New On Zee World: Thursday Update On Modern Homemaker Episode 1 – 3

Read the update on the new series Modern Homemaker replacing Hello Pratibha, episode 1-3 for Thursday, December 7 showing on Zee World.

The story
revolves around the Chaturvedi family where the family has decorated its house
to welcome the newly married couple, Kanhaiya and Sona.

The show
starts with a song about the Chaturvedi family in Allahabad and once the camera
zooms inside the house, wedding preparation is shown going on with the ladies
dancing and one by one the character of the Chaturvedi family is introduced by
a musical lyric and starts with the introduction of the Chaturvedi family’s
eldest daughter in-law Bindya, who sparkle with an empowering attitude.
Chaturvedi family’s second daughter in-law Neelam, who is a workaholic,
considers her duties towards her family as her moral responsibilities. She is
shown cleaning up and ironing some clothes. Her mother in-law calls her and as
her mother in-law calls her, Neelam carries a safety box and goes to meet her
mother in-law whose name is Suhnaina Devi.
mother in-law, Sunaina Devi is the head of the family. She underestimates
Neelam on frequent intervals considering her as a no gain but vain symbol of
the family. Sunaina Devi sees the safety and stares at Neelam. Sunaina Devi
taunts Neelam saying all the daughter in-laws in this house works except for
her and asks if she know that the youngest daughter in-law of the family is
entering the house today where she earns a lot. She tells Neelam to keep paying
attention on her work and leave the rest to them. She asks if she have prepared
the aarti plate to welcome the youngest daughter in-law?
Neelam says
that she was correcting the makeup box of the elder daughter in law and Sunaina
asks Neelam to leave aside all those small things and wants her to prepare all
the things for the youngest daughter in-law. Neelam is trying to explain and
Sunaina taunts her again for not doing anything despite being a housewife and
asks where would they keep the things of their youngest daughter in-law? Neelam
keeps quiet and Sunaina asks her to go and clean up the store room and Neelam
leaves.Sunaina Devi is a money oriented woman whose eyes lust to seek monetary
gains from her newly married daughter in law, Sona.
So, she has planned
for the grand welcome. Sona has married Sunaina Devi’s youngest son, Kanhaiya,
who is a police officer. Sona is a working lady and earns huge sum every month
(40000). Sunaina think to herself that the baarat have left and why had they not
reached? The Dulhan’s car arrives and Sunaina alerts Neelam to bring the aarti
plate and keeps looking at the door. As the door of the car opens, an elderly
person and a small boy (Chicku) gets down from the car. The small boy looks at
his grandma Sunaina and laughs while Sunaina says Devar ji and asks where the
daughter in-law is? Sunaina asks his brother in-law is he still want aarti at
this age? The brother in law says so what if she takes aarti for him? Suhnaina
says just because she married his brother who had such big age gap with her, he
(her brother in-law) became her Devar and she became his sister in-law. But in
age wise, he is much elder than her. He says he may look old but everyone says
he still looks young.
asks where is the new daughter-in-law? He says they were just behind him just
now and Chicku says it will take them a long time to come. Sunaina Devi who
seeks the arrival of Sona and Kanhaiya, stay perplexed on Chikoo’s cryptic
statement regarding the delay in the couple’s arrival. Chikoo is the grandson
of the Chaturvedi family. He is always on a notorious spree to create chaotic
situations. Kanhaiya Chaturvedi is shown coming on a boat with Sona. Kanhaiya
gives his hand and Sona holds his hands and the car suddenly jerks and it turns
out to be Kanhaiya’s dream and both Kanhaiya and Sona are in the car together.
Kanhaiya says Durgesh brother in-law, Bade, Udham and Manor brother. She ask
them to go and see what is the problem with the car and all 4 of them go and
see what’s wrong with the car and one of the tyre have no air. One of them says
this seems to be the work of an enemy and Kanhaiya the groom asks why they
can’t do anything. Each of them is arguing among themselves and it turns out to
be Chikku’s work. Sona asks Kanhaiya to go and see what is wrong with the car
since everyone would be waiting for them. Kanhaiyya gets out of the car.

