StarLife: The Crossroads Teasers – April 2020 (Reloaded!)

The Crossroads

Star Life airs a rebroadcast of The Crossroads this April, from Mondays to Sundays at 18h00 and 18h30. Check out April teasers below: Wednesday 1 April 2020 Episode 1 Adarsh bumps into Swadheenta, who fits perfectly into his definition of a soulmate. She loses to Adarsh at Akshay and Shraddha’s sangeet ceremony. Episode 2 Ahuja visits the Sinhas. Suhasini tells Ahuja that the land on which he is building is disputed. An advocate tells Swadheenta that she will be given the job only if she represents Prakash. Thursday 2 April…

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StarLife: Forever Yours Teasers – April 2020 (Reloaded!)

Forever Yours

StarLife airs a rebroadcast of Forever Yours this April, Mondays to Sundays, from 19h00 to 21h30. Check out first teasers for April. Wednesday 1 April 2020 Episode 1 Businessman Anshuman Rathore faces a tricky challenge when the press questions him about his first marriage. His search for answers takes him to a small village in Rajasthan, where he comes across a tourist guide named Paakhi, who holds the key to his past. Episode 2 Anshuman finds out that Paakhi is his first wife and reaches her house. But her family…

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StarLife To Pause All New Series Over COVID-19

Teasers Showing Feb 3 - 9

As from Wednesday, 1 April, all new series will pause because of COVID-19. These include Kulfi, Made For Each Other, The Inseparables, Family Affairs and A Perfect Lie. The StarLife studios in India and South Africa have had to go into lockdown, which means the channel’s production operations have been locked down too. New episodes can’t be filmed or distributed, the dubbing studios are closed and none of the usual processes can be implemented to ensure that new series are on air. The result: the channel will be airing binge…

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A Perfect Lie Teasers – March 2020

A Perfect Lie Teasers - March 2020

Coming up on A Perfect Lie this March. Monday 2 March 2020 Episode 107 Durga lies to Shaurya that Dr. Dayal is planning to get her married to Neil. An irked Shaurya asks Karan to trap the priest. Meanwhile, Dev learns that Payal was in a rehabilitation centre. Episode 108 Karan is shocked to see Kangana when he meets the priest in disguise. He informs the priest that his sister wants to wear the jewellery of goddess Durga on her wedding. Tuesday 3 March 2020 Episode 109 Thanks to Karan, Durga…

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The Inseparables Teasers – March 2020

The Inseparables Teasers - March 2020

Read below what will be coming up on The Inseparables this March. Monday 2 March 2020 Episode 399 Viren learns that the woman who tried to commit suicide, is the wife of his old friend, Sambhav. Jeevika then asks him to meet Sambhav and informs him about Riya’s suicide attempt. Episode 400 Sambhav shares his grief with Viren. Meanwhile, Beeji is upset when Sweety hires a maid. But Daboo criticises Beeji for hurting Sweety’s feelings. Meanwhile, Maanvi sees Viren with Riya at the restaurant and becomes suspicious. Tuesday 3 March…

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Geet Teasers – March 2020

Geet Teasers - March 2020

Showing on Geet this March. Sunday 1 March 2020 Episode 152 Maan arrives at Geet’s new company and warns her to behave herself. Geet is shocked to know that he has taken over the company. Episode 153 Geet is irritated with Maan’s arrogant behaviour. She asks her colleagues to help her find the client’s details, but doesn’t succeed because of Maan’s interference. Monday 2 March 2020 Episode 154 Maan demotes Geet from CEO to a secretary and makes a peon the CEO. Geet gets the workers on her side. When…

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Made For Each Other Teasers – March 2020

Made For Each Other Teasers - March 2020

Coming up on Made For Each Other this March. Monday 2 March 2020 Episode 233 On finding Cookie missing, Mr Bajaj berates Prerna while Tanvi and Mausi celebrate the success of their plan. Later, Mr Bajaj finds an unconscious Cookie in the storeroom. Tuesday 3 March 2020 Episode 234 A concerned Anurag rushes to meet Prerna, however, she pushes him away. Later, he gets into another heated argument with Mr Bajaj. Wednesday 4 March 2020 Episode 235 Prerna learns about Veena’s new job while Nivedita and Tapur celebrate Rakhi with…

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Kulfi: The Singing Star Teasers – March 2020

Kulfi: The Singing Star Teasers - March 2020

Coming up on Kulfi: The Singing Star this March. Monday 2 March 2020 Episode 421 Sandy provokes Kulfi and Amyra against each other to test them. Later, Kulfi and Amyra have serious fights while Sikander tries to secure their future. Tuesday 3 March 2020 Episode 422 Amyra and Kulfi’s feud divides the society members into two, however, Sikander manages to reconcile the sisters. Later, he decides to cause problems for Jimmy. Wednesday 4 March 2020 Episode 423 Sandy and Raju are stressed by Sikander’s risky plan while the latter is attacked…

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StarLife: Showing This Week On StarLife Series Oct 14 -20

Star Life Soaps

Below are weekly updates of your favourite series showing this week on StarLife. While The Inseparables and Game of Love air Monday to Friday, others series air Monday to Sunday, Oct 14 – 20. Family Affairs Monday 14 October 2019 Episode 148 Sarla scolds Rajinder for foiling her plan. Raghav decides to take Sarla to Delhi for treatment. Sujeev asks Pari to apologise to Sharmili. Sarla tells Raghav and Shanti to take her to Dr Bhola. Tuesday 15 October 2019 Episode 149 Mohit disguises himself and goes to meet Preeti.…

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StarLife: Game of Love Teasers – October 2019

Game of Love Teasers - October 2019

Read in a jiffy October teasers of Game of Love showing on StarLife. Tuesday 1 October 2019 Episode 649 Anika prevents Shivaay from leaving the mansion. Omkara and Rudra part the house and forbid Shivaay from trespassing into their territory! Episode 650 The bitter memories of the past haunt Shivaay. He is shocked to see Priyanka’s behaviour. A sympathetic Anika supports Shivaay unconditionally. Wednesday 2 October 2019 Episode 651 Enduring Om and Rudra’s pinching taunts, Shivaay goes through a shock. The situation gets grimmer when Anika fails to find Shivaay…

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