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Tuesday Update On Begusarai Oct 9, 2018

Komal tells Choti Amma that she have made Bindiya understand many times to not melt to the family but she melted again and asks what should they go now?. Choti Amma vow that they will not spare her. Komal says she understand and tells Choti to see how she attack two people with one arrow, she will teach Bindiya a lesson and the Thakur family will think that Bindiya’s change was her acting.
As Lakhan later comes back home, Poonam asks where he go and tells him she was worried about him, she sees the papers in his hand and asks what is in it? Lakhan says he have taken records of Komal and Choti Amma’s phone calls and this will give them lead to his father. He shows her one number and says this was most dialed and received number, he adds on that the man must be working for them and they will soon reach the person. He vow that the day he find him, he will kill him for cutting his father’s finger. Poonam asks him not to worry that soon his father will be with them, she hugs him and says she get worried seeing problems here but when he is with her, her strength increases. Lakhan asks how is grandmother is doing?. Poonam informs him that his grandmother went to apologize to Choti Amma and Lakhan interrupt her that she wouldn’t have listened to her and Choti Amma can’t be Sarkar. He tries to convince her that there is something blur in all this. Poonam tells him that Choti Amma never talked in high voice and she even slapped his grandmother today and this is unbelievable to her. Lakhan is not convince that Choti is Sarkar and says it feels like Choti Amma is saying words of someone else, he feel someone is making her do all this and he don’t know who is making her do all this but if his doubt is true then he will reach that person soon.

Choti Amma is pointing her gun at Bindiya’s mother. Bindiya comes inside her room and sees this. Komal tauntingly tells Bindiya that they were waiting for her. Bindiya asks Choti Amma what she is doing?. Choti Amma angrily asks her how dare she question her. Bindiya remind Choti that she saved her and asks why she is doing this now?. Komal blunt out to Bindiya that time saving her life was her need and now killing her mother is her need. She asks Bindiya to ask for her last wish. Bindiya tells Choti Amma to leave her mother, she can punish her but now her mother and she will do anything she want and again warn Choti to let her mother go. Choti Amma asks if she is promising that she will do anything?. Bindiya again promise to do anything. Choti Amma puts down her gun and says she left her, she have to do one work of her now and her men will tell her. Bindiya remind Choti that she have promise that till she don’t come back, she won’t do anything with her mother. Choti Amma blunt out that Sarkar is not liable to anyone. Komal tells Bindiya that her mother will be in their supervision and warn her not to try to act smart and she also takes her phone. Bindiya leaves with the goon.

Bhushan is tied at the godown. A goon comes there and kills Sarkar’s goons. Bhushan asks who they are?. The goon tells him to stay silent else they will kill him too. The goon brings Bindiya at some place, he gives her gun and instruct her to do Sarkar’s work and have to kill Bhushan. Bindiya is shocked and says she won’t do this. The goon then remind her of her mother. On hearing this, Bindiya takes a gun from him and points it at him. The goon tries to convince her that if she kill him then Choti Amma will kill her mother. Bindiya puts her gun down, she is deep thought and is tensed. The Goon takes her inside the godown. They come in to find Bhushan gone from there and the goons dead. The goon angrily asks himself who did it?. They start searching for Bhushan but they couldn’t find him anyone. The goon says they have to tell Sarkar and calls Choti Amma up. They informs her that Bhushan is missing from there. She order them to go and find him, she ends the call and tells Komal that Bhushan ranaway. Choti Amma and Komal are tensed when Bhusan escapes from the spot. Komal instigate Choti that it must be Bindiya’s work, she must have told Poonam and Lakhan.

