Monday Update Love Happens Episode 31 – 33: Aanya Decides To Work On Her Cooking Skills But Ends Up In Serious Trouble

Read the interesting update on Love Happens episode 31-33 for Monday, November 13, showing on Zee World.

Though Aanya finds cooking
a different ball game, she decides to give it a try. Aanya goes in the kitchen
and bolts the door from inside so that Isha doesn’t disturb her.

 While lighting the fire
woods, Aanya pours so much 
kerosene that it
spreads all over in the kitchen. Soon the whole kitchen catches fire, while
Aanya is busy cooking. Raghu, who is feeling desperate to see Aanya, decides to
go to the mansion. Aanya is shocked when she sees fire all around and starts
screaming for help. GD tries to open the door, but finds it locked from inside.
Hearing Aanya’s scream, Raghu and Bhola immediately swing into action.
manages to break open the door and
brings Aanya out, but Aanya faints due to 
Raghu is also injured in the process, but is least bothered about his
Meanwhile, Lakhan gets shocked when
Sarpanch tells him that GD is the legal 
owner of
the entire village.
Soon Aanya regains
consciousness and Raghu heaves a sigh of
relief. However, Aanya shocks everyone by slapping Raghu as she feels that he
is responsible for it. Aanya tells GD that she had seen Raghu standing outside
their house when she was cooking. However,
she soon realises her mistake when GD tells her that it was because of Raghu
that she is alive. Raghu’s heroic act is well appreciated by the villagers and
everyone praises him. Aanya, who still intends to cook her own food, goes to
Sarpanch’s house and asks him if she can use their kitchen. With a
fear that she may end up burning their kitchen too, Sarpanch makes an excuse
and expresses his inability to help her. She gets upset when nobody allows her
to use their kitchen. Finally, she gets elated when Bhola suggests to her to go
to Raghu’s house. Raghu is shocked when he comes to know that Aanya was
cooking in his house.

Raghu tells Aanya to leave immediately as he
cannot afford to see his house burning. However, Janki intervenes and
allows Aanya to cook. Moreover, she asks Raghu to help Aanya in the kitchen,
much to Raghu’s dismay. Meanwhile, Lakhan meets GD and tells her that he
has come up with a scheme for the progress of the village, and wants to discuss
the same with her. But before he can explain anything, Debbie interrupts them.
Later, Aanya loses her cool with Raghu when he taunts her and starts throwing
vegetables at him. Soon the kitchen turns into a mess with vegetables and flour
spread all over. Raghu tries to stop Aanya and both fall in the process.
Hearing the commotion, Janki rushes in and is shocked to Aanya lying over

Later, Gehna decides to
help Aanya and Raghu leaves. Bhola gets shocked when his sister comes to know
that he has developed a soft corner for
Aanya. While preparing the meal, Aanya gets excited when she comes to know that
Gehna loves Raghu. She encourages Gehna to speak her heart out to Raghu and
break her engagement with Bali, but Gehna expresses her inability. On the other
hand, Lakhan hatches a plan to make big money,
while GD gets curious to know Lakhan’s scheme as she feels that it could help
her too.

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