Season Finale Update On Hello Pratibha Episode 133 – 135

Read the interesting season finale update on Hello Pratibha, episode 133-135 for Wednesday, December 6, showing on  Zee World.

Pratibha tells Sunidhi that she is enemy with
her only not Kaashi and she should not forget she is only a daughter in-law.
Sunidhi says she pities Pratibha and asks if she know anything about Kaashi.

then starts revealing before Pratibha that Kaashi had planned to throw her out
of the house. Pratibha says she did whatever she thought was right, it doesn’t
mean she (Pratibha ) starts disrespecting her. Pratibha says she always
respected her mother in-law as her mother and will always do that, no matter
what. Sunidhi claps and tells Kaashi that she is lucky to have Pratibha as her
daughter in-law; she then asks Pratibha what she got with all this. Pratibha
says she will never understand. Sunidhi says neither she do and nor she want to
referring to herself. Kaashi tells Sunidhi she is not like Pratibha at all,
Sunidhi takes her seat again and tells Kaashi she is being really simple today,
her heart is not as clear. She asks Kaashi to tell Pratibha herself what she
has always done to Pratibha.

asks her to stop it, but Sunidhi says she will now tell her about Kaashi.
Sunidhi says like her, Kaashi also didn’t want her to go to Kolkatta. Pratibha
says alright, but she didn’t stop her. Sunidhi is irked; she says it was Kaashi
who wanted to separate her from her family. Pratibha says this is because
everyone wants the daughter in-law in their own home. Sunidhi further says that
it was Kaashi who never sided Pratibha to let the blackmailer i.e Kaashi to
jail. Pratibha says this is because Kaashi didn’t hurt her and because she also
knew Pratibha would be hurt. Sunidhi says it was also Kaashi behind breaking
the marriage of Pushpa’s daughter. Pratibha says it was also because she had
made Kaashi that way, Pratibha come into the house before her and knows better
who is like what.
disclosed that it was also Kaashi who wanted everything should get out of
Pratibha’s hands. Kaashi tells Sunidhi that she pushed Mahen to sign the papers
only because she only wanted the same portion of property for Sanjeev as for Mahen.
Kaashi says Sunidhi cheated on them, and didn’t think about her child. She apologizes to Pratibha for never being fair to her, Pratibha
says she was never wrong. It was Sunidhi who made her think that she (Pratibha)
will also not take care of her like herself. Sunidhi tells Pratibha that she
cares for Kaashi a lot; they must do this drama when they have left the house
and should take Kaashi along as well.

Pratibha answers her mother’s call who asks her
when she is coming. Pratibha asks what if she doesn’t come there today. Sushma
asks what is it about and she can’t even lie to her till today. Pratibha
informs her mother about all the events that occurred recently at Mahen’s home
and how a cunning Sunidhi managed to cheat Mahen and acquire his property and
then Sunidhi’s blackmailing. Sushma asks why she is telling her so late, she
fears where she will go if she really pushes her out. Pratibha says there is a
few ways that may prove Sunidhi’s papers as fake, she says Mahen has gone to
meet the registrars and if they get stay order over the papers nothing will be
ruined. Sushma says she doesn’t know much about this legal work, but she must
take all the decision with much care.

On the other
hand, Kaashi is crying thinking all about Sunidhi and feels remorse for what
she had done with Pratibha and how she behaved with her in the past. She
remembers how Pratibha stood for her when Sunidhi turned her back at Kaashi. At
the same time, Mahen meets his mother and keeps a hand on her shoulder, she
hugs him and cries. Mahen says she is crying for a lady who doesn’t care for
anyone and she should not worry as he won’t let anything be ruined. Kaashi says
she is old but has not lost, she is not crying for Sunidhi but for Pratibha
whom she never sided. She confesses to why she treated Pratibha so badly all
this time. She then asks Mahen what she should do so that Pratibha forgives
her. Mahen is pleased to learn that her mother attitude towards Pratibha has
been changed and says if she knows Pratibha she must also know Pratibha never
keeps things in her heart. Kaashi says she will live happily with Pratibha, she
will never fight her and will live with her like a mother. Mahen hugs her

The next day, Pratibha wakes up looks at Mahen
sleeping and smile. She finds two cups of tea kept by her table side and she
wonders who made the tea. When Pratibha reaches the living room, she finds the
breakfast has already been prepared and wonders who made her favorite aaloo
puri, she goes to call her mother if she came to her house. She calls her
mother up and Sushma asks how she is. Pratibha asks if she come home. Sushma
says no, and asks if something happen. Pratibha says no, nothing. She goes to
the kid’s room and finds her mother in-law Kaashi waking the kids up. Anmol is
shocked and asks his grandma why she is here. Kaashi says she should have come
a lot earlier but could get this sense late. She smiles at Pratibha who hugs
her. Anmol says this will help her a bit. Pratibha asks if he wants herself to
be slapped. Kaashi says he is right to let her help her a bit which she
couldn’t do in many years.

Pratibha says
she is the grandmother of the kids and she must wake them anytime and that in fact
she must get them used to wake up by 4 am but she is elder and making breakfast
doesn’t suit her. Kaashi says she was also thinking who will make the breakfast
daily. Both smile, Kaashi says she is her daughter but she will keep calling
her Jumkay wali (Foolish woman). Both laugh at this.

