Friday Update On Twist Of Fate 2

Aaliya meets a man, Mr Varun Sethi, and asks Tanu to look around to see that no one notices them. Aaliya explains her plan to the man and reveals that he has to do everything that is told with much care.
No one should realise that she is involved in it and should not doubt her. In fact all the questions must be raised at the one against whom they are making this plan. On hearing that she wants her work to be done in a very secretive manner, Varun Sethi says he is expert in such work and he will do anything for good looking people like her if she will help him in making his management company successful. Aaliya makes a deal with him and says that if he works well then she promises him Abhi’s next music album project with his company. Aaliya is happy that Mr Varun Sethi has agreed to her demands. Aaliya tells Varun that after today he will call her Ms Mehra. She is now sure that Abhi will stop talking to her ( Pragya ) when she is proved characterless in front of everyone.

 Aaliya locks her deal with Mr Varun Sethi, who doesn t seem to have a good character. He is passing lewd comments at Aaliya but she asks him to be in his limits. Pragya reaches home and notices that no one is at home. As she enters her house, she finds a note from her mother which explains where she is that all have gone for shopping with Purabh. Pragya decides to rest until they come back home. Abhi reaches his home and is still wondering how to trouble Pragya. His last plan to irritate Pragya has failed so he needs a better plan. Abhi sees Indu ( Daasi ) discussing about what she had witnessed at the temple with his Daadi. On notices that Daasi and his Daadi are discussing some plan to trouble someone, he decides to take some tips from them as he believes that Indu can be of help to him and seeks her help to get a plan against Pragya. Daadi tries to avoid the conversation but Daasi says she will help him. But they wonder whom does he want to torture. Daasi asks why he wants to torture anyone and Abhi later reveals that he wants to trouble his true fan and needs a plan against this. Despite Daadi’s opposition, Daasi gives some tricks and asks him to stop talking to her to make her realise that she has no place in his life but Abhi says he has tried them all and none of the various ideas is not working. However, after giving many useless ideas, so Daasi decides to give him a better plan and finally gives an impressive idea to him. Abhi finds it interesting and agrees to follow it and will let her know the result. He smiles and goes. Daadi asks Daasi, what she tell him and what did she want? Dasi says to makes an excuse and runs from there.

Tanu is waiting for Aaliya to return and feels thirsthy. She decides to get something to bring and heads to the nearby market. She bumps into Janki and irritate her after which her bag falls. She asks Tanu what is she upto and who is her next victim because all her precious belongings fell down which she recently bought and now everything that she paid for gets ruined. The two start to argue and soon it takes an ugly turn. Sarla and Pragya’s Daadi notice that Janki is not where she expected her to be and start looking for her. Later, Purabh bumps into Aaliya and asks why she has come here. She is frightened that he might have noticed her with the mysterious man and wonders if he heard the conversation. Aaliya who believes that Purabh has seen her meeting a mysterious man says she has come for shopping but Purabh knows she must be upto some harm and tries to inspect. He asks where her shopping bag is and asks her to tell. Aaliya makes an execuse and asks him to be in his limits, reminding him that he is not her boyfriend or husband, and excuses herself.

Daadi and Sarla notice Janki with Tanu and walk towards her. Tanu starts arguing with them too. But Sarla is in no mood to listen this time. But Sarla gives her a earful this time and insults her amid the busy market. She asks Tanu to stay away from her family and not utter a single word against them. If she attempts to do anything wrong or tries to harm them, then she ( Sarla ) will break Tanu’s face. She will make to cause her huge damage and teach her a lesson for life this time. Tanu is completely shocked with the reaction of Pragya’s mother. Pragya’s Daadi adds spice to the drama that if she troubled them then she will call for police and get Tanu arrested. They will then slam her with harassment charges on senior citizen. Beeji calls Tanu ‘Ae Ladki’ by which Tanu feels offended and asks Beeji to mind her tongue. Tanu offends Beeji, Janki and Sarla and says that they very well know the trick to trap rich people. Sarla scold her and calls her shameless. She asks Tanu who can give other’s illegitimate baby name on Abhi, and warn to slap her repeatedly so that her face gets swollen. Beeji asks Tanu to pick up all the stuff. Tanu argues and says she is ready to give them money. Beeji threatens her to pick up all the stuff else she will call the police. She kneels down and starts picking stuff. Tanu notices Aaliya coming and asks her for help. Aaliya realises that Purabh must have come with them and she must exit before he arrives back. She takes Tanu away. Sarla decides not to tell him.

