Monday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 202 – 203

Leela and Twinkle comes to the lobby, Twinkle sits on a bench and
says maybe Yuvi was there last hope and asks what if they don’t get any
donor, why did she say to Yuvi that they found another donor?. She tells
her mom that at least she should have listened to his demand and asks
why did she lie to him? Leela asks if she think that she lied.
She tells
her daughter that she can do anything for Kunj, she have found donor
for Kunj and he is her trusted old employee, his blood group is same as
Kunj’s, and he has agreed to donate the blood and asks if she is happy
now? Twinkle hugs her and says very happy. She tell her mom that Anita
and Yuvi shouldn’t have used Kunj’s illness, she shouldn’t have listened
to them. Leela says she ( Twinkle ) was tensed so she did mistake and
they have donor now and the problem is solved, they should also take
Kunj back home, Twinkle says she will talk to the doctor.

Twinkle, Leela and Kunj comes back to Sarna mansion. Bebe asks Kunj to
sit down, she says she will bring juice for him. Usha asks Kunj if he is
fine now? Bebe gives cold drink to Kunj and asks him to drink, Twinkle
thinks that doctor said Kunj can’t drink cold drink and it has high
sugar contents and wonder how to stop him? She takes the glass from Kunj
and throws it away. Usha asks Twinkle why did she do it and what if
Kunj got hurt? Kunj thinks that Twinkle is silent and it means she has
done it for him and it’s time to tell the truth to the family. Kunj
tells them that Twinkle threw the cold drink away as there is reason
behind it and they have hided one thing from them, he says what he will
say, they have to listen with strong heart and nobody will cry. Usha
asks him to speak up, he tells them about his illness, he tells them
everything, he says good thing is that they have also got the donor. He
tell his mom to stop crying and says he will get better soon, he is
Punjabi and her son, nothing will happen to him, he hugs Bebe and Usha
and smiles looking at Twinkle, she smiles back at him. Twinkle joins the
family hug and apologize to Bebe and her mother-in-law that they hid
this from them. Bebe says they are not upset with her her and they will
together fight this disease and whaeguruji will make everything right.
Bebe further says to Kunj that everything will be fine, Usha apologize
to Twinkle that she scolded her and she didn’t know she was doing
everything for Kunj.
Yuvi is frustrated that thier plan failed
tells his mom that her plan was foolish and she didn’t have word with
Leela from past days so she thought that she is weak now and Leela aunt
has come back with a bang, she has destroyed her plan and slapped him
too. Anita asks Yuvi to shut up, she calls her manager and asks him to
find whom Leela met in last 24 hours and give her the information within
2 hours, she ends the call and says Twinkle was crying for donor in the
morning but now they have donor so Leela must have got donor few hours
back only, if they find out who the donor is then they can make new
plan. The doctor comes there and sees Yuvi standing, and says he guess
Yuvi is fine, so he will call the jailer and as soon as his discharge
papers are ready he will discharge him and then he can go back to jail.
Yuvi angrily asks if he will send him to jail? He scolded him that he
couldn’t convince a family to make him donor for them but he is useless
and he should be a nurse. Anita apologize to the doctor that her son is
sad that he couldn’t donate his blood. The doctor tell Anita to control
him, he will make his papers and he leaves. Yuvi says to his mom that he
will not go back to jail and tell her to do something that Twinkle
comes back to him and beg him for favor, she should accept her demands
and request her to find Leela’s donor.

