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Sunday Update On Begusarai

The groom and his family arrive. Thakurs welcome them. Maya says to Guddi you look so good. Rakesh will be just staring at you. Poonam and Maya help guddi get ready. Badi amma says blacken her face a little too, she wants to defame the family. Poonam says please dont say that.
Badi amma says if she goes with the same face in front of them, what will they say? Poonam says after this wedding you will relive again. For now you can at least smile for us. Guddi smiles. Bindya overhears an wonders what has guddi done?

Rakesh’s dad says your daughter is very lucky for our son. Dadda ji says she is lucky for us as well. Everyone settles down for the engagement. Poonam brings guddi and makes her sit with Rakesh. pandit ji proceeds the rituals and asks all the men to put on the yellow piece of cloth and tie it with their wives. Pandit ji says after mantra girl and the guy will make each other wear the ring. Lakhan says in heart i think poonam wants to give our relationship another chance. The pooja ends.

Poonam makes Guddi sit on stage. Rakesh’s mom says Guddi why you look upset? Are you happy with this marriage? Badi amma says obviously she is happy. Answer her Guddi, she is being shy. Guddi says yes I am very happy. Bindya says we all are, lets not delay it anymore.
Rakesh says I wont make her wear this ring. Everyone is bewildered.

Dadda ji says what happened Rakesh? He says nothing, put forward the wrong hand. Everyone is heaves a sign of relief and smiles. Guddi extends the left hand and he makes her wear the ring. Guddi makes him too. His dad says dadda ji its stamped now.

At night, Guddi is in temple. she says you took my mom from me, I didn’t say anything. Dada says you are everywhere but i never saw you anywhere. But i always believed and prayed. But why are you punishing me like this? I just loved someone. What did you write in return for me? Betrayal. I tried to die but you didn’t let me. I wanted to kill me but you didn’t let me. I thought I would run away but that didn’t happen either. Still you are not doing anything. From now on I wont even love, i wont come to temple. I am a non-believer from now. Guddi comes back to her room and sees dolt sitting on her bed. she is abashed. He hugs her. Her says you loved me, were ready to die for me then why you held someone else’s hand after I left. He holds her hand and says what a love. I couldn’t believe your engagement’s news. Now i believe even if i was loyal to you, you would have betrayed me. you don’t deserve my love. I am not regretting what I did. You deserve this. She says you can’t blame me without listening to me. He says I only came here to congratulate you. I am leaving and wont ever come back. Guddi says dolt listen.. He leaves.

Poonam is asleep, Lakhan looks at her and the song ‘tum ho pass mere’ plays in background. He recalls their good moments together. Someone knocks at the door. Poonam turns on the lights. Lakhan asks what happened? She opens the door, its Guddi. Guddi says bhabhi please come with me. Lakhan says what happened? she says i was just feeling low. Lakhan says you and poonam can sleep here, I will go out. Guddi says I wanna go in fresh air on roof. Lakhan says not at this time. Poonam says lets go guddi. T
Guddi tells poonam that Dolt is back.

Poonam slaps Guddi, she says I am ashamed to call you my brother. Why you did this? she loved you and you did in return. Our baba is so loyal to this family and you.. And then you ran away like a coward. Dolt says what she did was
right? I wanted to avenge. Poonam slaps him and says you forgot that you have a sister too. What if someone had done this to your sister? She wanted to kill herself after you left her. dolt looks at Guddi in shock. Poonam says don’t look at her, she is someone else’s now. Badi amma got to know everything and she got her engaged. I will not let you do what you want. i will get her married to Rakesh. Dolt says I love Guddi. Poonam is about to slap him, Guddi stops him. She says please don’t bhabhi. Poonam says he doesn’t deserve you. Guddi I have seen love in his eyes again. I can’t marry someone else. You know that is a forced engagement. Poonam says if you love her then leave this town and never come back. Dolt says what are you saying you are my sister. Poonam says this relation of siblings ended when you humiliated a woman. Dolt says I will hold her hand, I will keep her happy. i will apologize everyone. Poonam says if you do something like that, they will cut you into pieces and kill Guddi. And i wont let that happen. Dolt says I beg you please stop this wedding. Guddi says please bhabhi i can’t do anything. Poonam says i wont do any such thing nor will let you do it. Poonam takes Guddi out with her.