Purabh notices that a lot of people have gathered around Daadi and Sarla and wonders if something went wrong. He rushes towards them and asks if everything is alright. Daadi ( Beeji ) says Janki lost her balance and few shopping bags fell from her hand. Purabh helps her pick them back and they decide to go back home. Pragya is at home and is happy recalling the events that happened in last few days. She feels that whatever happiness she has received today is enough for her to spend her entire life. Pragya is delighted after hearing the word Fuggi from Abhi’s mouth. She is penning all the moments in her dairy that she is hopeful that they will meet someday. She hopes that Abhi remembers her in a similar way as she remembered her name. Abhi on the other hand is waiting to meet Pragya the next day. He is waiting to see how his new plan works.

In the morning, Beeji calls Pragya. Pragya gets ready for the office and leaves without having breakfast. Beeji asks Sarla what is she thinking. Sarla who is still upset after meeting Tanu and says to her that she is not angry with Abhi and Pragya’s equation. Since Abhi doesn’t remember Pragya now he must remember Tanu who was in his life two and half years back. What if Abhi leaves Pragya and marries Tanu like he wanted to do in the past. Sarla tells Daadi that she is allowing Pragya to work in that office only because her. Sarla says Pragya is getting a chance to meet Abhi daily and only Daadi wants that to happen. And the day Pragya comes crying to her because of Abhi, it would be the last day when she would talk to Daadi ( Beeji ) and she will never forgive her.

Abhi takes Purabh somewhere. Purabh asks where is he taking him. Abhi says they are going on a mission. He wants to torture someone and he needs his help. Purabh asks who is she, to which Abhi answers that she is his number one fan but also Gundi Number. 1. Purabh says he can’t help him as he feels she is innocent and she can’t show attitude to him. Abhi asks him to help him. Purabh feels he is trapped between a brother and a sister.

Pragya is entering the office thinking that Abhi might have surely made some new plan to trouble her. Aaliya spots her outside the office and decides to interrupts her. She vows to be successful in her plans anyhow today. She calls out to Pragya, walks towards her and taunts her saying that she assumed Pragya to quit the job after what happened at the event. Aaliya says she has magic because of which she manages to convince people every time. Aaliya says she is surprised with the way Pragya manages to be in Abhi’s good books no matter what. But now Pragya is not the same lady who used to be afraid of her ( Aaliya ) and Tanu. Time has taught her how to deal with these witches and now she doesn’t give a damn to them. She gives back to Aaliya in her own style and asks her to watch her limits. Pragya warns Aaliya to stay out of her life or else she would have to pay for her actions. Pragya also tells Aaliya that she is well aware about the person who replaced Abhi’s CD.

Aaliya is stunned to know her reaction but laughs at her saying that she will someday be successful in her plans. While Pragya taunts Aaliya by saying that she had failed in her endeavour to get her out of the office, Aaliya also says that she has better things to do other than taking revenge with her. Moreover, there is no point in doing anything as within few days they will wrap the contract with her company. Pragya is shocked as Aaliya adds that Abhi’s contract with the company will soon be coming to an end. Aaliya makes fun of her saying that Abhi will be with Tanu from his next contract. Pragya says destiny will only decide who will be with Abhi, Tanu or her. Pragya ignores her and walks inside the office.

