold would look good on her. Just then, Mithilesh shows up in the scene as he taunts and insults Poonam by saying Maya doesn’t need her jewels as she is a Thakurain without it but with all the jewels Poonam have will always be trash and is not needed for Thakurain. Poonam says she didn’t mean to taunts him but Mithilesh ask her that when she or her husband do Tamasha did he ever come in between and asks who invited her to intervene between them. Maya blunt out that Poonam is not wrong and take her away.

Priyom is writing a love letter to Bindiya asking if she have ever love him more than he do. Moments later, Maya calls Bindiya and she leaves. They take the birthday boy to the party. The whole family celebrates Priyom’s birthday except Mithilesh.

Mithu arrives at Khera’s farmhouse where Khera blabs how he will damage Mithilesh and take all his money. Mithilesh hears all this and he is enraged asking how dare he made a fool out of him. He trashes Khera who is having a nice time with some lady and one of his men hhits Mithilesh on his head and he falls unconscious after he puts up a good fight.

Soni and Pintoo also dance at their uncle birthday party and everyone applauds the kids. The birthday boy demands to dance with his wife and his best friend forever. Bindiya was looking so rocking and shy while dancing even his best friend Poonam but Laakhan expression was blank. After few minutes, Poonam falls on Laakhan and they both look at each other. Laakhan have a flashback of how they both played in tashan ( attitude) avatar back to single mode. Bindiya goes on dancing. Poonam also danced well with happiness on her face.

Khera man throw Mithilesh outside his colony. Mithilesh laughs at them and say they have made a mistake by leaving him alive and now he will avenge Khera. He comes back to the house and takes a gun to shoot Khera when he dashes with Priyom and his gun fall down. Priyom sees Mithilesh’s state and ask what happened? Mithilesh explain the whole incident to him. Priyom advice him that fighting will not serve the purpose and assure his elder brother that they will get Khera by strategic planning but Mithilesh says he is welcome to call a conference and put plans on paper and then take action but before that, he will kill Khera and put him in Ganges. Poonam overhears them. Mithilesh leaves in rage and Priyom follows him. Poonam follow both of them without informing anyone in the house.

Mithilesh follow Khera and they both starts shooting from both parties in the jungle. Priyom reaches there and warms up with hands and legs on air with some goons and Poonam follows them as she was going to see Tarzan in the jungle. Laakhan gets a call in the middle of the party and he immediately leaves too. Bindiya who is unaware of what is happening is still dancing. Poonam comes there with a chamcha. Mithilesh fights the goons and he is almost about to get Khera when Priyom tells him this is not the time and they will get him later.

Admist all this enters, Poonam runs towards Priyom and Mithilesh. Khera catches hold of Poonam and threaten to kill her if Mithilesh does not surrender but Mithilesh is not interested to save her as he does not want to be defeated by Khera. Priyom intervenes and tell Khera to not shoot Poonam. Priyom tells Khera he can keep the money but not to harm his family. As Khera points his gun on at Priyom, and to save his brother Mithilesh tells Priyom to move aside and shoots a bullet and Khera too shoots from his gun and both the bullets fired. Mithilesh and Poonam are both in shock but with Poonam expressions says her Laakhan has taken the bullet. On the other hand, Bindiya dance finally complete and her wedding chain is in her hands. She senses this as bad sign and ask god to save her husband and her marriage.

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