Zee World: Gangaa Teasers – June 2020

Gangaa Teasers - June 2020

Zee World: Gangaa Teasers – June 2020     Coming up on Gangaa this June. Monday 1 June 2020 Episode 62 Gangaa decides to only go back to Niranjan’s house if Amma asks her to. Madhvi’s cousin, Barkha makes her appearance. Sudha tries to make Gangaa’s life so difficult, that she would apologize to Amma and live at their house again. Tuesday 2 June 2020 Episode 63 Sagar manages to save Gangaa just in time from the thugs running after her. Wednesday 3 June 2020 Episode 64 Gangaa gives the “holy man”…

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Gangaa Teasers – May 2020

Gangaa Teasers - May 2020

Coming up on Gangaa this May. Friday 1 May 2020 Episode 31 Gangaa somehow convinces Niranjan to talk with Pulkit. Verma and Omkar join forces to trick Niranjan into signing the documents. Gangaa and Pulkit find out the truth and just before Gangaa could tell Niranjan, Omkar stops her. Saturday 2 May 2020 Episode 32 Madhvi becomes very suspicious of Omkar and she tries her best to alert Niranjan. After finding Gangaa, Sagar informs the whole family about her condition. Sunday 3 May 2020 Episode 33 Niranjan gives Gangaa one…

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Zee World: Series Teasers Showing Feb 17 – 23

Showing Feb 17 – 23

Below are this week’s teasers of your favourite soapies showing Monday to Sunday, Feb 17 – 23 on Zee World.   Snatched Monday 17 February 2020 Episode 5 Everyone prepares for Avani’s alliance. Mishri informs Bhushan about Avani’s alliance resulting in everyone getting upset with her. Tuesday 18 February 2020 Episode 6 Ilaichi refuses to let anybody watch the cricket match until Bhushan succeeds in persuading Shreya. Wednesday 19 February 2020 Episode 7 Ilaichi expresses her concerns about Shreya and Bhushan to Trilokchand, but he assures her that he would…

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Showing Next Week On Zee World Series Jan 13 – 19

This Week Jan 27 – Feb 2

Below are weekly teasers of your favourite series Lady Luck, Deception, Married Again and Gangaa showing this week Monday to Sunday, Jan 13 – 19 on Zee World. Lady Luck Monday 13 January 2019 Episode 61 Pavitra is at her wit’s end as she ill-treats the rest of the family. The Shukla’s confirm that Bhoomi is alive although her face and voice are no longer the same. Tuesday 14 January 2019 Episode 62 Ansh tries to get intimate to see whether his wife has come back to him or not.…

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Zee World: Gangaa 3 Teasers – January 2020

Gangaa 3 Teasers – January 2020

Below is what will be showing on Gangaa 3 this January. Wednesday 1 January 2019 Episode 36 While Niranjan and Madvhi are renewing their vows, Yash comes and has an agenda to ruin everything on this special day. But, will the plan work? Thursday 2 January 2019 Episode 37 Madvhi gives Niranjan medicine from the false prophet that lead him to the hospital. The false prophet is at the Chaturvedi mansion and has gathered all of them to blame Krishna for the bad things happening at the mansion. Camera’s are…

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Zee World: Gangaa 3 Teasers – November 2019

Gangaa 3 Teasers - November 2019

Gangaa returns for more trials and tribulations this month, starting on Wednesday,  November 27 at 21h00, replacing Mehek 3 which wraps the day before. Aditi Sharma and Vishal Vashishtha reprise their roles as Gangaa and Sagar. Interesting to note: you may see Zee World calling this Season 2 even though Season 2 aired in January this year already. Check out the first teasers: Wednesday 27 November 2019 Episode 1 Madhvi and her son Sagar are struggling with being far from home. Madhvi has become a stalker in the house she…

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Season Finale! Gangaa 2 Teasers – April 2019

Below is the season finale teasers of the series, Gangaa 2 showing on Zee World in April. A new series called Mehek replaces Gangaa once it ends on Friday, April 5. Monday 1 April 2019 Episode 78 Zoya and Akhtar are missing. Zoya claims that she has been violated. Gangaa aims to get justice for Zoya. Tuesday 2 April 2019 Episode 79 Niranjan is searching for Gangaa when he meets someone from his past. Wednesday 3 April 2019 Episode 80 The case begins as Zoya relates what happened to her…

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Zee World: Showing Next Week On Gangaa 2

Below is a brief summary of what is expected next week on  Gangaa, showing Monday to Sunday, March 25 – 31 on Zee World. Monday 25 March 2019 Episode 71 Pre-wedding celebrations are in full swing. Will Gangaa and Sagar finally tie the knot without disturbance from Prabha? A game of drinks creates unforeseen challenges for both of them. Tuesday 26 March 2019 Episode 72 Prabha plots to get rid of Gangaa and Sagar by trying to shock them to death. Wednesday 27 March 2019 Episode 73 Things get awkward…

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Zee World: This Week On Gangaa 2

Below is a brief summary of what is expected this week on  Gangaa, showing Monday to Sunday, March 11 – 17 on Zee World. Monday 11 March 2019 Episode 57 Sabbarwal provides series of evidences in court to prove his claim. The case becomes more complicated as Sagar frames himself for maltreating Janvi in front of the judge. Tuesday 12 March 2019 Episode 58 Palash intentionally hides proofs that might save Sagar. Amma’s condition deteriorates and Madhvi is extremely worried. Wednesday 13 March 2019 Episode 59 Through Sagar’s explanation, Ganga…

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Zee World: Happening This Week On Gangaa 2

Below is a brief summary of what is expected this week on  Gangaa, showing Monday to Sunday, Feb 18 – 24 on Zee World. Monday 18 February 2019 Episode 36 Prabha pretends to care for Sagar and Gangaa as part of her plan to ruin the Chaturvedi family even more. Meanwhile Ratan instigates Pulkit against his father.  Looks like Prabha and Ratan’s plans are becoming success, but will they stop here? Tuesday 19 February 2019 Episode 37 Sagar makes a statement when he applies colour on Gangaa in front of…

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