Choti Amma refuses to believe this and says Bindiya would not risk her mother’s life, adding that only Kamal or herself know about that godow but they will see later who made him run but for now they have to think how to catch Bhushan again. Choti Amma calls her goon and order him to find Bhushan everywhere, to check the bus stands and everything, she ends the call. Komal remind Choti that she is Sarkar and she don’t have to worry about the common people. Choti Amma cautious Komal that it’s good to brag about her victory and warn her not to underestimate her enemy. She adds on that if Bhushan is lost from their clutches then it would be difficult to control Lakhan and also out that she have seen Lakhan fighting for Poonam, he fought with the whole Begusarai alone and even Phulan couldn’t control him. She further tells Komal that if Bhushan is not found then she herself can get killed too. A determined Komal says they have to catch Bhushan before Lakhan knows anything. Choti Amma says yes that it’s either alive or dead and they have to find Bhushan.

The goons start searching for Bhushan. Bindiya looks around the godown and she finds phone there. She calls Poonam up. Poonam sees the unknown number calling her, she takes the call and Bindiya tells her that she is at Sarkar’s godown and it’s near old fort. She further tells her that Bhushan was kidnapped here but he is gone from the place. The goon comes there and hits Bindiya with a gun. Bindiya falls unconscious. Poonam tries to call again but Bindiya’s phone is switched off. Lakhan comes to Poonam and asks what happened?. Poonam tells him that Bindiya told her about Bhushan, she tells him everything regarding Lakhan’s father. Poonam tells him they have to go there soon. Lakhan stops her and says not them but only him. Poonam refuses to listen to him and remind him they are dangerous people and she won’t allow him to go alone. Lakhan lovely tells her. that she is his both strength and weakness, he don’t want any attack on her and asks if she trust trust him?. Poonam says she do. Lakhan then insist her to stay in the house and promise her that he will bring his father back.

Lakhan comes out of the house and just when he is about to strike with Komal, Komal looks at him and says she loved him, she did everything for him, she never did anything wrong with him but he lied to her and he cheated her. Lakhan says he didn’t cheat her, he wanted to reach to his father and her Sarkar sent Bindiya to kill his father but he ranaway from there. Komal thinks how does he know?. Lakhan tells her to go and find out how he know all this. He further tells Komal that he remained silent for his father but if anything happens to him then he would destroy Sarkar and warn him to just pray that his father is safe, he leaves. Komal talks to herself that she know about his anger but before things go out of her hands, she have to tell Sarkar about it.

While Lakhan is going to godown to save his father at the godown, Bindiya wakes up and sees the goon talking to Sarkar on phone. Choti Amma tells the goon to listen to her carefully, she gives him the instructions in mute. Meanwhile, Bindiya holds the wooden rod and hits the goon with it. The other goons try to shoot her but Lakhan comes there and stands inbetween the goons and Bindiya holding their guns.

Lakhan starts beating the goons in the godown and the goons beat him too. Bindiya tells Lakhan that he is injured but Lakhan tells her not to worry about him and tells her to run from the place. Bindiya asks how can she leave him alone but Lakhan insist her to leave. Bindiya starts to leave but she sees Lakhan getting beaten up. As Lakhan falls unconscious, Bindiya is stunned. Meanwhile, Poonam is waiting for Lakhan at home, she talk to herself asking why Lakhan not return till now?. She decides to call him but stop herself that this is not a good idea. Bindiya comes there running, she comes to Poonam and informs her that Lakhan got beaten up by the goons and he fell unconscious. Everyone are shocked listening to this. Rekha asks where and when?. Bindiya tells them everything, how she was asked to kill Bhushan by Choti Amma, how Lakhan came there and got beaten up. Rekha asks if Bhushan was not there?. Bindiya says no. Rekha scold her that they went there to save her life and she left him alone there. At the same time, Komal comes there and she tauntingly says hunts have to come in a trap. Everyone look on confused. Komal says she meant to say that now Lakhan is in Sarkar’s custody. She further tells them that Sarkar tried to make him understand but he didn’t listen, adding that Lakhan’s father was taken from Sarkar’s den so she kidnapped his son. Rekha is shocked as the tables are turned as Sarkar kidnaps Lakhan and she thinks that Bhushan got saved so now the son is in danger and wonder where Bhushan go?. Recharge says she can’t stay silent and she have to do something to protect my family.

