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Thursday Update On Twist Of Fate 2 Oct 25, 2018

Abhi comes to pragya and sees her crying. He gets affected seeing her tears and Tum Bin Jiya Jaye song plays in the background. Tanu and Aaliya are very happy that Rocky said these rude words to Pragya. Aaliya tells her that it is a good plan and further compliment her that she is very clever.
Tanu replied that she has learnt this from her and happily says that Rocky said so many bad things to Pragya but Abhi did not say anything as he respects Rocky and listens to him. She says Abhi will remember what Rocky has said and slowly he will realize Rocky is right and Pragya is not good for him. Aaliya praise her that she did right and prove that even she have a mind in her. She says Rocky said right that she is a behenji and have no match with her rockstar brother. She then thanks Tanu. Tanu says Rocky gave her perfect name, she looks like Nani and works as a servant. As Aaliya and Tanu are happy about Pragya’s insult, Purabh listened to them making fun of Pragya.

Meanwhile, Purabh is upset that Rocky insult Pragya. Abhi notice this and says he knew he did not like what Rocky said. Purabh says he is wrong and he feels he is lucky that the engagement got cancelled and he is not at all sad at what Rocky said. He said when Rocky was saying all this about Pragya he realized that all his doubts about Pragya were right. He tells Abhi that he wanted to tell him that he was happy the engagement got cancelled and because of Rocky he has realized that he was confused earlier but actually he never wanted to be with Pragya. Purabh further says Rocky is always right and he feels that if he takes Pragya to any party after marriage then everyone would point a finger at him for being with such an uncool girl. Purabh adds on that he has realized that Pragya was never the right girl for him and he never loved her; in fact he was only infatuated towards her. Abhi get upset and shouted at Purabh for rejecting Prgaya and Purabh reply that Pragya was not her type. Abhi tells him that a life partner should be someone with whom they can live their life happily.

Abbi adds on that a Life partner is not a trophy and they should not be concerned what people say. He reminds Purabh that Rocky belonged to a society where looks are everything so he cannot understand the beautiful person Pragya is and Purabh should not take him seriously. Purabh taunts Abhi that it was easy for Abhi to say all this because Abhi’s fiancée is a supermodel and Abhi says there is no comparison between Tanu and Pragya. He confidently tells Purabh that Pragya is far better than Tanu. Purabh suggest Abhi that they should exchange their girlfriends as he liked Tanu type of girls and Abhi liked Pragya type of girls. Abhi get more angry with Purabh and Purabh says that he is asking him to exchange girlfriend and not wife. Abhi angrily shouts out his name. He scold him that he have gone mad and he will not speak anything. Purabh then says Pragya was nothing in front of Tanu. Abhi recalls what Rocky had said and also remember Pragya’s crying face and how she felt disheartened and gets sad. Pragya too is upset.

Purabh comes to Pragya and asks her to stop crying that Aaliya and Tanu had planned this against her but he take full advantage of this situation. He tells Pragya all that he said to Abhi about being happy that the engagement got cancelled. Pragya still felt bad and says now Abhi will also feel she is not right for him. Pragya is angry with Purabh for supporting Rocky’s opinion about her in front of Abhi. Purabh says he did this purposely because while he was talking against Pragya, Abhi was defending her and was even going to hit him. He says Abhi can do anything for her and when Abhi can raise hand on his best childhood friend, then to see what he will do now. He asks her to watch how things will slowly turn into their favour.

When Rocky is looking for Abhi at Mehra’s house. Abhi is angry at Rocky and asks Rocky why did he insult Pragya so he directly instructs him not to insult Pragya ever. Rocky starts bad mouthing Pragya again and says that he is Abhi’s friend and it is his duty to it tell him what suits his image or what can harm it. Abhi loses his cool and says that Pragya is very close to him and he will not accept any defamotary comments on her and asks him to leave if he cannot see the inner beauty and talent of Pragya. He tells her Pragya’s qualities. Rocky feels insulted and reminds him that he was the one who made him a star and further warns Abhi, he says he can ruin Abhi’s image in the industry. Abhi says that he doesn’t care, he doesn’t like people who can’t respect a woman’s dignity and throws him out of his house. Rocky leaves the house. Purabh sees this listening to their conversation and feels happy. that Abhi has fought for Pragya’s self respect. Tanu is waiting for Abhi in his room and sees Abhi’s frowned face. After seeing Abhi tensed, she asks what’s the matter. He tells her he is upset and worried because of Rocky’s comments on Pragya. Tanu thinks that Abhi is somewhere agreeing with Rocky so she tells him that what Rocky said was right. She couldn’t say this earlier but even she feels that Pragya’s dressing sense is boring and she doesn’t match Abhi’s status because she looks ugly and when Abhi comes with Pragya in any party, then her ( Tanu’s ) friends cracks jokes at her and Abhi. Tanu tells that she feels very bad for Abhi. Abhi gets disappointed and says he feels pity on her. He says it’s unfortunate that she hasn’t been able to understand him and Pragya. He feels very disgusted, he takes Pragya’s side and says that no girl can match Pragya and her qualities. He says that he is ashamed that he is getting married to such a girl who can’t respect another girl’s dignity. He says that he took a wrong decision. Tanu feels bad listening to this.

