Monday Update On Love Oh Love Episode 118-120: Akshit Gets Upset With Arpita For Cooking The Food

Read the interesting update on Love Oh Love, episode 118-120, for Monday, October 9, showing on Zee World.

Suket tells the man that Arpita made the
food and that she is the daughter in-law of his family. Savri gets worried,
while Arpita is pleased to receive the gifts from the poor in return for the
food she had cooked for them and is also happy to receive the blessings from
the people. 

 While people begin to leave, Suket tells him to give all the
blessings to its rightful that is Arpita. They go outside. Avni hugs Arpita, who
thanks her. Bauji also appreciates this. Akshat is quiet, he says his dad
wasn’t angry but he didn’t say anything too. Avni tells his brother that their
dad will give him the gift too and not to worry. The servant comes to inform
them that Suket is calling them outside. Suket takes the wallet out of his
pocket; Arpita says she needs only his blessings. But their happiness is
short-lived as Suket gives money to Arpita in exchange for the food she had
cooked as he asks Raj what he would have charged had he made this food. Raj
says 4000. Suket asks Bhavna what the cook would charge. She is reluctant,
Savri announces 5000. Suket gives 9000 to Arpita and says they had got it
cooked from outside and this is what it must have cost. He continues to be
upset with her and Akshat and shouts telling Arpita to take the money and keep
it in mind that this money is for her work and not to consider them as a
blessing from him. They all go inside.
Arpita runs inside crying. Avni says
Arpita must have felt so bad, but it was her plan. Pratab says no one can win
Suket. Raj says not everything went wrong, firstly Suket at least talked to
Arpita and secondly Arpita should take this money as a blessing and not a wage.
Suket asks Bhavna why she didn’t tell him. She says when she went to the
kitchen, the food was ready and people had arrived. Savri says this was also a
lie by Arpita so she won’t eat the food she cooked. Suket says there is no need
to lengthen this thing because he has already paid her.

Shastri ji comes home, Savri and Madhuri asks him for Mohli together as they
both have to keep a mannat as they both decide to adopt a baby each. After
Shastri ji has gone inside, Madhuri tells Sanvri that she and Sheru are
thinking to adopt a child. Savri says she also wishes the same and advises
Raj’s sister to adopt the child from the same orphanage after her mother’s
name. Avni apologizes to Arpita in the kitchen. Arpita says today she got what
she wanted, and she will save the money Suket gave him as blessings. Arpita
tells Akshat to eat food and reminds that it is the tradition. Akshat says it
is the custom that all the men of the home eat together today. Akshit gets
upset with Arpita for cooking the food as this has further angered his father
and also reminds her that they tried everything but what they always get is humiliation.
He knows his dad is such a determined person and he will never give up. He says
further that what she is thinking will never happen; she says it is her hope.
She tells him that that who loves them gets angry at them too. He says it is
time that they they do what they decided. Arpita says she is ready to do
anything for the family.

Raj comes to Avni and asks hee to take food for him as well. He says he don’t
like karela. She says it is the custom that he must not leave anything from
this food. He says the custom is that husbands leave some food for their wives,
and they have to eat it. She asks if he will leave this karela for his wife,
and he is not even married. He comes closer to her and asks why she didn’t let
him remove the colour from her hair. She runs to her room and sees the Ruli in
her hair. The other Avni arrives and asks why she didn’t answer Raj. She
doesn’t want to remove Roli, tell Raj and hide it from the family- she loves
Raj and she knows it but she isn’t ready to accept it. She is running from
everyone but not herself; at least to be honest to herself and say that she
loves Raj. Avni shouts saying yes she loves Raj! She loves him so much that he
can’t even do. But she can’t tell this truth to anyone, as she doesn’t want
that another problem occurs in her family because of her. She later decides to
reveal her love to Raj only after she is sure that their love will not create
any problems in her family if it guarantees happiness.

Avni, who admits to herself that she
loves Raj comes downstairs and sees the women eating food and recalls what Raj
said to her. She stops Kaka and takes the plates from him asking which of these
is Bauji’s and which is Raj’s. She brings them to the kitchen, and then she
recalls Raj didn’t like Karela so he will not have eaten it. She thinks she
told Raj not to leave food in the plate, so the other plate must be his. Later,
Raj comes behind her and sees her with a smile eating from the plate he had
eaten in and feels happy. She gets spice, pours water then thinks she will
drink water from Raj’s glass too. She looks for the glass; Raj comes to her,
takes a sip and gives the water to her. She drinks from it.

