Monday Update On Love Happens Episode 76 – 78

Read the interesting update on Love Happens, episode 76-78 for Monday, December 4, showing on Zee World.
Aanya manages to convince a truck driver to give her lift to the village.
On the other hand, Mittal orders Kishan to bring back Aanya at any cost as his
reputation is at stake.

Raghu reaches
the village and is shocked to see everyone busy in the hustle and bustle of his
marriage preparations. Janki is taken aback when Raghu tells her about the deal
between GD and Mittal. Janki then urges him to save the village at any cost.

Aanya finally reaches the village and gets elated to see the same old
fields once again. She starts trotting towards Raghu’s home and is very anxious
to see him back. Raghu shocks everyone when he tells the villagers and Sarpanch
about GD’s treachery. Sarpanch is taken aback and finds it hard to believe that
GD can betray their trust and respect. On the other hand, Mittal threatens
Kishan that he can reopen his case if Aanya does not return. Lakhan gets irked
when Raghu spills the beans, but there is nothing that he can do. On the
contrary, he prays that Raghu does not reveal his name.

Lakhan gets shocked when Raghu tells Sarpanch that one of them is the
traitor and responsible for plotting the scheme of selling their village.
However, he heaves a sigh of relief when Raghu tells Sarpanch that he does not
know the name of that person. He then meets Lakhan and warns him of dire
consequences if he joins hands with Mittal. Later, Raghu is shocked to see
Aanya waiting for him at his house. Moreover, he is taken aback when Aanya
expresses her love to him. Raghu feels that it is one of GD’s tricks to lure
him and therefore chides Aanya and walks away. Aanya feels very bad when
everyone in the village ignores her.

Rahul confronts Mittal when he comes to know of his plans of constructing a
resort in place of Raghu’s village. On the other hand, Aanya is still unaware
why everyone is ignoring her. However, she is confident that everything will be
soon all right.

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