In the morning, Abhi decides to goes to Arora’s house. Sarla and Beeji are pulling Pragya’s leg. They see her bandage and ask if Abhi shared his feelings with her. Pragya smiles. Just then, Abhi comes and tells Pragya that she wants to take her out. She is happy, she thinks that Abhi and she are going to a date and asks if she wants to take her on a date. He says he is very disturbed and he wants to talk to her. He asks her to come with him. She says her mother Sarla will not like it. He holds her hand and takes her away.

Aaliya asks Tanu why is she looking so upset. She tells her that their plan has backfired and Pragya is getting the benefit of it She tells her that she has a feeling that Abhi is going to do something big. In the car, Pragya wonders why isn’t Abhi saying anything. Abhi thinks that he will have to ask her to change herself for Purabh’s sake. Pragya who is unaware that Abhi is thinking something else and wants to give her a makeover so that Purabh will accept her asks why has he brought her out. He tells her that he himself doesn’t know, he just wanted to talk to someone as he was feeling bored. Pragya asks if Tanu was busy. He says yes. Pragya feels bad that she is his second choice. He says he will take her to a cafe. She asks him to stop the car at a stall. She makes him wear her veil to hide his face. She buys ice-candies and asks Abhi to enjoy. Abhi feels a little awkward, but later he starts liking Pragya’s simplicity. He likes the way Pragya enjoys moments of life without bothering about her looks and her outfits. She gets reminded of Bulbul seeing the ice-cream stall. He asks her about her sister. She gets disturbed recalling the incident and she says that she used to spend time with her sister like this. He apologizes and says he didn’t know she had a sister. Pragya feels bad. They eat ice-creams. Abhi looks at Pragya and tells himself that there couldn’t be a more innocent girl in this world. She tells him that he is looking extremely cute. Pragya’s ice cream falls. Abhi offers his to Pragya. She happily takes it. Abhi sees Pragya enjoying the ice-candy like a child, he wonders why people don’t find Pragya beautiful.

Abhi is looking at Pragya having a gola and she asks him to try other chaats also. Abhi sweetly tries to ask Pragya to change her ways to suit his status. Pragya looks at him confused as he goes on and on about how he wants her to win people’s hearts with her style. He asks her to become a little hot and a little cool. Pragya realize that he is convincing her to look more presentable in public that people like girls who are stylish and hot. Pragya loses her cool at him and asks if Abhi doesn’t like her this way, he doesn’t like her simplicity. Abhi also agrees with her and says that he loves her simplicity but he wants her to look both hot and cool for others as people don’t think from heart, so she has to change a little so everyone likes her. They are more concerned about the outer appearance and Abhi wants his Pragya to impress everyone. Abhi says that he wants others to like her as well.

 Abhi says that he will train her and make her both hot and stylish. Pragya agrees, she says if he gets happiness out of it then she has no issues. Abhi feels good and hugs her. Pragya thinks that Purabh was right, Abhi is getting closer to her. He might have started loving her.

He decides to train her and make her both hot and stylish. She agrees since it makes him happy and says if he gets happiness out of it then she has no issues. Abhi feels good and hugs her in excitement. On the other hand Tanu is worried as she has no updates about Abhi and since she hasn’t seen Abhi and Pragya all morning. Just then, she gets a call from Rocky and asks why he didn’t come home early morning. Rocky lashes out at her. He tells her that he was being humiliated and insulted by Abhi because of her. He tells her the entire conversation he had with Abhi and that his behaviour clearly says that Pragya is more important to him than anything. Tanu is shocked to hear all this. He also asks Tanu to accept the truth and to move on in life as Abhi will never accept her, Abhi loves Pragya. Tanu angrily shuts him up and switches off the phone. Purabh overhears her conversation and taunts her that her plan of proving Pragya inferior is being backfired. Purabh also tells her that she did a good thing calling Rocky since Abhi is more sensitive, caring and protective towards Pragya now. He asks her to count the days and go back home without marrying Abhi. Aaliya overhears everything.

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