Rekha comes to Choti Amma and begs her to leave Lakhan. Choti Amma tells her that Lakhan is safe and will remain safe till everything here goes as she want. Rekha promise Choti that what she want will happen and plead with her to just leave her son. Choti Amma threatened that she can hurt Lakhan if she miff her. Rekha promise her that people will take breaths not on God’s name but on Sarkar’s name from now on and again beg her to leave her so she cries. Lakhan is seen tied to a chains, the goons laugh out that first it was the father and now the son is kidnapped. Lakhan thinks if his father is not here then where is he?. Bhushan is kidnapped to some other godown, he looks around and Mithilesh comes there. Bhushan asks him if he have kidnapped him?. Mithilesh says yes, he untied Bhushan’s ropes and surprisingly Manjeeta comes there. On seeing him, Bhushan raise an alarm that he is a betrayer. Mithilesh deny and reveal that Majeeta told him about Choti Amma kidnapping him and adds on that Majeeta has saved his life. Manjeeta tells Bhushan that he is loyal to him but he was blackmailed by Sarkar and if Bhushan don’t believe him then he can cut his head but he won’t say a word. Mithilesh tells his uncle Bhushan how Choti Amma confessed that she is Sarkar. Bhushan is shocked and says so much happened in in the mansion. Mithilesh angrily says if she wasn’t from the. family then he would have shot her and they have to unite as family to fight will all this. Bhushan agrees with him. While Mithilesh is in car with Bhushan, Manjeeta asks Bhushan how did Choti Amma get so much power?. Mithilesh says he know Bindiya is involved with Choti Amma. Bhushan remind Mithilesh that he said that Choti helped her. Mithilesh says it’s time to tell them that they are Thakur, they see the tree stem on the road and Mithilesh stops his car. The goons come there and surround them with guns. Lakhan breaks the chains and tells the thugs to better worry about Thakur family later but to first care for their ownself. He then hits them.

The thug tells Bhushan that he won’t be able to run from here. Another one says nothing can come near Sarkar’s shed. Just then, someone shoots one of the thugs. One of them asks who do this and then says he is sure that Mithilesh Thakur has killed him. The goon says he said nothing can come there. Lakhan shoots them all and unties his father. Lakhan asks his father to hide and hits the goons. Lakhan sees the box near the goon, he kicks the box on his face and takes a gun from him and he beats him badly. Manjeeta stop him and tells him to take his father from here that Sarkar can kidnap him again. Lakhan leaves the goon and takes his father from there. Manjeeta looks on. Poonam comes to Rekha and request her to listen to her but Rekha refuses to listen anything and asks her to leave her room. Poonam plead with her to just listen to her and when she mention Lakhan’s name, Rekha forbid her to take Lakhan’s name and her that her son is kidnapped because of her and tells her to get lost. Poonam covers her mouth and plead with her to listen to her but Rekha pushes her away and asks if she want to strangle her?. As Poonam starts taking the clothes out of her cupboard, Rekha asks if she taking her things from her room and shout at her to leave it. Poonam spark back at her mother-in-law that it’s enough, she have listened alot, if she want to see her son and husband again then she have to do what she is telling her to do and to just understand that.

She packs Rekha’s bag and takes her from the room. She brings Rekha to some isolated place and Rekha asks if she have brought her there so that she can kill her silently and no one will knows. Poonam points her to look straight, Rekha sees Bhushan and Lakhan standing there, she gets emotional and asks Bhushan if he is fine?. She hugs him and asks why did he leave her alone?. Poonam comes to Lakhan and emotionally hugs him. She tells him that when he called her, she was scared and asks if he is fine?. He nods and holds her hand. Poonam sees the wounds on his hands and asks how it happened?. Lakhan says the wounds are not above his father, they have to do everything fast, he tells his mother that he is taking her and his father to some safe place away from Begusarai. Rekha refuses to leave him alone in Begusarai. Lakhan angrily asks what she want that they kidnap his father again?. He politely tells her that both his parents are his strength and weakness and till they don’t defeat Sarkar, they have to be protected against her. Rekha try to say something but Bhushan support his son that he is right that they have to leave. Bhushan tells Poonam to take care of herself and Lakhan and that he trust that till she is with Lakhan, he will win. Poonam touches his feet, she comes to Rekha and touches her feet too, she emotionally looks at her and tells her to take care of herself, she tells Lakhan that Choti Amma would know all this soon and request him to take them to some safe place. Lakhan asks her to take care, she tells him not to worry about her.

