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Tuesday Update On Twist Of Fate 2 Oct 9, 2018

Aaliya reaches the hospital and tells the doctor to give the best treatment to Abhi and nothing should happen to him. Pragya sees Aaliya and Tanu talking to a nurse about Abhi. She walks towards them and and tells Aaliya that Abhi will be out of danger. Aaliya blames Pragya for Abhi’s condition for acting brave and calling police there. Pragya tells her that doctor assured he will take the bullets out.
Aaliya keeps taunting Pragya about putting Abhi’s life in danger all the time that Pragya made the goons angry and they shot Abhi. She asks Pragya to go away from Abhi’s life, she tells that Pragya only acts as a good wife like Savitiri but her actions always put Abhi’s life in danger. Pragya cries, she feels bad and guilty seeing Aalia with tears. She tries to justify herself but Aaliya keeps going on and on about Abhi bearing the brunt of her selfish motives and tells Pragya that her presence is inauspicious in Abhi’s life and he will die because of Pragya one day. Also, she blames Pragya that her care is just a drama and if she really loves Abhi then she should leave Abhi. As Abhi struggles to survive, Aliya breaks down into tears and Pragya who understands Aaliya’s state of mind, hugs her trying to console her to control her emotions. Aaliya feels very weak and helpless, she hugs Pragya back. Tanu fumes looking at them as her bestie finds solace in Pragya’s arms and feels insecure. The nurse comes and tells them that Abhi’s condition is deteriorating and he needs O negative blood. As the doctor comes out of the operation theatre asking for some blood. Aaliya volunteers and leaves and Beeji comes asking about Abhi’s health.

The doctor asks Purabh to fetch blood for Abhi’s surgery. Purabh goes to the blood bank only to find out that Abhi’s type is not available. Purabh gets furious when the person in charge tries to call other places to see if O negative group is available or not. Despite contacting an ample number of blood banks, Purabh struggles to find blood to match Abhi’s blood group. Despite opposition from all the family members, Daadi stubbornly leaves for the hospital to talk to Pragya. Before she gets up, she passes out. Meanwhile, Purabh donates blood for Abhi and Pragya thanks him. Purabh tells her that he is glad to be of some use in Abhi’s life. Pragya leaves to inform Sarla and Aaliya comes to thank him. Purabh lashes out at her saying that she is not even worth being a nice human being. She tells him that she just has a problem with Pragya and not Abhi when Purabh yells at her. Purabh advises Aalia not to hate or harm Pragya as it hurts Abhi indirectly. He tells Aaliya that if her concern and love for her brother is real then she should start afresh and she should accept Pragya as her sister-in-law.

He tells her that she still has a chance to improve herself or she will end up destroying herself. Beeji ( Pragya’s Daadi) asks Pragya to leave for home and take rest but, Pragya doesn’t want to go. Tanu bitches about Pragya to Aaliya but she just scolds her for not thinking about Abhi and focusing on Pragya. The doctor comes there and announces that Abhi is out of danger now and credits Purabh for donating some blood. He tells them that they were scared that he might not make it before they got the blood. The doctor says that Abhi has to be under observation for 24 hours till the tests come back. Pragya requests the doctor to let her see Abhi and he lets her go. Pragya holds his hand and thanks him for making it.

Just then Tanu walks in and fumes when she sees Pragya with Abhi. She instructs Pragya to stop acting depressed and tells her to leave the room and starts taunting her to stay away from Abhi. Furious at this remark, Pragnya twists Tanu’s hand, drags her outside and warns her against messing with her. Tanu taunts her again saying that she is only a secretary. Pragya tells her that Abhi’s health is more important now and asks her to not create a scene. Tanu blames her for Abhi’s condition and says meaner things to her. Pragya gets mad at her and shows Tanu her place in Abhi’s life. She admit that she might be his secretary, stupid, entertainment for him etc, but Tani is his helplessness who trapped him with bad publicity. She says Abhi is her destiny and asks her not to force her to take any step. Tanu gets angrier that she is talking all this as Abhi made her wear the wedding chain and she attempts to remove Pragya’s wedding chain but she stops her.

Tanu is about to remove Pragya’s wedding chain and she gets upset with her. She asks Tanu to leave and never show her face again. Aaliya asks the doctor if Abhi’s injury will affect his memory and when Tanu enters complaining about Pragya. Aaliya scolds Tanu for being so immature and tells her that she must have done something for Pragya to do something so rash. Aaliya asks Tanu to stay away from Pragya till Abhi wakes up. She tells Tanu that this is a delicate situation and asks her to be in control till Abhi regains consciousness. She calls Tanu insensitive for being concerned about Pragya when Abhi is in the ICU.

Tanu gets frustrated with Aaliya’s lecture. Daadi and Daasi come to the hospital asking Sarla about Abhi’s health. She tells them that he is out of danger now. They go to see Abhi in the ICU and see Pragya, who is asleep sitting next to him. Daadi keeps her hand on Pragya’s head lovingly and kisses her showering all her blessings on the couple. Beeji requests everyone to talk outside as Pragya has just fallen asleep after a long time. The elders are discussing about Abhi and Pragya’s bond. Meanwhile, Pragya recalls Aaliya’s words about her being a curse in Abhi’s life and wakes up. She decides to not let Aaliya’s words get to her and just as she is about to touch Abhi, she recollects all the times he was hurt because of her.