At Chaturvedi Mansion, the family awaits the
arrival of Kanhaiya and Sona who are stuck in a midway with Kanhaiya’s brothers
as their car has broken down while Sunaina asks her Devar (brother in-law) what
happened and he thinks to himself that Chikku had admitted to him and he has to
do something now. Kanhaiya calls all the 4 of them and all of them wonder what
to do now. Kanhaiya’s elder brother, Govardhan works in a post office, while
Manohar is a mechanical engineer, Uddam works in the Indian Army and possess an
overpowering attitude. Kanhaiya’s brother in-law Durgesh had also accompanied
the Chaturvedi brothers. Kanhaiya requests Durgesh to help his brothers to fix
the problem. Durgesh agrees to help the Chaturvedi brothers on the condition
that they should pay him.

On Sona’s
insistence Kanhaiya guides his brother to make a way out of the hurdle. Back in
the house, Bindiya is doing facial for a lady and the electricity suddenly goes
off and Bindiya tells her not to worry, her make up work is so good and the
light comes back and Sunaina comes in calling Bindiya that the youngest
daughter in-law is going to arrive anything and asks what is she doing here?
Sunaina Devi enquires with Bindya about Manohar’s wife, Renu. Bindiya brings
Sunaina out saying she was doing facial for Mrs Sena and sees how much she paid
and gives the money to Sunaina. Bindya then asks if she is looking for her and
asks if there is anything. Sunaina immediately says she was looking for Renu.
Renu is shown writting ABCD where Renu is obsessed with english. She is Manohar
Chaturvedi (Family’s second son). Renu is talking to Darshana saying she left
all her things at her own house and Darshana says it’s alright, that she will
go and complain to Bindiya and Renu agrees to give one of her sarees to
Darshana. Neelam comes in while Darshana asks how come Neelam had not brought
her any tea since morning. Neelam leaves to get the tea.
Julie and
Dimple is shown. Julie and Dimple are Sunaina Devi’s granddaughters who are
smart and notorious. Julie is talking with her boyfriend over the phone and
Dimple comes grabbing chassing each another. Sunaina sees them and scolds both
of them to behave like a girl and calls Neelam to try calling them and see
where they are. Sunaina’s Devar says he just spoke to them and they will be
arriving soon and Sunaina asks Neelam, if she didn’t hear that? She tells
Neelam to go fast and get ready to welcome them. The newly wedded couple
Kanhaiya and Sona are shown arriving on a motorbike while his brother’s comes
in the police jeep and Chikku says this is fun and everyone will remember this
day and all starts chasing Chiku. Kanhaiya gets down of his motorbike and gives
his hand to Sona where Sona gets down from the motorbike and says she have
arrived at her parents in-law where the house is waiting for her. They enter
the house while the Chaturvedis comes to welcomes them. Neelam brings the aarti
plate and takes aarti for both Sona and Kanhaiya. Neelam brings in Sona and
Sunaina looks around and goes outside the house and says only Sona came? How
come she didn’t bring along anything else? Sunaina’s Devar says there is no
point of her looking outside as her daughter in-law has entered the house.

Sona and Kanhaiya go and pray while Kanhaiya
holds Sona’s hands. Sunaina tells her Devar she was wondering what have her
daughter in-law brought from her house and her Devar says the daughter in-law
have arrived, the things might come later and she replied that she trust him
since he found this alliance. Sunaina starts dancing and they start throwing
around money while one by one of the family members comes and performs the
rituals while Sona’s face is still covered with her veil. Neelam removes the
veil and Kanhaiya sees Sona and Sona smiles to Kanhaiya and blows flowers to
Sona and Sona smiles.

Julie calls Sona to go and rest and till her room
gets prepared, she can stay in Neelam’s room and Dimple tells her to come that
her aunt Neelam will prepare her room. Neelam is shown preparing Sona’s room
while Sunaina calls Neelam asking her to look after the guests on whether they
have eaten or not and Sona sees Neelam doing work. Bindiya comes to Neelam
asking if she have ensured that the room of
Sona is all well set and nothing is less which Neelam goes back to the
room and continues her decoration. Next, Renu calls out to Neelam saying she
have been searching for her old album to show Sona and Neelam goes and looks
for the album while Sona notices Neelam’s bullying by the other Chaturvedi

