Lies Of The Heart: Why Samrat Had To Consult A psychiatrist


It is almost
certain that when an actor plays a negative character in drama series
especially for a very long time, that negative role has a way
of affecting them in real life to an extent whether we believe it or not.

This is the case of
Mohit Malik who plays the role of Samrat in the series Lies of the heart with the Hindi name Doli Armaano Ki.
In the series, Samrat plays the role of an egotistical, impolite and
abusive husband. And no doubt, he plays is role really well and has won the
hearts of many viewers with this character. However, according to reports, the
role made him to consult a psychiatrist.

It was gathered
that when
was contacted to play the role
of Samrat, he rejected the role because according to him, he doesn’t relate
with the character
but after much consideration, he
decided to play the role and it appears the actor performance was ideal for the

Malik’s character
as Samrat inflicted significant
damage on his health. During one of the scenes, his blood pressure shot up and
his heartbeat became sporadic and fast. He consulted his doctor, who advised
him to consult a psychiatrist.

According to Malik, “I want to
get into the skin of the character to play it impeccably. This is a troublesome
and burdening part, which I’m considering important to the extent that it has
started exhausting me deep down. I am rationally totally worn out. The outrage
that I show isn’t anything but difficult to exude. I go home after the shoot
and fear the next day’s screenplay, which doesn’t give me a break.”

“Indeed, even after essaying Samrat for more than three
months, I am not ready to cut off from it when I go home. I am continually
considering how to do it so audience are persuaded. I consider the character so
much that, even my loving wife is troubled as why I can’t cut off from
Samrat at home. I know I need to isolate myself from the character, which I am
not ready to do yet. I have tried dancing and singing, but that hasn’t helped
either, Thankfully, my wife (Addite Malik) goes with me to the set and helps me
try and slip out of the character once the camera has stopped rolling.”

Samrat dancing with his beautiful wife


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  1. Anonymous

    Indeed, he need a psychiatrist because he played the character so well. He's not only handsome but a good actor too.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow! Really?

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