Aaliya thinks that she must tell Abhi to come little late so that she can execute her plan. She later calls Abhi to inform him that the boss will not be in the office and so he can come late. Aaliya then decides to make use of this opportunity to cause trouble for Pragya. Purabh is with Abhi and is wondering how to escape his eyes and call Pragya. Abhi notices his reluctance and wonders what is wrong with him. He asks Purabh to give him five plans so that he can use the best one to trouble Pragya. Aaliya and Saira are waiting for Varun Sethi to arrive. As the boss’s younger brother, Varun enters the office, Pragya questions Varun if he has an appointment. She refuses to give him entry in the office without knowing his identity. He rudely buffs her saying that he can throw her out of the office for asking that question. Aaliya and Saira look on at the two from a distance. As things start take an ugly turn, Saira decides to interrupt and talks to Varun. She then introduces Varun as Mr Sethi’s brother and informs Pragya that he is her boss too. Pragya who fails to recognize him before apologises to him but Varun asks her to watch out.

Abhi is still probing Purabh about his plans so that he can trouble her. But Purabh asks Abhi to stop the car and rushes to pee. Abhi decides to start troubling Pragya even before he arrives at the office. He calls her and orders her to keep his coffee ready before he arrives. Just then Saira bring a file and asks her to give the file to Varun. Pragya is reluctant but does as told. Inside the cabin, Varun rudely asks Pragya to read the file and Pragya is petrified. Then, Varun comes close to her and touches her inappropriately. Pragya tries to stop him but he refuses to listen. Saira knocks the door and enters but Varun switches place and tries to show that Pragya is exploiting him.

He starts screaming and Abhi has arrived at the same time. He is watching the whole scene silently. Varun blames her saying that she is trying to come close to him just to get promotion. Aaliya also takes Varun’s side and tries to prove that Pragya is at fault. She drags her out of Varun’s cabin as Abhi is watching at her. Aaliya is happy that Abhi has seen everything personally. She decides to make good use of the opportunity by showing Pragya her right place there and then trying to separate her and Abhi.

Abhi looks at Varun who is smiling at Pragya and looks unaffected with everything. Aaliya says everyone has seen Pragya’s real face. She is not what she looks like and has a dirty character. Since Aaliya knew the whole scenario she pretends to predict what might have happened in the cabin. She proves Pragya is a cheat and is misusing the laws made for women. Abhi is cooly listening to everything without saying a word. Pragya is stunned to see that no one in the office is talking in support of her. She says that everything was planned but she is sure that someone around here trusts her. Aaliya realises that she is pointing at Abhi and before he would change his mind, she tries to humiliate Pragya further.

Saira also talks against Pragya saying that her attempt to stop Varun at the reception was a part of the plan. She must have thought that if her plan fails then she can blame Varun for taking revenge on her for speaking rudely to her. Aaliya also tries to justify her reaction saying that she is angry at Pragya since she is posing as Abhi’s real fan and is doing such cheap antics. She provokes Abhi to fire Pragya from the job and instigates him to react.

She points at her character saying that Pragya might have tried such tricks in the past as well, which is why she was so confident this time. Before Aaliya could say anything further, Pragya angrily says that she has no right to point her character as Aaliya herself is characterless. Aaliya is infuriated at Pragya’s audacity and tries to slap her but Abhi holds her hand.

Abhi calls everyone at the reception and starts asking everyone if they know Pragya. He tells them that everyone in the office treat her as a receptionist, a regular employee. But Abhi always gave her special treatment and introduced her to the media as his fan as well. But Pragya’s behaviour was a major let down. Today she not only spoiled her image but his image as well. He questions Pragya what led her to behave in such a cheap manner. He asks Pragya to justify but to Varun Sethi, since he thinks that Pragya is at fault. Abhi reveals that he trusts Pragya and doesn t think she could do anything wrong with anyone.

Aaliya is literally shocked to see Abhi’s reaction. Moments ago she was rejoicing the way Abhi was questioning Pragya”s character, but now he has taken a complete U-turn. Abhi then asks Varun Sethi to explain what happened in his cabin and how Pragya tried to molest her. Varun says that he won’t term it as molestation but says that Pragya was forcing herself upon him. Abhi then asks him if he is married, to which he says that he was married and recently divorced his wife. He asks who filed the divorce, he or his wife. Varun confidentally says he was the one who filed for divorce.

