Showing This Week On Zee World Series Feb 3 – 9

Showing Feb 17 – 23

Below are weekly teasers of your favourite soapies showing this week Monday to Sunday, Feb 3 – 9 on Zee World. Lady Luck Monday 3 February 2020 Episode 82 Pavitra’s life is in danger, who will save her? Ansh begins to grow more suspicious about the relationship between Divya and Yuvraj. Tuesday 4 February 2020 Episode 83 Yuvraj is adament on revealing the truth about Divya to the Prajapati family. Ansh fights for Divya. Wednesday 5 February 2020 Episode 84 The Prajapati family comes together to help Pavitra. Divya is…

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StarLife Soapie Teasers Showing Feb 3 – 9

Teasers Showing Feb 3 - 9

Below are weekly updates of your favourite series showing next week on StarLife. While Kulfi, Made for Each Other, The Inseparables and A Perfect Lie air Monday to Friday, Family Affairs and Geet air Monday to Sunday, Feb 3 – 9.   Family Affairs Monday 3 February 2020 Episode 273 Shanti asks Sarla about Mohit’s whereabouts. Bansi does not tell Sarla that Mohit has escaped. Shanti exchanges her phone with Nimmi’s and video records Riya arranging a meeting with Mohit. Episode 274 Shanti follows Riya to Gulmohar Gardens. Riya tells…

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Showing This Week On Telemundo Series Feb 3 – 9

Telemundo Feb 17 – 23

Below is this week’s teasers of the new telenovelas Almost Yours, Close Enemies and El Barón showing on Telemundo Monday to Sunday, Feb 3 – 9.   Almost Yours Monday 3 February 2020 A furious Eduardo kicks Azucena and Violeta out of the house. Meanwhile, Elena gets into a fight with Catalina, and the police turn up. Tuesday 4 February 2020 Mauricio finds out that Catalina is being detained by the police. Meanwhile, Elton sees Lupita about to kiss Paco, and tells Gregoria. Wednesday 5 February 2020 Elvis is happy…

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