Sunday Update On My Lost Home

Kamya is thrilled when Angad agrees to marrying her. He, however
seems to have his own agenda but no one knows what he could be up to.
Later that day while Mahi is changing in her room, Angad purposely walk
to her room and lustily look at her from down to her chest.
immediately picks up her scarf from the bed feeling uncomfortable in
front of Angad, she asks him what he is doing there. He says he can’t
understand why someone can be so beautiful and innocent at the same
time. Mahi looks shocked. Even though she is his friend’s wife, Angad
then expresses his feelings towards Mahi after the dinner that he likes
her a lot and asks if she know it?. Mahi looks shocked as ever after
listening to him. He then asks her if he can now touch her hand? Mahi
looks away disgusted. Angad helds on to her hand and she is shocked.
Shabd tells Mahi that sometimes Angad forgets his limits that he does
not know how far to go with people but he is harmless, he does not do
anything with a bad intention, Mahi does not know what to say.

Mahi is still disturbed about Angad’s behaviour for holding her hand
constantly under the table while having dinner. Shabd tells her to leave
it and he starts looking at her, and suggest her to talk about
themselves. Mahi says sarcastically yes why not that they will talk
about themselves, that what a big flirt he was. She looks angrily at
him. She continues, how many girls he date, how many girls he knew and
says yes sure. She turns her head and Shabd is like, OMG that’s called
digging her own grave and says why did he even tell hee all that. He
gets a pillow and puts it on his head complaining why he told Mahi he
was a flirt before he got married. He puts his pillow down and tell Mahi
after marriage he have had no girl friends but only 1. Mahi gets the
pillow and hits him with it and says so he had no girlfriends after
marriage. Shabd tells her to atleast listen to him. Mahi says she don’t
want to listen to him and puts the pillow in her lap. Shabd asks her to
listen….but he is cut off by Mahi who says she told him she don’t want
to talk to him, he then says, at least to listen who his girlfriend is.
She puts her fingers in her ears and says she don’t want to listen to
it. Shabd gets closer to her and taker her fingers out of her ears and
says atleast to listen to the name once. Mahi faces the otherway not
interested. Mahi says she told him she don’t want to listen and asks why
is he annoying her? Shabd says after marriage he have only one
girlfriend, which is his wife. Mahi say he is lying. Shabd says not
really and he gives her kiss on the head. Mahi smiles and mouths really?
And he nods his head. They both smile and hug while there is music in
the background.

The sun is shining in the sky at Sareen house.
Angad is on the phone to someone and then tells Shabd he has spoken to
the client, and they are coming next week to India and they want to see
Shabd presentation first. He asks if he know if they like the
presentation he ( Shabd) will make a lot of money with this project,
atleast 2 million dollars. Shabd is so happy that he says wow. His uncle
smiles and Aunt Billo who is excited says millions, and says is that a
lot of money. Aunt Billo’s husband says a whole room is covered with
money. Angad and Shabd, laugh at that comment. Shabd thanks Angad so
much that he have made his job even more easier, and even if he get the
project or not he won’t forget he helped him. Angad says anything for
friends buddy, anything for friends. Mahi and Kamya walk in and asks
everybody to tell her quickly what they want to eat so she can quickly
order it, she asks Angad if she want chinease? Angad tells Kamya that
she know he like a variety in his life, and reminds her that they had
chinease yesterday. Kamya is dumbstruck and Mahi just looks down while
Angad keeps looking at her and says he want something sweet and sour, or
something chiili. He adds that he will like to eat something that has
different types of flavours and that the masalas make life more
beautiful. He says that after looking at Mahi and she looks up. He looks
at her in such a way she does not like, she looks away.

Shabd just
looks at him and Kamya is smiling. Everybody is looking at him confused.
He then says well if there is a dish that is sweet, sour and chilli
then it will be great and asks Mahi if he right? She looks up quickly,
he asks her what she think? Mahi just looks at him. Angad say these
different types of powders give them the flavour of life right? Mahi
just looks down. Aunt says yes, lemon pickles, Aunt and Mohini burst out
laughing with the rest of the family. On the other hand Cherry is
walking around in a room, she then dials a number and talks to a person
on the other side. She angrily says, yes yes she is the one speaking,
and that she cannot tolerate it anymore, and then asks what happened?
She asks the receiver if the person saw everything with their own eyes
that Jeet was taking Soni to the hospital. She agrees that she know that
her mother-in-law was with them and reminds the person that promised to
tell her everything that happens in that house. But did not find it
important to tell her that Jeet and Soni are getting closer to each
other, when this person already know that what ever happened in her life
was because of Soni. She scold the mysterious person does not
understand how she felt after seeing them together. Now she think she
have to do something herself. She puts the phone down.

