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Sunday Update On My Golden Home

When the inspector comes for investigation, the letter goes missing from the file. Karan suggests the inspector to search everybody. While the inspector searches everyone, Sanskar throws the letter away. Jagmohan tells the inspector that even he wants to know who the culprit is. Jagmohan asks Sanskar to help him find the cause of Naresh’s death. The police fail to find the letter.
Sania finds it hard to let go and she thinks she will find solace in Sanskar but Sankar is busy erasing trails of evidence against him as he destroys all the proof in office. Coincidentally Abha finds the missing letter.

Sanksar tells Abha that he will handover the letter to the police. But he destroys it. As per Shailis plan, Grandma falls from the stairs. Jagmohan decides to take Sania along and leave for Ujjain. Jagmohan tells Abha to meet Lata and gather proof against Samarjit. Sanskar gives missed calls to Abha from a new number with an intention to create a doubt in Karan’s mind.

Raghav asks Thakur if he will forgive Jagmohan if he saves Lata. Thakur tells him that he will end the enmity forever. Abha asks Lata all that happened. Sanskar calls Karan to show false concern for Sania. Abha brings evidence to Jagmohan for Lata’s case and gives him the proofs against Samarjit. Abha and Karan call Sanskar to Ujjain. Someone stealthily enters Jagmohans room and tries to steal something from a file. Abha fails to notice someone sneaking out of Jagmohans room.

One thought on “Sunday Update On My Golden Home

  1. Sometimes I don't understand this whole thing how could someone sacrifice her own married just because she wants to save her so-called husbands friend I mean what was the writer thinking about this episodes the soul unrealistic why would a husband not believe his own wife and believes what the so-called wives friend said she's not sacrificing her marriage because she wants to save her husband's friend it makes no sense I hope the world is not thinking that people that are watching it as stupid they should write something that is more realistic but I wouldn't make it that when someone is near you you won't hear what you are saying but when somebody is far away all of a sudden just because the writer was the person to hear what the person is saying the person will hear and please spare me
    When the producers and writers are writing since they know it's something watch by outsiders all the whole world it would make him more realistic not all this sometimes is so annoying

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