Mahen comes to find his mother helping Pratibha.
She is happy to see Sushma and her husband home, she says today she really
wants to say that she couldn’t have brought Pratibha up the way she couldn’t
have as well. She invites them to the table. Sushma says today a lot of burden
has got off her shoulder as every mother wants a daughter to get along well
with her mother in-law. Kaashi tells her not to say a lot; else Pratibha will
get a bad eye. Pratibha’s father is about to take a seat, Kaashi asks him to
take her seat. She says he is the eldest in both families and if he doesn’t sit
here she won’t ever forgive herself. She asks him to sit else she will have to
wake the lost Kaashi. Everyone laugh. Kaashi removes Sunidhi’s seat and offers
him a new one. Sushma asks about the property matter, Pratibha says they have
talked to the lawyer and he says the property can’t be transferred until it is

Mahen says he
has asked him to take the stay order as soon as possible. Mahen leaves for
shop; Pratibha gives him the lunch box saying today his mother made the food so
she filled more as it must be tastier. Sunidhi comes downstairs and is enraged
watching her chair on the other side. Sunidhi comes down shouting who removed
her chair. Kaashi stands up and says she did and asks what will she do now.
Sunidhi is about to speak but Pratibha intervenes that they removed it only
because she was not in the house. Sunidhi asks how dare she removed the chair
of the owner of the house, and declare that everyone will have to do what she
says because now her worth is just as a servant. Kaashi shouts at her, and asks
how dare she speaks to her daughter in-law like this and remind her that she
has got the property on her name but not owned them. Sunidhi says in a house
only what an owner says will take place and she considers them both as a dust
of feet. Unable to bear Sunidhi crossing limits, Kaashi raises her hand to slap
Sunidhi hard. This act of Kaashi furthermore angers Sunidhi, she straightens up
and is about to hold her hand on Kaashi when Pratibha holds it.

Sunidhi holds her hand over Kaashi but Pratibha
holds it in half way and says that is it now. Sunidhi says if she wants, she
can push her just right away. Pratibha tells her to deter someone else, and she
won’t be able to do anything on the basis of papers because they are not
registered. She can’t ruin anything and it is better she understands this soon.
Sunidhi jerks her hand away and says she won’t leave anyone and goes away.
Kaashi act leads Sunidhi to pick the property papers up from her vault and says
if they aren’t registered they will now be, she will bribe the registration
officer and he will keep her file above everything. Sanjeev comes there;
Sunidhi says once she gets them registered she will push everyone away. Sanjeev
tries to snatch the papers from her but Sunidhi dodges him, she goes out
locking Sanjeev in the room and rush to the registration office. 

Pratibha and
Kaashi opens the door, Sanjeev tells her Sunidhi has gone for registration.
Learning from Sanjeev about Sunidhi’s act, Pratibha says they have to stop
Sunidhi at any cost and goes after her. Sunidhi tries to stop an auto but
Sunidhi shouts at Pratibha that she will have to leave the house today.
Pratibha finds Sunidhi coming across a speeding truck. Even after everything
that Sunidhi has done, Pratibha pushes Sunidhi to a side and still saves her
life from an accident. In this act of being a Good Samaritan, Pratibha comes
across the truck and gets seriously injured on head. Sunidhi cries for her
baby, Pratibha takes hold of herself and pleads with a van driver that this is
her sister and is pregnant.
In the
hospital also, the doctor asks Pratibha that she is injured more than Sunidhi
but Pratibha requests on them to check on her sister. While in the corridor,
Pratibha faints while Mahen, Sanjeev and Kaashi run towards her. Mahen quickly
calls the doctors.

Mahen and Sanjeev wait for the doctor. The doctor
tells Sanjeev that his wife and child are safe. Mahen asks about Pratibha, the
doctor says it is difficult to say anything about her, as the next twelve hours
are really critical. They will try their best, and they should all pray.
Sunidhi thinks about her curses on Pratibha and then Pratibha calling herself
her sister. She looks at Pratibha on the hospital bed and says she never wanted
good for her, always hated her and still she saved her and her baby. She says
to herself that she is a wicked woman and question why she saved her and she
should have let her die. Her life doesn’t cost more than Pratibha, she asks God
to save Pratibha. Meanwhile, Pratibha is breathing heavily when suddenly her
breathings stop.

After one year in the house, Sunidhi is playing
with her baby, she says no one has come there till now and calls everyone.
Sanjeev says it has been a year for that accident, and it seems as yesterday.
Kaashi says it will take time to forget everything, but it is good they are all
together. He tells the kids to switch the TV on. Anmol switches the TV on to
find his mother Pratibha giving audition on a singing show, Mahen give her a
thumbs up as she sings the title song of “Hello Pratibha.” The judges seem
impressed and the family sings along with Pratibha. The judges give Pratibha a
standing ovation, Pratibha is announced as the winner of the show. The family
cheers as Pratibha gets the winning trophy. Sunidhi hugs Kaashi in happiness.
The announcer asks Pratibha to say what is in her heart; Pratibha says they
must all have heard that there is a lady behind every successful man may be it
is a mother, a wife or a sister.

after her success are her kids, mother in-law and Sunidhi, her sister who used
to look after her kitchen when she was practicing. She says it wasn’t possible
without Sunidhi, She thanks Sanjeev for always been her friend and that it is
because of all the love of her family that she is able to get this trophy.
She finally
announces Mahen’s name and calls him on stage. She says that her husband has
always been with her, when she had lost her confidence; he gave her the
strength and encouraged her to come forward. He has played the biggest role in
all this. She was a simple housewife busy with her household and forgot about
her childhood dreams, but her husband didn’t let her forget them and it is
because of him she is standing here. She wants to say this victory wasn’t
possible if he wasn’t there with her.
She lovely
thanks him. Mahen expresses his love to her by saying “I Love You
Pratibha” Pratibha also says “I Love You too.” The family claps for

The End….

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