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MCM: Charming Mohit Malik

Mohit Malik

Our Man Crush Monday (MCM) is charming Indian television actor, Mohit Malik well known for playing the lead role of self-centered Samrat Singh Rathore in Zee TV’s show, Doli Armaano Ki (Lies of the heart). His acting talent in Doli Armaanon ki as Samrat Singh Rathore was appreciated the most by

Saturday Update On Lies Of The Heart Episode 477 – 479

At the Hotel, Urmi meanwhile arrives at the restaurant, wherein all of her employees congratulate her. She orders them to give a 40% discount to all customers today. She gets the flowers that she had specially gotten ordered. She takes them and presents them to Ishaan’s picture, and says

Lies Of The Heart Season Finale Teasers April 2018

Read what will be airing on the season finale of the thrilling story of Samrat, Urmi and Ishaan series, Lies of the Heart this April. The new series, Bride with Benefits replaces Lies of the heart on Zee World at 21hoo starting Monday, April 2. Sunday 1 April 2018Episode 204Finale! Ishani makes things right between her and Urmi.

Wednesday Update On Lies Of The Heart Episode 469 – 472

The choreographer team is busy teaching Ishaani some dancing step and Alok, when Urmi comes in looking for Rani. Damini tells Urmi that Rani went to the village. Urmi is surprised. Damini lies that her mother got seriously ill and hence she had to go. Urmi wonders why wasn't she

Tuesday Update On Lies Of The Heart Episode 467 – 468

While Chiku is about to spill the truth, about Shaurya’s love for Diya, Shaurya stops him. Chiku again asks how did it happen so suddenly. He starts teasing Diya, while Shaurya is upset. Damini asks Chiku to help Shaurya for the arrangements, while he says how can the groom help.

Monday Update On Lies Of The Heart Episode 464 – 466

At Awaz Office, Shaurya comes out of his office, along with Chiku, to hear employees discussing Diya’s case, and one of them leeringly says that she can't come to the office now having lost her self respect, and hence she can go take up other lucrative businesses, minting money. He

Zee World: Summary Of This Week On Lies Of The Heart

Below is a brief summary of what is expected this week on Lies of the Heart showing Monday to Friday, March 26 -30 on Zee World. Monday 26 March 2018 Episode 198 Damini blackmails Diya into accepting the proposal. Cheeku makes Shaurya realise that he's fallen in love with Diya. Shaurya walks in at the wrong time and he

Sunday Update On Lies Of The Heart Episode 463 – 464

After Urmi declares that Diya will be her daughter-in-law, she asks her mother-in-law Damini if she heard it. Sandhya and Anirudh are boggled out of their wits. She says that she has decided that she will get Diya and Shaurya married, shocking both of them, while Damini is in a

Friday Update On Lies Of The Heart Episode 458 – 460

In her room, while Ishaani is relaxing, Damini comes there and asks what's wrong with her, and why she intervened to stop Diya from tying the Rakhi to Shaurya. Ishaani asks what's wrong with her, as Diya and Shaurya are just friends. Damini says that they would have have