Monday Update On My Lost Home Episode 21 – 23

Read the interesting update on My Lost Home, episode 21-23 for Monday, December 18, showing on Zee World.

comes to Raji and assures to give his support to her always. He tells her that
she is a member of the family now.

knocks Veer’s door and says that there was an important call for Veer. Veer
gets a call from his senior saying that he has to get back to Indore for an
important assignment. Veer decides to leave.
talks to Brij, Mohini and Mahi and become emotional. Raji decides to give her
jewellery to Durga but Durga refuses to keep it. She asks Raji to keep it to
herself. Later Durga tells Jyoti that she won’t let Raji leave. Durga throws a
grand reception party for Raji and Veer. Durga welcomes the Malhotra family
cordially. Veer tells Mohini that they would be leaving for Indore right after
the party. Mohini tells Brij that Raji and Veer would leave for Indore the same
night and they both become emotional. Durga is waiting for somebody’s call to
stop Raji from leaving.

is busy with the celebration and enjoy themselves. Suddenly Durga gets a call
and she says that Veer’s uncle was coming to meet Raji. Raji requests Veer to
let her stay back. Veer accepts Raji’s request and asks her to be at home. Veer
prepares to leave. Brij and Mohini also come to see him off and get some food
for him. Raji becomes very sad. Veer sees Raji crying and talks to her alone.
Veer tells Raji that he loves her a lot and that he would take her with him

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