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Family Affairs Premieres On StarLife, Full story

A new series, Family
with the original title, Mere Angne Mein in India premieres
on StarLife on Monday, May 20 at 18h00.
It replaces Chasing
My Heart
which ends a day before. The series tells what happens when a
family’s grandmother goes mad with the power she’s been given by her family and
social conventions.

Shanti Srivastav (played by Kruttika Desai Khan) controls
the family with an Iron fist,
she even makes her family hand their salaries over
to her,
authority is however challenged when a new daughter-in-law enters the house. Will
her determination help her sail through or will dictatorship prevail?
showcases the
lives of the Shrivastavs, a typically middle-class family in Mughalsarai, Uttar
Pradesh, India. The family matriarch, Shanti, handles the family affairs in her
own style and has complete control over other family members and their
activities in the house. When a new bride enters the family, she is in conflict
with the established order of the house. In addition, the extended family of
Shrivastavs has a dysfunctional family of her daughter, Sarla. The story is
interwoven with these two families’ saga of incoherent conflict and how small
incidents create a major crisis.
Riya is in love with a coworker
called Shivam. She only has a father and she is generally quite close to the
times, but Shivam’s family is extremely orthodox, barely allowing women to have
jobs and having an almost dictator-like grandmother called Shanti Devi who
rules over the family and collects everyone’s salaries, and generally gives a
large chunk to her spoilt and cunning daughter Sarla. They decide to get
married, a very dramatic time as Sarla devises a plan to trick smart and
intelligent Riya into marrying her goon and useless son instead of Shivam, and
Shanti asks dowry. 
Riya dies while giving birth to her
child. New entry of Aarti who is thrown out by her husband enters their life.
Shanti devi arranges a marriage for her daughter’s son. Accidentally Aarti gets
married to Shivam. Everyone live happier after that.

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