Lakhan takes his parents from there. Badi Amma calls Poonam who tells her everything. Badi Amma tells Maya that Bhushan is freed from Sarkar’s clutches, Guddi suggest they should cook food for him. Badi Amma says he is not coming to the house as Lakhan wants to keep them protected so he is taking them to a safe place, and if they remain here then Sarkar can blackmail Lakhan but if they are protected then Lakhan can fight with them. Guddi tells her grandmother that she is afraid of Sarkar. Badi Amma tells her not to be that their family is united now and it was Mithilesh who freed Bhushan first from abduction, he helped Lakhan alot and now she feel their family is one. Maya says she feel like killing Choti Amma. Badi Amma says they have to answer them in their style, adding that they Thakurs did their work and now it’s Thakurains turn to teach the enemy a lesson. Maya says even she have thought to serve them too. While Komal is lying on bed in her room, she sees blood stains on the floor, she talks to herself that she got intoxicated alot and that’s why she is seeing blood stain, she drinks water and still sees the blood on the floor, she touches it and smells it, she realize that it’s real blood and wonder how it come there?. She looks around in her room, she sees a silhouette behind the curtain and asks who is there?. She is about to go there but the lights go off, she tries to open door of her room but find it locked from outside, she gets tensed.

Choti Amma calls her goons and asks what they were doing and how could Lakhan free his father?. She breaks her phone in anger and says Lakhan have destroyed her plan, he has become volcano and just then, she listens to Komal’s voice that she is locked inside the room. Lakhan comes back home, he tells Poonam to keep sitting in the jeep and not to come out. Lakhan comes inside the house and starts beating the goons and the goons beat him too. Poonam tries to help him but recalls how Lakhan ordered her to not get off from the jeep. Lakhan takes over the goons and beats them up, Poonam says even in anger, his love for his family is seen. Choti Amma sees all this and thinks that she have to find another way to control Lakhan. Guddi and Maya stands outside Komal’s room, Guddi says they have to teach Komal a lesson. Maya asks what they should do?. Guddi suggests to throw kerosene in her room and burn her inside. Maya tells her to go ahead, they pour water on the floor which goes in Komal’s room, Komal is shocked to see that, Komal smells it and says they are trying to kill her for real and if she stay in the house then they will kill her. She decides to leave the house at any cost. Lakhan comes inside the hall, he calls out to Choti Amma, Choti Amma comes there and starts firing with her gun and all the family member hides behind the pillars.

A determined Choti Amma says she didn’t hit target this time but not everytime and today his death is ultimate, she asks Lakhan to come out. Lakhan says he is not scared of her, he tells her that his goons have runaway and it’s good if she surrender too. Poonam says she is scared of her as she is firing continuously. Lakhan assures Poonam not to worry that he is with her, he tells Choti Amma that they have called her mother so he give her the last chance to surrender. Choti tells Lakhan that she is not scared of him. Bindya comes out of her room, Lakhan asks her to go back inside the room but she refuses. He insists her to go back and she moves back. Choti Amma warn Lakhan that she is giving him last chance and if he is a true Thakur then not to hide like a scared person and order him to come out. She sees the bullets empty in her gun and gets tensed. Lakhan tells Poonam that now he will see what she can do, he comes out from behind the pillar and tells Choti that her bullets and time have ended and also she lost the chance to surrender, and that she couldn’t do anything to anyone of them. He adds. on that if he had fired one bullet then she would have died and she still have time to surrender. A scared Poonam cautious Lakhan that Choti can have more guns too. Lakhan says he is going to her and warn Poonam not to come with him. Poonam refuses and tells him that they will live and die together.

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