I listen to Whitney Houston’s songs to overcome heartbreaks – Bokiestar

 Ekperigha Binta Bokizibe whose stage
name is Bokiestar is an up-and-coming artiste. She has just released her first
hit single entitled, ‘Promise and Fail’ which is a combination of culture,
creative highlife beats and mind-twisting lyrics due to the numerous
heartbreaks. She spoke with

long have you been singing?
I have been singing for five years now
but I started in Port Harcourt. I have been in Lagos for three years and I have
just released my first single entitled, ‘Promise and Fail”. It’s been playing
on air and it is online as well.
did you title it, ‘Promise and Fail’?
The reason is very simple. There are
some guys who date a lady for some years and even promise her marriage. But
after the lady has stayed with them for many years with the hope that she will
be getting married, they’ll tell her that they cannot marry her. This is sad
and callous. I have been into such relationships and at the end; I got heartbroken,
so I thought it would be worthwhile to sing about it. Therefore, it is about
guys who promise and fail women they claim to love.
your past experience, are you in a relationship now or are you scared of going
into one?
I am not in any relationship and I have
not been in a relationship for the past two years. Thais is because I don’t
want to shed tears any more. I am too easy to love and I fall in love easily. I
am giving myself time. I know the right man will come someday so I will wait patiently.
did you do to overcome your heartbreaks?
I listen to the late Whitney Houston’s
songs over and over again. It calms me and gives me hope that my true love will
come someday.
do you see your future in the Nigerian music industry?
It is bright. I just graduated from
Tenstring Music Institute where I won the award for the best musician. I know
that is a start. I decided to go to the institute to sharpen my musical talent.
Music is not all about singing, there is a lot about it which I learnt and
would adhere to. I know that my future in the music industry is very bright. If
you know what you are doing, have a passion for it and pursue it, you are
definitely going to make it.
did you start singing?
I remember when I was a little girl, there
was a bar close to my father’s house, and they always played an oldie music; I
cannot remember the title. There was a day I was passing by and I started
singing the song too. The owner of the bar stopped me and said, “I didn’t know
you can sing and you have a nice voice.” That was when it dawned on me that I
can actually sing. I started singing in a band in Port Harcourt; that was how
it all started.
you have music icons you look up to?
There are two music icons I have always
looked up to. First is the late Whitney Houston. I had always looked forward to
singing like her because I like and sing almost all of her songs. Even when I
was in a band in Port Harcourt, I sang only her songs. For Nigerian artiste, I
like Omawumi so much and I sing most of her songs too. She is cool and I like
her vocals; it is unique.
do you see the Nigerian music industry?
It is doing well but I know there are
still bigger and better things for the Nigerian music industry. That is because
Nigerian music and musicians are taking over the whole world music-wise.
do you usually have in mind whenever you dress for a red carpet event?

Since I am attending a red carpet event,
I have to look glamorous. I wear an outfit that is stunning and flatters my
figure having at the back of my mind that many women will also step on the red
carpet gorgeously dressed as well. I don’t over-dress; I just dress to look my
best for that particular event.

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