‘Hello Pratibha’ Coming To Zee World This September

She dedicated her whole life to caring for her husband,
children, in-laws and everyone else who wanted a piece of her round the clock,
and in doing so, she loses touch with her identity.
She had dreams of becoming someone greater in life,
but some most unfortunate circumstance befalls her life after getting married.

This is the story of Pratibha, a 36-year-old mother
of two (played by Binny Sharma) in the new drama series Hello Pratibha. The series follows Pratibha on her mission to find herself. Pratibha sacrificed her personal
ambition to be a faithful wife, great mother and daughter-in-law but now she embarks
on a journey to rediscovers her passion as she rekindles her youthful age when
she was young and full of life after 16 years of marriage. 
Pratibha represents every woman, who supports
marriage and also prioritises the needs of her family over her own. She doesn’t
do any of this grudgingly, however, all she asks for is to be acknowledged for
the person she is
which will start airing on Zee
channels on Dstv and Gotv from Thursday, September 21 has a total of
135 episodes and only one season.

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    Hope it will be an interesting series? Will wait for it.

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