Leela says to
Twinkle that she shouldn’t tell Kunj about what Yuvi has done and that
they will tell him when he becomes fine and not to tell him right now
that Yuvi gave him blood. Usha comes there and and asks what are they
discussing. Leela says they are discussing about the potential donors.
Usha is emotional and says to Leela that she does not have the words to
thank her as she is doing so much for her son. Leela says its her duty
as Kunj is her son too and she can do anything for him, and then tell
Usha not to thank her. Twinkle goes upstairs and meets Kunj. She brings
juice for him and says it will give him energy. Kunj looks at the juice
and says it looks so bad as it’s herbal juice and she think he will
become fine with this? And that it looks so bad. Twinkle says he have to
drink it so that he become fine and tell him to drink it in one go and
assures him that the juice will give him energy. Kunj drinks it down in
one shot. Twinkle says good boy. He says he has no choice but to listen
to his wife and that husband become silent when wife takes charge.
Twinkle asks him to shut up, and she turns to leave but he pulls her
back and asks where is she going?. He says to her that her husband is
ill so she should spend some time with him and listen to him. Twinkle
asks her to tell him what he want to say. Kunj says he thought.. He
pulls her closer and she closes her eyes awaiting the kiss but Kunj
pranks her instead and pulls a mask on his face. She opens her eyes and
gets scared. She screams and falls off the bed. Kunj removes the mask
and laughs at her, he tell her to look at her expression, he laughs.
Twinkle smiles and thinks God keep him happy and he should always be
laughing like this, nothing should happen to her Kunj and no illness
should hurt him. Just then, Kunj starts yelling in pains, she sits
beside him and she asks him what the matter is. He tells her he is hurt.
She gets worried and asks where. He places her hand on his chest next
to his heart and says he has pain there. He says that he gets pain in
his heart whenever he see tears in her eyes. He kisses her hand. Sajna
Ve moment song plays in the background and she smiles.
tries to bribe a police officer so that the jail papers does not reach
the jailer. She tell the policeman that Yuvi’s discharge papers should
not reach the jailer. Seeing that she offers him money, he says he
cannot jeapordize his job any more as he has given Anita the opportunity
to bring food for Yuvi and other things to Yuvi but he can’t stop those
papers to reach the jailer and it will put his job in danger, Yuvi has
to come back to jail and he leaves. Leela calls Anita up and says she
must be in shock that Yuvi will return to jail, and maybe she will get
admitted to the hospital and she will send fruits for her. Anita is
angry, Leela asks how is Yuvi doing? She further taunts Anita that Yuvi
gave his blood and his planned failed too as he will go back to jail and
he must be sad. Anita asks her to shut up. Leela asks her not to shout
as she may get a heart attack and she ( Leela) will have peaceful sleep
tonight, she ends the call. Anita does everything in her power to find
out who the new donor is and calls her someone and asks him to find
Leela’s donor soon as she wants to know who the donor is that Leela got.

Twinkle and Leela comes to meet the doctor, the doctor informs
Twinkle and her mom that Kunj requires three more vials of blood and
asks where his donor is? Leela says the donor is someone named Mohan.
She says he was supposed to be here at this time and she don’t know why
he didnt come. She tries calling the donor but he does not answer as his
phone is switched off. She tells the doctor that they will go to the
donor’s house and will bring him, she leaves with Twinkle.