Next morning, Poonam does the arti. She ignores Guddi. Guddi stops her. She says please you can’t do this with me bhabhi. Dolt has come back, he is atoning for his mistakes, then why are you against our wedding? Badi amma listens in and says dolt? Guddi says please dadi i dont want to spend my life with Rakesh? Please stop this wedding. Badi amma says stay here, I am coming in a while. Poonam says stop it Guddi this is not a joke. Badi amma comes with a gun. guddi says please forgive me dadi. Poonam says i would have killed dolt but that would ruin thakur family’s name. Guddi will get married where you have decided. Dadi says your fate has been decided Guddi. They are coming to fix the wedding date. Don’t ever take dolt’s name again.poonam says don’t do it again Guddi.

Bindya overhears all this. she says they are trying to conceal it while i will expose them. rekha comes and asks what are you saying? Bindya says i am really happy. Rekha says I am really happy as well. For the wedding right? Bindya says when they get to know what Guddi has done they will not care about small things. Rekha says what you mean? Guddi and dolt love each other. He has come back. She doesn’t want to marry Rakesh. Rekha says what will dadda ji do when he gets to know. Bindya says there will be a blast. Bindya says promise me you wont tell anyone.

Dadda ji says to pandit ji give us the best date. Rakesh’s mom says we have brought some gifts for Guddi. Pandit says after 7 days, its the best date. Rakesh’s dad says we would take her home today if we could.
Dolt calls Guddi and says I have craved for you every day. I can’t see you marrying someone else. Guddi says what will you do? Even poonam is against us. Nothing can happen now. Dolt says dont cry. I promise you, you will get married to me. Just support me. You have to win your family’s trust and make them believe that you are marrying with happiness and you have forgiven me? She says okay hurry up do something.
Guddi turns back, lakhan is standing on the door. Lakhan comes in.

Lakhan comes in and says are you dazed? I have never been a good brother. I never get whats in a girl’s mind. Tell me what is it? You can share it with me? I will try to help you with everything. Guddi says I am fine. There is nothing like that. He says you don’t sleep at night. you are silent, you were running. And then you say I am fine. Tell me what is it? Guddi says in heart maybe he will understand and convince poonam as well. She stops him. Poonam comes in. Guddi stops. Poonam wonders has she told him? I don’t think so. He wont be so calm. Poonam says Guddi badi amma has called you.

Badi amma says give her these gifts her in laws have sent. And tell her its her wedding after 7 days. You have to be like a shadow with her for next 7 days. I wont pardon her
if she does another mistake. poonam says she wont do anything. Guddi feels like throwing up. She rushes to her room and throws up. Guddi looks in the mirror and says why did I vomit? Am I? She touches her stomach. Bindya is looking in. She says Guddi is pregnant. Bindya comes in and asks Guddi are you pregnant? Guddi says no. I vomit.. And this is none of your business. Bindya says do have an illegal relationship with dolt. Bindya says what have you done Guddi. Guddi starts crying. Bindya says don’t cry sit here. I am sorry I didn’t think what you must be going through. Lets find out why did you vomit. I will bring pregnancy strips.

Rekha gives strips to bindya. she says are you expecting? bindya says its not for me. Rekha says then? Poonam? no dont tell me. Bindya says wait for right time you will know everything. Bindya comes and gives the strips to guddi. Guddi goes is washroom.
Guddi comes out in a shock. She says I am pregnant. Bindya says control yourself. Guddi sits there in shock. bindya says i wont tell anyone. Marry rakesh and after a few days tell everyone that its Rakesh’s child. Guddi says but this is a cheating to rakesh. I can’t do this. Bindya says then what will you do? Run away with dolt? Dadda ji will never forgive you. I know its not easy for you. But you have to calm down first. Let me bring you something to eat.
Guddi cries.

Lakhan comes in with the food. Poonam is sitting on the bed. He says I will sweeten up the food my dipping it in sauce of love. Poonam stands up. He gives her a book and says I read it from this and said it. He says I was saying that since some days you look worried? What is it? Poonam says there is nothing like that. Just a bit tired because of wedding preparations. Lakhan holds her hand and says you are tired? Sit and talk. He makes her sit. Lakhan says I know that you are concealing something. Without any second thought you can share it with me. I promise, In every condition i will be with you. He says that day, I shot you. But that day what I went through you can never understand. You are my pride. I shot, but the noise is still in my head. Poonam says what if I had died with that bullet? He says don’t say that. It was a mistake. I promise I won’t do this again. He brings the food and says you sweet dishes. They will add sweetness to life and forgive me. He says for you I am trying to be perfect. and I only hope that I see the love in your eyes, that I used to.

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