She then sees that Abhi’s arm starts bleeding and goes to touch it but it’s only her imagination. She tells him that she can’t let his life be in danger because of her. She wants to see him alive and happy. She decides to move out of Abhi’s life. She tells an unconscious Abhi that every time he gets some sort of feelings for her, something happens to him. She tells him that she will never see him in his life again for his happiness. She holds his hand, kisses it and apologises for everything bad that happened because of her. She bids farewell to him and cries.

She goes to the door, turns to see him and goes back to hug him. Just as she is about to leave him, her wedding chain gets stuck but she is able to take it off this time. She leaves it on his hand and leaves. She trips on Beeji’s foot but keeps walking without stopping. Beeji follows her to stop her and ask what’s happening. Pragya tells her Daadi that she has to go and asks her to not stop her. She tells her that she has to move away from Abhi’s life and she can’t see him fight for his life every time because of her.

Beeji tries to calm her down but she refuses to listen and leaves the hospital in a hurry. Daadi gets a phone call on the landline and gets shocked and leaves for the hospital. Aaliya comes to answer the call and overhears her Daadi telling Daasi about Pragya leaving Abhi’s life. Aaliya wakes Tanu up telling her about everything and that no one knows where she has gone but she has gone out of Abhi’s life. They decide to follow Daadi and Daasi to find out more. Beeji tells Sarla, Daadi and Daasi about her conversation with Pragya before she left.

Tanu excitedly talks to an unconscious Abhi and Aaliya also enters discussing about Pragya. The wedding chain slips from Abhi’s hand but they don’t notice. Aaliya tells Tanu that they have to be very careful now and take care of Abhi when he regains consciousness.

Beeji asks Sarla to check for Pragya in her room, as she is not in the house at all. Janki says that Pragya has not come home. Daadi gets worried if she will do something rash. Abhi regains consciousness and the nurse gives him some water. He asks the nurse to send his family in and she obliges. He is expecting to see Nikita and Daadi but Aaliya and Tanu walk in. Aaliya and Tanu express how worried they are and he asks about Nikita and his Daadi. Aaliya tries to divert his attention and ignores his question about Pragya. But he asks for her again. Tanu lie that the goons shot Nikita and she is dead.

Sarla figures that maybe she is in the temple. Daadi says that she can’t be there since she is angry with God. But Sarla tells her that it is the only place where she can be. They all leave for the temple. In the hospital, Abhi says that he remembers that the police shot the goons and not her. Aaliya changes the subject and says that Abhi needs to know the truth. Abhi gets mad at Tanu for lying to him. Tanu then tells him that Nikita was too scared and ran out of the location. Abhi keeps asking if Nikita said this and Aaliya also supports Tanu’s statements about Pragya running away.

They keep adding fuel to the fire. Abhi says that there must have been some reason for her to run away like that. Aaliya keeps saying that Nikita is too selfish and that she doesn’t love him and she doesn’t care if he dies also. Tanu says that she and Purabh got Abhi admitted in the hospital and she is the one who is taking care of him. Abhi is still unconvinced and tells them that Nikita is not like this and she definitely had some reasons for it. He asks Aaliya to call her and check her well being. Aaliya continues saying the same thing that Nikita is just a secretary and she doesn’t care about him. Aaliya says that she will get him the best secretary and Tanu says that she will become his secretary after marriage. She holds his hands and unintentionally ends up hurting him. Aaliya asks Abhi to take rest. Aaliya and Tanu go outside and start bickering. Abhi is wondering about why Nikita is not next to him. He refuses to believe Aaliya and Tanu. He decides to ask his Daadi about her and goes to take a glass of water but his arm starts hurting. It reminds him of how Nikita took care of him.

Sarla, Daadi and everyone find Pragya in the temple. She asks them why no one is at the hospital when Daadi and Sarla scold her for leaving Abhi alone. Pragya tells them that he doesn’t need her and she will never go back in his life. She tells them that she is the reason why Abhi’s life is always in danger. She recalls how every time he met with an accident and ended up putting his life in danger. She tells them what Aaliya told her and Daadi scolds her for listening to Aaliya and not them.

Sarla tells her how she has always saved Abhi’s life but Pragya is sticks to what she has decided. Sarla reminds her how miserable she is without Abhi. Pragya says that this time, she will never let anyone find out where she is going now. Daadi gets a call from Purabh and whispers to Purubh saying that she will do some drama and asks him to go with it. She screams asking if Abhi’s heart beat has stopped. Hearing this, Pragya panics and keeps asking Daadi to inform Purabh about what to do. Daadi looks at her sternly and hangs up.

She tells Pragya that she was just testing if she can manage to live without Abhi. Daadi tells her that she is just getting him in more trouble by leaving him. She tells Pragya that Abhi has gained consciousness and he is asking for Nikita. She asks Pragya to shut the drama and go with them to see Abhi. Pragya hugs Abbi’s Daadi and agrees to go back to see Abhi. She tells Daadi that she got scared. Daadi happily signal Sarla and Beeji.

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