Khurana’s residence, Jeet walks in with a suitcase in his house, looking
tired. He switches the lights off and goes up to sleep. While Soni, who
is sleeping peacefully in her room wakes up to drink some water and
realizes there is no water in the cup and then she gets up and grabs the
jug, which has no water in it either. She then takes the jug and walks
out of her room to get some. Jeet on the other hand is still switching
the house lights off. He then walks up the stairs to go to sleep. Soni
is about to walk down the stair and is about to trip she scream and Jeet
holds on to her hand as he was there. Lovely runs out to see what
happened. Soni is sitting there holding her stomach. Jeet lets go of her
and leaves. Soni realizes someone was holding her hand and looks around
but she is unaware Jeet saves her when she nearly falls off. Lovely is
watching all of this. She thinks Veer is here but as not. Suddenly the
lights are switched on and Durga quickly goes up the stairs and asks
Soni if she is okay? Soni says yes she is fine but it’s just that she
was thirsty, so she was going to the kitchen to get water. Durga asks
why did she have to get up and go to get water in the dark? She tell
Soni that she could have told her and adds that there are so many people
in the house and asks what if something happened. Mr. Khurana tells
Soni to go to her room. They take her to her room and mr. Khurana tells
Lovely to get some water for Soni and she says yes.

Jeet looks at
a keyring and then says he don’t understand what the police are doing?
They all know who killed his brother, and asks why aren’t them arresting
her. The police says they are also ashamed that Veer killer is free,
and if he have lost his brother then they have also lost a very good
office, and the thing is that Mrs Charanjeet is very ahead of their
thinking as she blocked all of their roads ahead. She has also not left
any clues. Jeet says that’s why he is saying this and he is very
confident that as long as they find the person who owns the key ring,
they will have Cherry’s helper as well because they both are the same
person. The police asks Jeet not to worry and assured him that the
police are trying very hard to look for the owner of the key chain. And
adds that one this is clear that the person helping cherry is no less
clever than her that’s why they have not found the person yet, even if
the person has been around them they have not noticed it. Jeet tells the
inspector that they have to arrest her very quickly because his heart
says that today she is not with them but she will definitely come back
one day for, and if they don’t arrest her this time then her attack will
be far more worse than the first one. Jeet looks determined and the
inspector nods. While Cherry turns around speaking to a lawyer she says
that’s what she want as well to return to her in-laws as soon as
possible, and asks why don’t he understand it is not that easy. She
further asks if they don’t have another way except for this one. The
lawyer says madam if there was another way he would have told he from
before and it’s not something to hide. But the job she want him to do
can only be done when he have her marriage certificate. The lawyer
further adds that Cherry should somehow get him her marriage certificate
and see what he do. Huge asks Cherry if she understand what he is
saying? Cheery says she know what he mean, and if the marriage
certificate is that important then she will come and give it him under
any circumstance.

Soni meanwhile is preparing dinner for
everybody. Jeet is watching her and then Durga and Mr. Khurana walk in.
They see Soni working and quickly go to her. Durga tell Soni how many
times have she told her not to work as it is not good for the state she
is in and eevery time she see her, she is always working. Soni says it
does not take much effort to cook food, and that anyway she is fed up of
resting. Mr. Khurana scold her that it looks like she have left nothing
and that she have made everything ready and asks who will eat it all.
Soni asks how will they not eat it, she try to convince her
father-in-law that she have made him Dhai Vare, and ssks if he will eat
it? Mr. Khurana says good, but these look like Aloo Parathe, and asks
if he is right? Soni says yes that she made for mummy ( Durga ), for
Lovely she have made Sarsso Ka Taaj and Gajar Halwa for her Veer.
Everybody looks up shocked. Soni says Veer used to like it very much,
she then looks at Veer’s picture and looked away. Durga saw this and got
up form her seat and went to her. She tell Soni that she know how she
is feeling, and if they could not believe theeir son has gone then how
could she?, but the truth is that it has been 2 months since Veer has