Twinkle arrives at the locality with her mother where Mohan resides, she
says to Twinkle that he must have got confused with timings else he
doesn’t come late. She comes to Mohan’s and sees lock on his door. On
seeing this, a worried Twinkle tells her mom something is wrong,
confusion didn’t happen but it was created. Anita who does everything in
her power to find out who the new donor is comes there and says right
answer, she tell Leela that her daughter is smart, she didn’t go on
Leela and asks what they are doing here? She further asks if they come
to meet someone? She taunts them and asks whose house is this? She asks
if it’s Mohan’s and if he is their blood donor? She happily tell them
that he is gone and tell them to now ask her how she know all this, she
proudly say she is smart too, and the difference is that she is more
smarter than her daughter. She ask what she thought that she will not
know who the donor is? She tell them that the donor’s house is hers now.
Leela tell Anita that she knew her standard and the good thing is that
Anita bought house of her standard. Anita laughs and says such cheap
joke and for her information, she have given alot of money to her donor,
she have given him so much money that he can’t even think in his
dreams, he has taken flight and gone abroad today morning only and ask
what will Kunj do now? She reminds them they don’t have much time. Anita
see Twinkle is about to cry, and asks her if she need tissues? She then
asks Leela what was she saying on call that she must be dizzy? And now
it’s Kunj who must be dizzy? As he doesnt have blood, doesn’t have donor
and is ill too and she will help her like a good neighbor. On hearing
this, Leela once again slaps her hard and Anita is shocked. Leela asks
Anita if she forgot the last time’s slap and that’s why she is making
her remember again, and warn her to stop this nonsense and if she say
anything against Kunj then she won’t spare her. Leela adds that she is
so cheap that she is taking advantage of someone’s illness, and she made
this donor runaway but she will bring many donors for him and
confidently says she is Leela Taneja, she don’t give right to anyone to
play with children’s lives and she angrily leaves with Twinkle. Anita
says her ego didn’t break and she will take revenge of this slap when
Twinkle will come to Yuvi and beg him to save her husband’s life then
Leela will come into her senses and she will answer her then.

While Leela and Twinkle are in car, Leela calls her people and ask them
to find donor. Twinkle tell her mom that Anita will buy their donors and
asks what if it’s too late when they find donor. Leela says nothing
will happen. Just then, Yuvi calls Twinkle up and taunt her that he got
to know that her donor ranaway, and he have called her to give her a bad
news that her ill, half dead husband has gone to college and he is
feeling something wrong is going to happen and he might have accident.
Twinkle asks what is he saying? Yuvi tells her to think if he has
accident, his blood will be lost and she don’t even have donor and asks
what will she do? He advice her to save him and run for his life.
Twinkle is shocked while Yuvi ends the call. Twinkle calls Kunj up. Yuvi
meanwhile calls his goon up and says he have sent them Kunj’s photo, he
order them to start the car and do his work, he ends the call. Kunj on
the other hand is walking on the road, Twinkle calls him up and asks
where is he? Kunj says he is not able to listen to her and promise to
call her later as there is network problem, he ends the call. Twinkle
tells them driver to take the car to Kunj. Twinkle comes to the street,
she sees Kunj at distance and she also sees a car coming near Kunj. She
knows she can not reach Kunj to save him and calls Yuvi up, Yuvi tell
her that Kunj might die after the accident. Twinkle angrily tell him to
shut up. Yuvi warn her not to raise her voice. Twinkle asks Yuvi to not
kill Kunj, she request him to stop that car and ask what he want? Yuvraj
takes full advantage of Twinkle’s helplessness by getting himself
released and says his first demand is that she take the case back and
free him from jail, and remind her that she don’t have much time.

Just when Kunj is about to get hit by a car, Twinkle closes her eyes
but the car passesby him and doesnt hit him. Yuvi says on call telling
Twinkle to see how sweet he is and tell her to now get the papers ready
and file for his bail, he ends the call. Leela comes to Twinkle and asks
what happened and what did Yuvi say? Twinkle says he wants her to take
back the case and free him from jail else he will kill Kunj. Leela says
they have crossed all limits and they are not ashamed of using his
illness, they will not let him use this and they will tell everything to
Kunj. Twinkle says the truth that they are caught in web and even if
they find donor, Anita will bribe him and if Kunj gets to know that he
took Yuvi’s blood then he won’t be able to bear it, if anything happens
to Kunj then she will die. Leela tell her not to say like this and asks
her to tell her what they have to do? Twinkle says they have to agree to
Yuvi’s conditions and will take his blood for Kunj but won’t tell Kunj
about it. Leela advice her that she is walking on the path which will
give her pain, God understands that she is lying to Kunj for his life’s
sake only but if Yuvi comes out of jail then he will start preparing to
destroy her life again. Twinkle says no, she is agreeing to Yuvi’s
conditions for Kunj only but she won’t let him play with her life. Leela
suggests her to go to the lawyer and they leave.