Darshana calls Neelam saying she needs to take medicine and she wants milk
which Neelam says she would bring it and gives it to Darshana saying she kept
it in her room, perhaps she didn’t see it. Next, Bade calls Neelam and searches
for the stamp album which Neelam goes and brings the album. Next Manohar calls
Neelam saying the food doesn’t have taste and asks if he could have some
pickles to which Neelam brings and gives to Udham. Next, Neelam’s husband calls
her and asks her to prepare his room while Sona stops and looks. Julie asks
Sona to continue as she would see all this daily. Kanhaiya is talking with his
brother where all of them are talking about suhaag raat while in Sona’s room,
all the ladies is talking with Sona about Suhaag Raat too ( wedding night).
Kanhaiya says he also know what is to be done for the Suhaag raat.
All the
ladies are teasing Sona while Sona suddenly hears someone calling her and she
sees her Daadi saying that her sister in laws are teasing her for her suhaag
raat and this is her test and to make sure she win this test. Sona calls out to
her Daadi!! All the sister in-laws are wondering and asks if she is missing her
Daadi? Sona replied why she must when her Daadi is always with her. She address
them as sisters and holds Neelam saying everyone said many things for her
Suhaag Raat, and asks if she would not say anything? Neelam asks if she is
referring to her? Bindiya asks why Sona is asking her? Sona gradually learns
the Chaturvedi’s motive when Bindiya inform her that they are the one who
speaks and she doesn’t speaks but does the action instead. She is the one who
does the houseworks because she is this house’s housewife. Sona looks at Neelam
and smiles. Later in the night, Chicku sees Durgesh Jiju paying less and taking
the balance of the money and the person in charge of the music comes
asking for his payment. Durgesh jiju asks him to play some music to which he
pays half and keeps the balance. Chicku calls Kanhaiya, Kanhaiya watches
Durgesh arguing with the music person who is saying that the payment is less.

Durgesh says he have already paid how much he can
and the musician leaves while Kanhaiya calles Durgesh (brother in-law) saying
it was his wedding but he is the one who is earning? Kanhaiya takes out the
money from Durgesh’s pocket and then decides to give some to Chicku and also
gives little bit money to Durgesh and keeps the balance. Kanhaiya says he knows
about it but he will also tell him again. He jokes even if it’s something
serious and both of them hug. Neelam on the other hand is about to go to bed
while Sunaina calls her. Kanhaiya is about to enter his room for his Suhaag
Raat and as he opens the door, he sees Sona sitting on the bed and ‘Tere Mast
Mast Do Nain’ song from Dabangg plays in the background, Kanhaiya removes his
glasses and sees Sona, he takes a vase of roses and goes to Sona and she smiles
seeing her husband Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya then suggests to let him share with his
wife about how he played with his life. He was one day feeling sad and Kanhaiya
sits next to Sona and talks sweetly and slowly holds Sona’s hands and removes
her jewelleries one by one. Kanhaiya removes Sona’s veil and looking at her
face, Kanhaiya closes his eyes while Sona takes the rose and touches Kanhaiya’s

Just then,
Kanhaiya realizes that he was only dreaming when he receives a call. Kanhaiya
tells the caller to tell them that he is coming and teach them a lesson.
Kanhaiya decides that duty comes first and leaves while Sona is laughing and
talking to both Julie and Dimple. They both say that Sona would never get bored
in this big family and she will always be entertained. Dimple and Julie says
that her room must be ready now, and suggests to lets them go. Sunaina comes in
saying she herself will send her daughter in-law to her room and both Dimple and
Julie leaves. Sunaina asks her lovely new daughter in-law how she loves her
sasural (in-law).
Sona says her
family’s happiness is her happiness. Sunaina asks how understanding is she and
hearing what she says is like money coming out from ATM machine. Sunaina asks
how she felt seeing her family’s happiness. Sona replied that she will know
more once she starts seeing daily. Sunaina then asks her if her Daadi give her
anything during her bidaai (sendoff)? Sona replied that they gave their
blessings. Sunaina says everyone does that and asks if they give anything else
besides that? Sona says yes to that and that they advised how to eat according
to the time. Bindiya who is hearing their conversation tells her mother in-law
that her new daughter-in-law does not understand what she is trying to ask and
she leaves. Sona says she is happy to see this family and Sunaina says she was
asking about her family and asks what have she brought here. She asks her to be
fast and just then, Renu comes this time listening to them.

