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Season Finale! Twist Of Fate 4 Teasers – June 2019

A new series titled The Heir premieres on Sunday, 9 June, replacing Twist of Fate which ends on Saturday, June 8.  Below are the season finale teasers on Twist of Fate 4 this June:   Saturday 1 June 2019 Episode 84 Abhi is planning on telling his whole family that Kiara is his daughter. Sunday 2 June 2019 Episode 85 Purab and Disha

Twist of Fate 4 Teasers – May 2019

This is what will be showing on Twist of Fate 4 in May. Wednesday 1 May 2019 Episode 53 Abhi and Pragya decide to tie the knot in order to save Bubbly and Tarun. Thursday 2 May 2019 Episode 54 Bubbly and Tarun are home but their parents are not happy with the decision they’re about to take.

Twist of Fate 4 – March 2019

This is what will be showing on Twist of Fate 4 in April. Monday 1 April 2019 Episode 23 Pragya disguises herself to get to Abhi in ICU. The contrast between Pragya's love for Abhi and Tanu's feelings is clear.  Tuesday 2 April 2019 Episode 24 Disha and Purab's relationship is driving Aaliya crazy, she plans to drive them out

Zee World: Showing Next Week On Twist Of Fate 4

Pragya is back and it's obvious she and Abhi are still in love with each other but will Tanu and Aliya's plan to separate the lovebirds work? What about Munni and Abhi? Find out next week on Twist of Fate 4 showing Monday to Sunday, March 25 - 31 on Zee World.

Zee World: This Week On Twist Of Fate 4

It's a twist of fate indeed as Pragya has been summoned to go to Mumbai with her artist, King for a music concert. Will old flames rekindle between Pragya and Abhi once more? Find out this week on Twist of Fate 4 showing Monday to Sunday, March 11 -17 on Zee World. Monday

Twist of Fate 3 – February 2019

This is what will be showing on Twist of Fate 3 in February. Friday 1 February 2019 Episode 52 The two couples return safely. Kulpreet realises that the girl they’ve been calling Munni is acting a lot like Pragya. Abhi also starts to question her identity. Saturday 2 February 2019 Episode 53 Abhi puts Pragya to the test to figure out

Twist of Fate 3 – January 2019

This is what will be showing on Twist of Fate 3 in January. Tuesday 1 January 2019 Episode 21 Pragya confronts Munni. Grandma and Aunt Indu are excited about Disha and Purab. They make all arrangements to ensure that the couple enjoy their first night together.  Wednesday 2 January 2019 Episode 22 Munni is starting to develop a soft spot for

Tuesday Update On Twist Of Fate 2, Dec 11, 2018

Sarla feels uneasy as she senses that Pragya is in danger. Before Abhi could realize, Pragya starts to drown. As Dushyant dies, Abhi runs back towards Pragya’s direction to help her and meets Purabh midway and tells him Pragys is wounded. They both proceed towards Pragya and when they

Sunday Update On Twist Of Fate 2, Dec 2, 2018

The goon who went in to check on Abhi asks him to take a selfie with him as his wife is his fan. Abhi poses for him and tries to keep him engaged. There all other goons walk out and Pragya gets a chance to sneak in where Abhi is

Twist Of Fate 3 Begins | December Teasers 2018

Read teasers on the series, Twist of Fate 3 starting on Wednesday, December 12 showing on Zee World in December. Wednesday 12 December 2018 Episode 1 The story takes a leap to a month later, Abhi is keeping hope that Pragya will return to him. His family try to remind him of the reality of things