Abhi then reveals that few days back he came to know that a brother of a music company owner divorced his wife. He reveals the reason behind the divorce is Varun’s character as someone has filed an attempt to rape case on him. Abhi also shows Varun photo being posted on a news website along with a detailed article. Abhi then says that he has dropped Pragya several times at home, went for coffee with him and so on, but never made such an attempt with him. He says that if Pragya was an opportunist then she should have made a pass on him too. Abhi supports Pragya and stands for her in front of everyone.

Purabh is watching everything from a distance and is feeling happy for Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya is feeling hopeless for losing once again. Varun and Saira look at each other and then at Aaliya wondering if Abhi will expose their plan too. Abhi then calls for the security guards and ask them to hold Varun tightly. He then provokes Pragya to take revenge on him for trying to mishandle her dignity. After much try, Pragya decides to do as said. She walks towards Varun and suddenly recalls everything that happened in his cabin and becomes violent. She plants a number of slaps on Varun Sethi’s face and starts shouting at him. Abhi and everyone present in the office look at Pragya in surprise. Pragya’s colleagues try to stop her and drag her inside the office.

Aaliya is fuming with anger as all her efforts have miserably failed. She says everything is taking place in a similar way as it used to happen in the past. She starts to doubt Abhi’s memory and wonders if he really forgot everything about Pragya or not. Purabh notices her and insults her saying that Aaliya has stooped so low to take revenge on Pragya that soon she will be compared to an animal. Aaliya says she doesn’t care about Pragya and it was Pragya who tried to instigate her by coming close to Abhi. Purabh says that it’s destiny that has kept them bonded all the time. Although Abhi doesn’t remember Pragya but his heart still beats for her and he is connected to her in a special way. He challenges her to make more such plans as each time Abhi will prove her wrong and fail her attempts. Purabh also asks her to be vary about Abhi if he ever comes to know that Aaliya is the mastermind behind all problems in Pragya’s life then he will punish her for sure.

Pragya is still fuming with anger over the incident and Abhi comes to her with a glass of water. She refuses to take the glass but Abhi threatens to pour the water over her head if she doesn t drink them. He is back to tease Pragya and makes fun of her. He tries to calm her down using his useless talks. He then asks her to go home and take some rest. Abhi also clarifies if her recent avatar is her usual one or comes out only when she is angry.

Aaliya is still thinking how to separate Pragya and Abhi. She is walking across her room as Tanu watches her. She is applying nail polish on her toes and this instigates Aaliya further and also gets angry seeing Tanu not inquiring about her restlessness. Aaliya blasts at Tanu for no reason to which Tanu says she always angry at her. Tanu says that Aaliya always used her to vent out her anger hence she doesn t bother to ask anything to her. Tanu further tells Aaliya that she herself has requested her not to disturb her when she is annoyed. Tanu says that all these things are done by a boyfriend and not a friend but she ( Aaliya ) have decided that she don’t need a boyfriend. The two start to fight and Tanu ignores her and continues to apply nail paint on her toes. Aaliya asks her to make a drink so that she can relax her. Tanu agrees wondering what Aaliya is hiding from her. She knows that there is a big secret that Aaliya is keeping from her and she won’t reveal anything to her. She then decides to find out.

Meanwhile, Purabh praises Abhi for choosing the right decision and for the way he stood for Pragya to save her image. But Abhi is upset and informs Purabh that he couldn’t accomplish in his plans today and that he had a loss due to all this. Since it’s Pragya and his last day in the company, Abhi can never again enjoy the pleasure of troubling his fan. Pragya hears them talking about the loss and wonders what is wrong with them and asks what loss he was talking about. Purabh says that he is going to meet someone. He then asks Abhi to drop Pragya home as it would be their last meeting and since he has to leave for some work and they even don’t know if they’ll ever meet again. Abhi wonders why Purabh is asking him to do that favour. Purabh says Abhi must give a special farewell to his special fan and hence must give her special treatment. He offers Abhi to take Pragya for coffee or on a date. Abhi with much reluctance decides to drop Pragya home.

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