Raj asks Avni why she is eating from used plates. She says she was feeling very
hungry, he tells her this is his plate and asks why is she eating from his
plate. She says it’s not a big deal, she came to the kitchen and found this
plate and ate from this plate. She goes away saying she is very busy and has
lot to do. Raj smiles and says he knows all the truth and will make her
confess. Shastri ji appreciates Avni working all the work of Pooja. He says
Avni will take the pooja treat. He sees Akshat and Arpita and asks them to
join. Suket gives a list of the people who must be a part of the pooja. Shastri
ji asks why Akshat’s name isn’t here. The whole family is surprised to learn
that Suket has not included the names of Akshat and Arpita for the ‘Shanthi
Puja’ prayer. Avni and Pratab opposes Suket, he says anyone disagreeing can
leave. Avni’s grandfather Yetendra ( Bauji ) gets upset with this saying he has
disagree with this, he tells his son that he doesn’t need to remind him every
time that he is the eldest. He adds that Akshat and Arpita are the children of
this house and they tried all their best to make his anger calm. He should not
turn his anger into hatred as this relationship can’t be broken by him and asks
his son to let Akshat and Arpita sit for the puja. Finally Suket gives in and
agrees with his father saying he knows that he respect him and abide by his
order. He tells Shastri ji that Akshat and Arpita will also sit in the pooja.
They all happily join.

After the puja, Suket is talking to
someone on phone, Bauji, Bhavna and Avni comes with the gifts, the entire
family one by one give gifts to Suket for his birthday. Akshat and Arpita come
with the gifts, she explains while Bauji urges them to take the gifts. Suket
accepts the gift given by Akshat and Arpita and seeing this all feel happy. But
Suket still seems to be as angry as he earlier was.
Avni tells Raj that everything happened today was wrong. She says that they
should not have told a lie. Raj says they know the answer would be negative and
wonders why people even tell a lie when they know the response will be
positive, and that it’s she who told him she ate from his plate by mistake.
Suket throws the gift away shouting he doesn’t want to take the gift; he
doesn’t want them to think that it is not a big issue that they lied. He will
never let it happen. Bhavna says that he is seeing how people are getting
against his decision. Suket says it is possible that one day Abhay and Avni
would want to do love marriage, but he won’t let this happen at any cost.
Meanwhile, Raj tells Avni that when her dad forgives Akshat and Arpita one day,
he will feel and accept love one day. She hopes it happens that way. He holds
her hand and says that in the end everything happens well.

Suket says that it is weak and makes one lie, and hypocrite. He says he will
not let Avni get into it anyway. On the other hand, Arpita is excited about
Akshat’s award ceremony. She gets her friends call and asks if her article
published on the 2nd page. He says he put his phone on silent, because everyone
is calling to congratulate him. She will just make his mood well, and takes him
to window. Downstairs, Akshat’s family is excited as he will be getting an
award for the best hotelier. Yatendra (Bauji), who have formulates a plan to
get Suket to go to Akshay’s award ceremony tells Avni that Suket will have to
go to the function because the business association decided he will be the one
to present the award to Akshat. Their excitement further increases when they
learn that Suket will be giving the award to Akshat. Meanwhile, Savri Bua and
Pratap are to go to the orphanage to adopt a baby and they all greet her. Bauji
gives the letter to Bhavna. Suket reads it and gives it to Bhavna. She smiles,
looks at him. He says he will have to go.

On the other hand, Raj’s sister and brother-in-law too get ready to go to the
orphanage to adopt a child. Raj is excited about the baby Madhuri and Sheru are
going to adopt. Madhuri is nervous that the procedure to adoption is difficult.
He thinks he should talk to Bauji to help her.
Avni and Devika find her mom’s gold earrings. Devika asks if she tell him about
his love. Avni asks her friend if she is mad? Their family problems will get
worsen if someone knows this. She says he is a wonderful guy and she misses him
when he isn’t around. Raj listens to this and thinks Avni should say “I
Love Raj”. Devika tells Avni that she truly love Raj. She turns around and
sees Raj who hides immediately. Avni says aloud that if she has seen Raj, his
teeth are so big, and he is so much afraid of her dad and he speaks so soft and
one has to struggle listening to him. She points to Devika about Raj’s
presence. Raj comes there and says hi, Avni laughs.

