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Wednesday Update On My Golden Home

Grandma visits the Thakurs to invite them for the puja. Shaili tells
Sheetal to convince the Thakurs to come for the puja. Karan visits the
Thakurs and convinces Chandra to attend the puja.

Abha writes a
letter to Chandra requesting her not to come for the puja, and sends it
through a domestic help. But Sheetal reads the letter and writes another
letter inviting the Thakurs for the puja. Lata wonders whether its Abha
who has written the letter. But Sheetal manages to convince everyone.
Shaili feels very excited anticipating what is going to happen with the

Sanskar calls Sania saying that he is feeling depressed.
Abha hopes that everything will be fine. Sanskar and Sania have a good
time. Sanskar asks Sania to tell Karan that she is happy. Abha requests
Karan to call her home and tell her parents not to come. But when Karan
calls, Chandra tells him that they are coming. Sheetal shrewdly
disconnects the phone. Shaili replaces the gifts bought by Grandma for
Abhas family. Abha sees that the ancestral necklace is missing. Shaili
asks Sheetal to convince Chandra to wear the jewelry. Jagmohan tells
Grandma that the Thakurs will not come but Karan assures Grandma that
they will.

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