Yuvi sings Woh
Sikandar song, Anita says she is so happy to see him happy, Yuvi laughs.
The jailer comes there and says Yuvi is so happy as if he is not going
to jail but to his home, Yuvi says to the doctor that it was nice
meeting him, he says to his mom that Twinkle did his help, she made him
send to jail after so much effort and now she is putting efforts to free
him from jail, he says to the inspector as bodyguard. Kunj comes home,
he says he is hungry, he sees salad and oats, he tells Bebe and his
whats all this? He says it’s like he is to farmhouse and plead with them
to make parathas for him. Bebe says oily food is banned and they will
eat healthy food from now on. Kunj says it doesn’t end his hunger. Bebe
says healthy food is good for life and they will all eat it. Kunj says
now he understand that he is advised by doctor to eat healthy so they
are eating this with him too? Bebe says why not, they will become
healthy too but she like parathas with butter. Usha also says she like
Pakoras. Kunj asks what about healthy food they are talking about? He
tell them that he will tell them how to make healthy food tasty. Kunj,
Bebe and Usha comes inside kitchen the, they prepare food together. They
smell the food after making it and likes the aroma, Kunj says happiness
doesn’t lie in things but in togetherness, they found happiness after
so much problems. Bebe says Twinkle would have loved this sight and asks
where is she?

Twinkle calls her mom, Leela informs her that the
lawyer is saying that they need Kunj’s signature on the bail’s papers.
Twinkle says she is only doing this for Kunj and she will take his
signature and tells her mom not to worry, she ends the call. Twinkle
comes home, Kunj says to Twinkle that her chef husband has prepared food
today, he takes the papers from Twinkle and tell her to first eat.
Twinkle thinks what if he sees the papers? Kunj says he will make
Twinkle eat with his hands. Bebe jokes to make them eat with his hands
sometime too and they laugh. Kunj makes Twinkle eat food, she says it’s
very nice and Kunj is happy. Bebe says she knew her son is a good chef,
Usha says after all he is her son. Bebe says he is her son, Kunj smiles
at Twinkle but Twinkle is tensed, she says she will come later, she take
the papers and leaves from there. Bebe feeds Kunj his food.

Twinkle comes inside her room and says she will mix Yuvi’s release
papers with the company’s contract papers and Kunj will sign them
without seeing it, she pray to Lord that she promised that she will not
hide anything from Kunj but she is breaking this promise for Kunj’s life
only and if Yuvi’s conditions are not fulfilled then he will try to
harm Kunj. Kunj comes there and hugs her from back. Kunj says he is here
then and asks what is she praying for? Twinkle says their company has
got new contract, she was praying for it and she need his signature on
the papers. Kunj says he can give his life for his darling, he sign the
papers without reading and unaware that Twinkle fools him into signing
Yuvraj’s bail papers.

Yuvi is in jail, he asks his mom when
is Twinkle coming? She tells him to wait for sometime, Yuvi says she
made him go to jail after so much hard work and now she will release
him. Anita says it’s like licking after spitting, Yuvi says that’s gross
and tell his mom to have some sympathy for her, as the drama left
Twinkle’s life after he went from her life for sometime, and she must
have done the work of release papers. Anita says she should be else they
can be bad for her. While Kunj is signing the papers, his pen stops
working and Twinkle offer to bring another pen. Bebe calls Kunj that his
friend has come to meet him. Kunj asks Twinkle to bring the pen in the
hall and he leaves with the papers. Twinkle asks herself what if Kunj
reads those papers. Kunj meets his friend Sandy, Twinkle comes there and
see the file on the table, Kunj asks Twinkle to bring refreshments for
his friend. Twinkle goes and brings it. She asks Kunj to sign the
papers, but he tells her to give him sometime, he then apologize to her
that he is making her wait and adds that he is working on his project.
Twinkle says no issues.

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