Close Enemies Teasers – March 2020

Close Enemies Teasers - March 2020

Here is what will be showing in Close Enemies (Enemigo íntimo) this March. Sunday 1 March 2020 Zoraida accepts Roxana’s proposal and agrees to kill Guillotina. Meanwhile, Roxana confesses to Clarisa that she loves Daniel. Monday 2 March 2020 Roxana realises that the bomb attack was an attempt on her life. Luis threatens Mendiola, who agrees to release both Roxana and Daniel. Tuesday 3 March 2020 Roxana has blood tests taken in the infirmary, and asks Clarisa to alter the results. Cordero tells Guillotina’s followers that Guillotina is dead. Wednesday 4…

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El Barón Teasers – March 2020

El Barón Teasers - March 2020

Check out what will be coming up on El Barón this March. Sunday 1 March 2020 Cecilia bribes a sergeant and escapes to Medellín with her mother, Amparo. Isabel wants to travel to New York to have her baby. Monday 2 March 2020 Cecilia makes an anonymous call to the police, giving them information on Isabel. Nacho tells Lehder to leave Panama as soon as possible. Tuesday 3 March 2020 Isabel and Joe go to the airport, but complications arise. Meanwhile, Nacho is frustrated at being unable to stop his…

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Lord of the Skies returns with season 6

Lord of the Skies 6 Teasers - April 2020

Aurelio Casillas thinks he’s going into retirement after years of being a lethal drug lord but it’s not happening for him in Lord of the Skies 6. The series returns to Telemundo on Monday, 16 March at 23h00 and it’s a season of retribution. Rafael Amaya reprises his role as Aurelio, who decides he wants to retire. He’s recovered his lost fortune and now he wants to spend it on-the-chill but his victims won’t allow it. He becomes prey to the mourners of all those he destroyed, betrayed and manipulated.…

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