Just then Lovely walks in. Durga starts crying and asks if she
know when she wake up she feel he has gone nowhere, that he is here
somewhere near her. She is so mad and she know everything but still. But
Soni interrupts her and tells her mother-in-law that she don’t think
wrong, and asks if she know their Veer is with them. He is in this
house, she can feel him around her and further tells her that he came in
her dream yesterday and said Soni he will take full care of her and the
child. Durga asks what is she saying. Soni says she is telling the
truth, she asKS if she don’t believe but that day she was so cold but
she went to sleep, suddenly her cold disappeared as somebody but a
blanket on her, then when she was getting wet in the rain there was an
umbrella there all of a sudden and asks her mother-in-law to tell her
and would anybody just put an umbrella there? She says it is Veer who is
taking care of her and even yesterday night when she was coming down
the stairs, if her feet slippied, she don’t know what would have
happened to their child, she did not control herself and it was Veer
that did it. She felt it was him, Veer is with them and he has not left
them. Durga couldn’t take it seeing her like this and hugs Soni while
lovely looks at Jeet knowing he did everything for Soni and Jeet looks
down and he then remembers a flashback of the previous night.

Angad walks in saying hi to everyone, he takes blessings from from both
Shabd’s uncle and aunt and Mohini. He goes to Shadd who jockingly tell
him to take blessings as well from him but then he pulled him in a hug,
he says hi sweetheart to Kamya but she just foolded her arms. Angad said
she is just shy. Mahi is standing near the sofa and he goes to her and
says hi. She just folds her hands in front of him and he sits at the
edge of the sofa looking at Mahi. He tells Kamya one tea for him only
made by her, she says she is only making it for him. Angad then notices
Mahi’s veil on the sofa and he looks at everybody to makes sure nobody
Is watching. Angad grabs Mahi’s scarf and holds it. He keeps on pulling
it and Mahi feels a pull at her neck. She looks down to see Angad doing
it. She is shocked and Angad just looks at her.

Mahi look down at
Angad angrily because he is holding her scarf. She looks at everybody
to see if anybody is watching and sees they are too involved in drinking
tea. She grabs the scarf out of his hand very sharply and Angad looks
at her. Mahi says she will just be back. Everybody seem to think what
happened to her all of a sudden. Mahi rejection does not stop him from
making advances at her, Angad again grabs her hand and says Mahi name,
she turns and looks at him angrily and the hand he is holding over her.
Angad asks Mahi what’s this, that they have just come and she is going.
Mahi tries to get out of his grip but he does not let go. He tells her
to talk with them for a bit. Shabd indicates Mahi top sit down, his
uncle does as well. Kamya says Gauri will do the work and asks Mahi to
sit down. Mahi tries to get Angad’s hands off her but he just would not
leave it. Shabd also tells Mahi to sit down for a bit. Mahi says she
will just be back and it is an important job. She moves Angad’s hand and
walks away. Angad just looks at her. Aunt Billo praise her that she
does all the house work herself and she does not like other people doing
it. Everybody smile about it. Shabd’s uncle also point out that she is
also very shy. Angad looks towards the direction and see that she has
gone in.

Jyoti walks in to her room and sees a phone on the bed,
she looks at it, she sees the bathroom door is shut and says to herself
that Parmeet is still having a shower, and today she have a chance to
see what is in his mobile, she picks up his mobile and is checking his
contact list, she sees Canada and says to herself Canada? She wonders
whose number is that and why just Canada? She wonder if it’s the girls
number that has an affair with Parmeet. She decides it’s best she ring
the number and see who picks it up. She dial the number and a phone is
ringing somewhere else, she says the phone is ringing and hope to see
who picks it up. Someone picks it up and suddenly Durga calls Jyoti.
Jyoti immediately puts the phone down so does the person on the other
side. Durga asks Jyoti what is she doing here that she have been looking
for her in the whole house and tells her to come with her. Jyoti turns
around and says to herself that who would have picked up the phone, as
soon as her mother said her name, she could here a weird voice at the
other end, she heard that voice carefully and it sounded like a womens
voice and wonder who could she be? She says her mother came at the wrong
time and messed everything up for her otherwise she would have found
out who that lady was. Durga tells Jyoti to come quickly. Jyoti puts the
phone down and leaves the room.

