Married Again: Fans To Watch Series On Zee World For The Last Time

This is definitely good news for lovers and fans of Married Again. The exciting Indian soap opera, Married
(Punar Vivah) will be airing on Zee World for the last time.
According to Zee World, the series will
start airing on Monday, December 4 between 12:00- 3:00 pm. Three episodes will
be aired back to back for viewers and fans of the thrilling series.

Married Again tells the story of Yash
(Gurmeet Choudhary), a widower with two daughters and Aarti (Kratika Sengar), a ‘supposed’ widow with a son who both reluctantly decided to give
marriage a second chance for the sake of their children even though 
second marriage is frowned at in the society. However, after so many difficulties, they fell in love with time and their children also bonded. With this accomplishment, they faced and overcame every problem together.

Married Again was among the first set of
drama series which premiered on Zee World channel 166 on DStv when it began. 

It would be recalled
that the exciting series was returned to Zee World in December 2015 due to popular
demand by its numerous fans.

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  1. More exciting than excitement. I love watching married again and see no fiction but a true life story.

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