Avni is excited to go to Akshat’s award function. She prepares all the dresses.
Bauji notices Bhavna is worried, he asks that today Suket is going to give
award to his son and asks why she isn’t happy. Savri and Pratap come to the
orphanage to adopt a child. Pratab tells Savri may be after becoming a mother
she will stops hurting other people as well. The attendant comes to tell them
that they can meet all the children and they will do the paper work later.
Pratab insists they will do the paper work first as by rule. In the orphanage
Savri sees a few children; she meets a girl named Pooja who holds her dress.
She looks beneath and sees that it was a little girl who introduces herself as
Pooja and offers Savri with a biscuit. Savri gives her a chocolate instead and
is pleased to talk to her. Pratab comes to tell her that the form has been
filled and they will be called for interview. Sheru and Madhuri also come
there. Later they meet Sheru Jashn and Madhuri who are there to adopt a baby as
well while Savri and Pratab begin to leave. Savri shouts good bye to Pooja
before leaving. Raj comes to Avni’s room and asks her why has she takes the
responsibility for everyone to get ready, Avni says she have to push everyone
to get ready. He asks if she is ready. She nods; he says no that something is
missing. He straightens the frill and removes catcher from her hair and says
now she is ready. Devika comes and hurries Avni to come outside and select a
suitable colour. They select watches outside. Avni selects a watch for her
brother Akshat and asks Raj for help. He likes one but she insists on the
other. He agrees and leaves. Avni tells Devika to pack both the watches, one
for Akshat and also gets one for Raj as well. Devika teases her.

At night they were all ready to go. Bauji asks where Suket is. Bhavna comes and
says he must be coming. Akshat and rest of the family get shocked when they
find out that Suket will not be there for the award function as Suket comes
downstairs in casual dress and says that he won’t be able to go. He is not
feeling well and seems he has a high BP, due to so much stress. Bauji tells him
to take medicine and take rest, they will go late. Suket says he will come sometime
later if he feels alright. Bhavna also stops at home that Suket is also not
alright, Savri stays with her too. Akshit gets upset and decides to not go for
receiving the award as his father will not be going and says he won’t also go,
Bauji tells him that the people there have come only for him. It will be a
disrespect that he doesn’t go there. Akshat say if his dad isn’t with him the
world doesn’t matter to him and insists that he won’t go. He asks Avni that
when her dad BP is high, can she go leaving him behind. Avni reason with him
and say they won’t go either. But Raj comes there and calls from behind that
everyone will go. Avni says there is no point. Raj makes a plan to enable the
whole family to attend the award function and says they all know that Suket
can’t say no to Bauji so he is making up that he isn’t well. Raj promises
Akshat that he should leave, he will bring his dad here. Bauji urges them to leave;
Raj holds Avni’s hand and tells her to stay at home.

Suket is in the garden, Bhavna and Savri asks him why he is sitting here. He
says he wasn’t feeling alright here. He asks if everyone has gone. Avni comes
and says she brought tea for him and insists him to drink it. Raj is arguing on
phone with someone. Suket asks what happened, he tells him that the media got
the news that there are problems between Akshat and him (Suket) and they are
going to print it in paper. Avni asks how can they say so, her Bauji started a
company, her dad ran it and Akshat takes it to new heights and that family
problems can’t get in the way of company’s name. Raj says that if Suket doesn’t
go to the award function today then this news will be confirmed. Avni says she
doesn’t care, her dad is not well and must rest at home. Suket says he can’t
ruin the company’s name and repute and goes to get ready.

Akshat and Bauji arrive at the ceremony. The hosts ask about Suket. Bauji says
he wasn’t feeling alright, the host says how he can miss such a big event of
his son’s life. Had his son been there, he would have come from death bed.
Akshat says he would not have come to the ceremony then. He sees Suket and
points at him.

The media asks them that today the CEO
of the company is going to give an award to the GM of the company; there will
be a photo together. Suket agrees; Akshat hurries to him. The cameraman asks
Suket to place hand on Akshat’s shoulder but Suket leaves saying that’s enough.
Bhavna tells Savri that it’s good they have come here. Savri gets a text message;
she sees it and says she asked for something from someone. She gets Pooja’s
photo. Bhavna asks if she has chosen the baby, Savri says she chose her
herself. Savri says that now they have to complete that paper-work and
interview first. Bhavna asks Savri that she should not keep a lot of hope until
everything is final. Savri tells her not to worry and she knows how to bring
Pooja home. While Avni is eating; Raj teases her for eating too much and asks
her what she is hiding. Avni says that some things are to be shown and she will
show him in time. Raj guess what it can be and concludes that it’s a watch.

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