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Friday Update On Iron Lady 2, Nov 9, 2018

Rishi leaves, gets drunk, then a short monologue. In the meantime,
Babli is looking at the pictures she clicked at the circus and realizes
that the girl on the rotating board (i.e Indira) has something wirtten
on her hand and mentions this to Saheb who goes into flashback mode and
remembers that the lady at the mental asylum had mentioned his Husna
also having a tatoo on her hand.
So now it’s confirmed in his head that
the girl at the circus was his Husna and he goes out to look for her. On
the way, he runs into Rishi. Rishi defiantly states that he will no
longer let other people walk all over him and will not be mahaan by any
means. Rishi who is dead set against letting Kabir find his Husna, who
is actually his Indira. Fearing that he may lose Indira to Kabir, Rishi
tries all means to get Kabir out of his house and then he calls the
police played by the ever competent Vanraj.

Next morning, Vanraj
arrests Kabir and Babli for illegal entry into India and are taking
them away. Indira who is playing outside sees Kabir’s musical instrument
and calls out Saheb. Kabir sees Husna from the police van and jumps
out. Then filmy style running towards each other. Then Indira collapses
and is carried back to Sharma Niwas by Kabir. Indira finally wakes up
and is cured. She remembers Kabir and Babli but has forgotten everyone

Indira regains her memory, but has partial amnesia
and remembers only the seven years of her life that she spent with
Saheb and Babli, which shocks everyone, and Rishi unsuccessfully tries
to help her remember their good times together.

messing thing and throwing everything in Sharma Niwas. Inder tries to
console her but in vain. She pushes him away and he falls on Meher. She
continues to throw everything around. Munna and Vanraj also tries to
calm her but It is Rishi who’s able to as he asks everyone to leave as
he needs to talk alone with Indu. Indira tells Kabir if he has her
changed way of dressing and Babli tells Indira not to worry as Kabir
brought her clothes.

Rishi is trying to explain to Indu and tells
her not to call Indira mummy. She gets angry and cuts his hand.
Meanwhile, Indira Babli and Kabir who were directing towards the roof
room see what happened and Indira tells Indu not to misbehaved with her
father. She tells Indu she hopes that she find her mummy soon. As they
are all going to the roof room, Babli stumbles on the stairs and
Indira very affectionately kisses Babli and tells her she will help her.
This leave Indu and Rishi sad.
Now that Indira’s memory has
returned, things have become intense for the Sharma House, especially
for Indu. Rishi tries to pacify Indu and hugs her as she is crying a
lot. Munna and Sunaina are talking about Indira. Munna says he is not so
happy with Indira getting well. The same conversation is going on
between Inder and Kutumbh and she tells what will happen if ever Kabir
takes Indira away to Lahore and they will have to take care of all the
expenses. Inder says yes and adds that the three of them will take care
of everything. Kutumbh asks why three?. Inder says Meher also will be
with them and he checked both her beauty and bank balance and since all
Zara money are in Meher name, then they will use it. Sunaina who is seen
eating sweets and gives some idea to Munna who looks happy and says
they will take care of the house after Indira leave. Ishaan reprimands
Munna for what he said before and after about Indira. Munna tells Ishaan
to leave as he is talking lots nowadays. He leaves and Munna tells
Sunaina he will makes Ishaan understand after Indira leave and Sunaina
turns again happy. She gives a flying kiss to her Munna and continues
eating her sweet.

Kabir enters his room and very romantically is
approaching Indira. She asks what is he doing and he says after such a
long time, they are having a romantic moments and it turns out to be
Rishi dream. He gets up and decides to talk with Kabir as it is very
unfair with Indu and it is enough. He looks upstairs at the barsaati and
Indira dressed as Husna comes down. He keeps gazing lovingly at her and
she keeps smiling at him but Kabir is standing behind Rishi and
everyone see that. As Kabir is approaching and slowly praising her
beauty. Rishi is shocked and Kabir says it is unfair that he will forget
his Mrs as he told him that his Husna is much more beautiful than his.
He asks Rishi if he agrees to it. Rishi tells Indira how much he praises
her then it will be less if he is going to touch Indira and Vanraj
indicates Rishi a pot of chillies lying near him and Rishi makes it
falls down. Kabir begins to pick the chillies while Rishi decides to go
deeply in Indira and Saheb love story. He has a flashback of him
proposing Indira, as both never wanted anyone to come in between them.
Rishi keeps gazing at Indira when some few men dressed as women enter
Sharma Niwas. Meher says to Kabir that these euneuchs blessing always
realise and she invites Kabir to dance while one of the euneuchs blesses
Rishi and Indira that their couple will always last and they will never
get seperate. Ishan, Inder and Indu are happy while Babli, Kabir and
the others are shocked.

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