At Sareen’s residence, Shabd is
looking for something in his cupboard, Mahi walks into the room and
asks what is he looking for? Shabd says he can’t find his blue shirt and
he is looking for it for ages and his papers were left in it. Mahi says
she think Gauri has put his blue shirt in his uncle’s cupboard. Mahi
says she is so tired and will go get it. Shabd holds her saying no, he
tell her to rest since she is tired he will go and get it. Mahi insist
to go but Shabd says he will go get it. Shabd walks out of the room and
Mahi sits on the chair tired. She rocks on the chair and falls asleep.
Angad then walks in to their room and sees Mahi. Seeing that Mahi is
lying down on her chair, he looks around the room and goes close to her.
He smiles evily looking at her and then moves down to her forehead and
gives her a kiss. She smiles thinking it is her husband, Shabd. She says
it’s looks like he have found the shirt and asks if it was at his
uncle’s? She talks while Angad walks out slowly watching her. She says
Shabd name and opens her eyes, she gets up and looks around. Then Shabd
walks in and tells Mahi that she was right that his shirt was in his
uncle’s cupboard. Mahi gets up and looks at him rather shocked. She asks
him if he just come now? Shabd says yes he just came and asks why is
she looking like that? A confused Mahi asks if he did not come before?
Shabd says no that he just came now, he asks why and what’s the matter?
He thinks she is stress up and asks Mahi how many times should he telll
her not to work so much. He tells her that she is tired and asks her to
get some rest. Shabd walks away while Mahi is shocked and touches her

It is dark in Khurana’s residence, Cherry walks in to
the house with a pink saree on, she looks around everywhere and holds a
key in front of her. She says to herself that it doesn’t matter what
happens today, she have to get her marriage certificate out from the
locker and she just hope nobody wakes up. In Jyoti’s room she wakes up
and opens her eyes, she sees Parmeet is asleep and also sees that his
mobile is right next to him.

Cherry who is looking for something
talk to herself that she need it. Jyoti gets out of bed leaving the door
open. She look around just to make sure nobody is awake. Jyoti grabs
Parmeets phone and says at this time the whole house must be asleep, and
nobody will come to stop her. She decides to see what else is in
Parmeet’s phone and maybe it may have something in it that she need.
Jyoti gets out of bed leaving the door open. Jyoti goes towards the door
of the house unaware that Cherry has sneaked into the house and on the
other side, Cherry is in the centre of the main room. Cherry feels
scared in case someone catches her in the house.

Just then,
Parmeet wake up to see Jyoti has disappeared from the room. He gets up
trying to see were Jyoti is but can’t see her. He then says to himself
that the bathrooms light is switched off then were could she have gone.
He gets out of bed and calls for her. Jyoti is about to turn and see
Cherry but just in time Parmeet calls her and she turns towards his
voice. Cherry turns around shocked and runs to hide. While Jyoti does
the same, she runs in the opposite direction to the voice. Cherry hides
at the corner of the stairs while Jyoti tries to hide the phone behind
her back. She tells Parmeet what is it. Parmeet says she was not on the
bed so… Jyoti says so.. Parmeet asks her what’s wrong and why is she
behaving like this? He asks can’t one human care about another human?
Jyoti says to a human? Yes they can. Parmeet tells her to come and
sleep. Jyoti also agrees and she hides the phone in the other hand and
walks off to sleep. Cherry watches her. Parmeet just stands there for a
bit and goes after her. Cherry signs a relief. She gets up again and
goes up the stairs. She opens the door to her and Jeet’s room and get
in. She opens the cupboard and keeps looking back at Jeet to make sure
he does not wake up. She finds the key to the locker under a pile of
clothes and smirks as she finds it. She opens the locker and punches
some numbers and the locker opens and there are a pile of papers in it.
She looks through all the papers and finally sees the certificate. She
gets happy she found it and drops the keys. She quickly runs to the side
of the cupboard hoping not to be caught out. Jeet wakes up as he heard a
sound. Cherry is hiding and is trying to stop her heavy breathing. Jeet
looks around everywhere and switches on his light.

Cherry is
scared she will get caught out. Jeet gets out of bed and looks around to
see what happened. He goes towards Cherry but then turns towards the
window, thinking something happened there. He shuts his window and looks
the room door. He looks around once more and goes to bed. She quickly
tries to sneak out. She open the door stopper and gets out. She gives an
evil face while holding the certificate in her hand.

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