StarLife Debuts New Telenovela, Kulfi: The Singing Star

StarLife premieres a new series, Kulfi: The Singing Star, (Kullfi Kumarr
Bajewala) a musical spin on the channel tomorrow, Friday, June 14 at 19h00.
The story centres round Kulfi (played
by Aakriti Sharma), a sweet and charming seven-year-old who has a
nightingale voice. 
In the series, Kullfi embarks on a
journey of discovery as she searches for her musician father (Mohit Malik).
Kulfi: The Singing Star starts once ‘Not
Without My Family’ ends a day before.


As a budding singer, Sikandar Singh
Gill falls in love with village simpleton Nimrat and secretly marries her.
Forced to choose between Nimrat and his career, Sikandar leaves her and marries
the rich Loveleen, unaware that Nimrat is pregnant with his child. Loveleen has
a daughter, Amyra, who grows up spoiled by her mother. Nimrat’s daughter,
Kullfi, is a born singer but is unaware of her father. She and Nimrat live in
their village in Pathankot with Nimrat’s brother Sattu and his wife Nihalo.
Nihalo hates Kullfi and her mother but wants to cash in on Kullfi’s talent so
she lets them stay. Nimrat suffers from cancer and one day while looking for
Kullfi, she is hit by Loveleen’s car and dies. As Nihalo plans to sell Kullfi
off for her talent, Kullfi’s uncle Sattu helps her escape. Disguised as a boy,
Kullfi arrives in Mumbai.
Kullfi accidentally reaches
Sikandar’s house and Loveleen keeps her deciding to use Kullfi’s voice to make
Amyra a successful singer. Later, Sikandar discovers that Loveleen has made
Amyra lip-sync to Kullfi’s voice and is furious. During a fight, Loveleen
accidentally discloses that Nimrat bore Sikandar a daughter but gets him to
promise that he won’t go looking out for her. Sikandar’s brother, Mahinder,
decides to help him out while Sikandar decides to teach music to Amyra and
Kullfi. Mahinder finds out that Kullfi is Sikander’s daughter but is forced by
his mother to keep the secret for the sake of Loveleen and Amyra. Tevar,
Loveleen’s ex-boyfriend and a successful singer, returns for Loveleen and his
biological daughter, Amyra.


Meanwhile, Kullfi meets with an
accident and has to be taken to the hospital where Sikandar comes to know that
Kullfi is, in fact, a girl. Loveleen discovers the truth about Kullfi and
threatens Mahinder that she will kill herself and Amyra if he reveals the truth
about Kullfi’s parentage to Sikander. Loveleen misleads Tevar into believing
that Kullfi is their child and Nimrat had adopted her. Tevar, emotional with
the knowledge that Kullfi is his daughter, decides to formally adopt her.
Loveleen’s plan works and Kullfi leaves to go live with Tevar. Mahinder’s wife,
Gunjan, eavesdrops on Loveleen’s conversation and learns the truth. Loveleen
tries to stop Gunjan from revealing the truth who, in a rush, falls and is
paralyzed. At the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, Sikander infers that Loveleen was
Tever’s ex-girlfriend and that Amyra is not his daughter. Loveleen implores Sikander
to not reveal anything to Amyra and accept her.


Seeing Tevar’s genuine fondness for
Kullfi, Sikander keeps the truth about Kullfi to himself. Later, Tevar,
Sikander, Amyra and Kullfi become friends. Kullfi, somehow, discovers that
Sikander is her father but doesn’t tell him. An insecure Loveleen, poisons
Amyrah and manipulates everyone into agreeing to send Kullfi to boarding
school. Nimrat’s spirit leads Sikander to her real diary and finally Sikander
realises Kullfi is his daughter. He frantically tries to locate Kullfi who was
sent off to a juvenile remand home by Loveleen where she is being mistreated by
the supervisor, Ammaji.There, she meets five children Rocket, Zinda,Chittu ,
Bansi and Saraswati.At first,they bully Kullfi,but gradually they become
friends. They struggle to escape from the juvenile home and succeed with the
help of the helper of Ammaji.They go to Kullfi’s home but Sikander refuses to
accept Kullfi because of his promise to Amyra. Shocked, Kullfi runs away with
her friends.

The series has received
several accolades. It won five Indian Television Academy Awards including Best Show, Best Actor, Best Child Actor,
Best Lyrics and Dialogues. Child actress Aakriti also received the Best Child Actor award at the Gold Awards 2018.

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