Darshana too come telling her mother in-law, that
she can’t understand what she is asking and she leaves. Suddenly the house bell
rings and Sunaina thinks who would have come at this time? She asks if it could
be her family members? Sunaina leaves to see who it is. Sona says to herself
that her mother in-law is so worried about her family and thinks that she
forgot to tell that Daadi had advised her saying her husband is her pride.
Kanhaiya is shown going to work. He is pesters in annoyance on his visit to the
police station at his Marriage night. He reaches the police station leaving all
the constables wondering. Kanhaiya asks who is the criminal who ruined his
suhaag raat?

Kanhaiya in police station asks his juniors who
is it that is spoiling his suhaagraat (wedding night). Just then a constable
drags a topless guy out and brings him in front of Kanhaiya who touches him
with his stick and the guy starts feeling tickling and laughs. Kanhaiya asks
what he did. One of the constables says they have got the wrong guy by mistake
as they went to catch a gang leader and instead caught this maalishwala.
Kanhaiya starts to smile and the massagewala also smiles. Seeing this, Kanhaiya
slaps and thrashes the goon at his police station. The fellow asks why he was
slapped when a constable says because he spoiled Kanhaiya sir’s suhaagraat (wedding
night). Kanhaiya warns them not to call and disturb him and leaves.

At home a lot of trunks come for Sona and all are
excited especially Sunaina Devi while the other daughter in-laws start
comparing as to how much they had brought during their wedding. Sunaina asks if
all the things have come while the guy who brought the trunks say that it’s all
for Sona. The daughter in-laws talk among themselves that nothing has come for
them or for their mother in-law. Suhnaina gives the trunk keys to Neelam and
asks her to have the trunks kept in Sona’s room.

Suhnaina is in deep thoughts and get disturbed on
gaining; nothing from Sona’s family when her Devar comes and asks what’s wrong.
Sunaina says Sona’s parents haven’t given anything to them and asks what they
will tell the neighbours. She also wonders if they were fooled because Sona’s
Granny has sent things only for Sona. Dever says Sona is like a blank cheque
which she can cash every month as Sona earns 40,000 every month which will come
to her hand. Sunaina gets excited hearing this.

Kanhaiya returns home in a romantic mood when he
finds Chiku and his other 2 sister in-laws come and start to tease him about
suhaagraat. Kanhaiya is feeling shy when his sister in-laws ask how will he
lift Sona’s ghoonghat and continue to tease him. Kanhaiya finally reaches the
room and finds the empty bed. He wonders where Sona is when she comes out of
bathroom in a night gown and Kanhaiya is lost looking at her. Sona says the
wedding dress was too heavy so she changed. Kanhaiya replied that she made his
job easy as he was confused how to lift her ghoonghat. Sona says she removed
her makeup too when Kanhaiya says he likes simplicity a lot and she is looking
extremely beautiful. Kanhaiya and Sona recall their memories at their first
meet and how they were impressed with each other.

Kanhaiya comes behind her and gifts her small
necklace. Sona says she doesn’t like jewelleries much. Kanhaiya feels bad seeing
which Sona says it’s beautiful and asks him to make her wear it. Kanhaiya says
she is more beautiful and puts it around her neck while a background song ‘Tune
jo pal bhar mein chori kiya re jiya” is play. Sona blushes as Kanhaiya says she
is gorgeous. He hesitates to touch her while Sona smiles. Slowly they sit on
the bed and come close to each other and are lost in each other’s eyes.
Kanhaiya puts his handkerchief on Sona’s head as ghoonghat and then removes it.
She holds his hand and Kanhaiya blushes.

Just then Sona hears someone calling her when her
Granny’s image comes in front of her and further recalls the advice of her
grandmother cautioning her not to surrender herself to her husband before
understanding him knowing him properly and not to do the mistakes her mom did
and hereby tackles the situation regarding Kanhaiya, in her favour.

Kanhaiya comes and Sona says she has got a sudden
headache. Kanhaiya says he will drive away the headache then it will be their
suhaagraat. Sona lies on the bed while he presses her head and finally sleeps

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