Osita Iheme: ‘The fine girl’

Please who did this to Nollywood actor, Osita Iheme also known as ‘Paw Paw’? Or is it part of acting?

Wow! Does he look pretty as a girl? If you ask me, I would say yes. Check out his make up, earrings and hairstyle, he is really feeling like a girl abi? I feel you Paw Paw.

What do you guys think? (laughing)

Picture source: Nollywood Gossip

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4 Thoughts to “Osita Iheme: ‘The fine girl’”

  1. Anonymous

    as for me hes looks like the title the fine girl abi

  2. Anonymous

    Is there anything we will not see in this world. Is Iheme Osita now a little fine girl or it this one of the acting he performed. Somebody please say somethingooooooo.

  3. Anonymous

    Igbo fineness jor!

  4. Anonymous

    Just want to know his real girlfriend.

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